New Year, New Jewelry!

Happy New Year! Not happy because it was actually happy (it wasn’t for the most part), but happy because it is finally over. Done. Goodbye 2020 and please never come back. New year means a fresh start, a chance to do all the things you didn’t this year – finishing the book that has been sitting on your night stand, or finally getting into the workout routine; or maybe something bigger like finally buying that car. Even though we are unsure when our lives will come back to normal or if it will ever be the same for that matter, it is always good to have a plan, a goal, to work towards.

One of the first goals that we like to set here at Misahara links closely to the saying ‘out with the old, in with the new.' Getting rid of old things, feelings and even people that bring no value to your life anymore and bringing in the freshness and newness can be very exciting and even life-changing. Our advice – start with jewelry. We are certain that your jewelry box is longing for a refresh and let’s face it – 2021 will be easier to conquer with a new pair of earrings. 

Misahara pieces are not only designed to make you feel pretty and to serve as an accessory to your outfit – our jewelry is there to make you feel confident, powerful and to remind you that the sky is the limit. We made sure that there is something for every taste; from every day gold hoops to subtle statement diamond rings, 2021 is definitely the year of timeless jewels, and here some that we’ve picked out just for you!