The Shiny Side

If someone were to ask you - What good has this Covid-19 pandemic brought to you, what would you say?

I bet your first thought would be that there is no such thing as ‘good’ in such a situation, but think again.

Two words - silver lining. There absolutely must be at least one, one tiny thing for which you can say shed a bit of light during these challenging times. Did you get to spend that quality time with your family you were so wishing for? Did you finally finish that favorite book you’ve been putting off for so long? Or did you learn how to cook?

You are not alone. Misahara went on a mission to shed a little bit of sunshine on all of us by sharing positive stories of different people as they manage their everyday lives during the pandemic. Professional skiers, interior designers, racecar drivers, homemakers – it doesn’t matter, because we are all in this together.

And all of us have one thing in common – We are all looking on the Shiny Side.What is your Shiny Side? Let us know at