Misahara Minis – Four Is Better Than One

Have you ever been jewelry shopping and stumbled upon a beautiful mix of earrings, just to end up liking a pair, while the rest are left collecting dust in your jewelry box? You buy it, because you just love those flower studs, but are not crazy about the heart shaped ones…
Well, no more!
Meet the Minis – a Collection of beautiful, 14k gold and gemstone stud earrings sprinkled with white diamonds and inspired by Misahara’s existing Collections. Stars, petals, butterflies and unity are just a few of the motifs found in the 20 designs we thoughtfully created to fit your taste.
Oh, and we haven’t got to the best part yet – you get to choose your own mix! Pick the four Minis you like best (good luck choosing only four ) from the 20 designs, and you’ll never own earrings that you won’t wear ever again.
Pop over to our website and start selecting your dream earring mix! Because jewelry should never not be worn.