Let's Talk November Birthstones!

November babies are lucky enough to have two incredible birthstones, topaz and citrine. The yellow-gold color that is associated with November is displayed in both of these gemstones, and this is why November ends up with not one, but two birthstones! The two gemstones create the perfect combination, as topaz brings forth strength while citrine brings forth healing. With its glow and fiery intensity, topaz is believed to be associated with the Egyptian Sun God Ra.

Although the two gemstones are associated with the same month, the two are virtually opposite in meaning. Unlike the intense topaz gemstone, citrine is known primarily for it’s amazing healing qualities. It is even referred to as the “Healing Quartz”. The two gemstones also have an incredibly similar appearance, but they are quite different in composition. Topaz in its natural state is a golden brown to yellow – a characteristic which means it is sometimes confused with citrine, but it does come in a variety of other colors like pink and blue. Citrine is much harder than topaz, and also more affordable. The two stones were assigned as the November birthstones for a reason. The qualities of the two matches up so well, and leave November babies with some of the best characteristics possible.

Because of its beauty and value, Misahara wasn’t immune to their charm, so some of our best sellers feature both of these beautiful stones. Which piece is your favorite?