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Article: We Asked, They Answered–5 Gifts Men Really Want for Holidays

we asked men what they really want for holidays-Misahara gift guide

We Asked, They Answered–5 Gifts Men Really Want for Holidays

Holidays are here, and that means one thing – shopping. Whether you have already started planning your gift list, or you are a last-minute shopper, we can all agree that there is one aspect of holiday shopping that tends to be quite challenging – men’s shopping. The mantra “men are simple” doesn’t really fly when it comes to Christmas gifts for men, or any holiday gifts for that matter. There are countless blogs and guides on gift ideas for men, from luxury items, unique personalized gifts, to DIY gifts for those men who ‘have it all’. Well, we could’ve made a killer gift guide too, outlining some of the most luxury gifts like that Jacquard silk robe that Harper’s Bazaar keeps talking about, personal and fun gifts like a beer subscription at the Original Craft Beer Club

Instead, the Misahara team went and talked to real men from different backgrounds and age groups, and asked them what they really wanted – and here’s what they said! 

Oh, but before that, being ‘know-it-all’ women like we typically are, or simply for the fun of it, we first assumed what holiday gifts they would want based on their interests, before asking them. Read on to see if our results match and if we actually know what men want!

What to buy for an adventurous man?

Rudy, 42 – Produce Manager and Theme Park Enthusiast

Rudy is a fun and adventurous guy who has his own YouTube channel where he shares his latest visits and adventurous visiting some of the most interesting theme parks across the United States. He is funny and outgoing and is especially fond of his Maltipoo dog Enzo.

What we think Rudy wants:

1. Dorney Park Platinum Pass 

Dorney Park Platinum Pass

2. New Era MLB San Francisco Giants Black White 59Fifty Fitted Cap Limited Edition



New Era MLB San Francisco Giants gift for holidays

3. The Great Yukon Sweater for Pups + People

the Great Yukon Sweater for Pups + People Christmas Gift 2021

4. I Love Roller Coasters - Cute Theme Park Vacation Pullover Hoodie

I Love Roller Coasters - Cute Theme Park Vacation Pullover Hoodie perfect for a Christmas gift

5. Maltese Dad Ceramic Mug

Maltese dad looks like 11 oz Ceramic Mug holiday gift


What Rudy really wants:

1. 49ers Hat

San Francisco 49ers New Era Black On Black gift guide

2. Perfect Curve Cap Rack

49ers hat perfect for a gift

3. Beard King Beard Bib Apron 

Beard King Beard Bib Apron unique gift for a man

4. Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa gift

5. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks gift card perfect for a holiday gift


Cool and practical gifts for a man that appreciates experiences 

Tristan, 27 – Sales Manager and Music Producer

Tristan is a cool French-Danish living in Barcelona, Spain. He is a big-time foodie, enjoys a good glass of wine (hmm, French much) and loves traveling around Europe with his girlfriend. 

What we think Tristan wants:

1. Ultra Music Festival Tickets 2022

ultra music festival miami 2022 tickets gift

2. Chateau La Fleur-Petrus 2017

Chateau La Fleur-Petrus 2017 luxury gift for a man that has everything


3. Gourmet Cheese Gift Box 

Luxurious Cheese Treasures Gift Box Holiday Gift

4. Luxury Spa Daily Pass

Hotel Arts Barcelona Spa Daily Pass Perfect Gift

5. Pioneer DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 - 4-deck DJ Controller perfect for a gift


What Tristan really wants:

1. Electric Bass Guitar 

Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar Burlywood w/ 20W Amplifier gift


2. Corduroy Shirt 

madison cotton cord shirt for a holiday gift carhartt

3. K-Way Bonded Jacket

k-way bonded jacket gift for a man

4. Dr. Martens Ziggy Leather Shoes 

Dr. Martens Ziggy Leather Shoes perfect for a gift

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

stylish, premium headphones to gift a man that likes music


Unique gifts for a man that has everything

Nisa, 51 – Director of Soccer Coaching

Nisa is a former professional soccer player, who is big on wellness & healthy lifestyle. He is very fashion forward and doesn’t mind breaking a buck or two for his favorite brands.

What we think Nisa wants:

1. Golden Goose Sky-Star Sneakers

Golden Goose Sneakers for a man that likes luxury gifts

2. Lululemon Gift Card

lululemon gift card perfect for christmas gift giving

3. Quotes Every Man Should Know 

Quotes every man should know gift idea for Christmas

5. HelloFresh Meal Plan Subscription

HelloFresh Subscription Plan as a gift

What Nisa really wants:

1. Los Angeles Lakers  at Golden State Warriors Tickets

Los Angeles Lakers tickets at Golden State Warriors gift for a man that likes sport

2. Misahara Rolling Onyx Cufflinks

Misahara Rolling Onyx Cufflinks Luxury Gift for a man

3. Lady Gaga Concert

Surprise your man with a Lady Gaga Concert

4. Tibetan Gold-Plated Thin Red String Bracelet

Handcrafted Tibetan Gold-Plated Thin Red String Bracelet is a perfect gift for a man that likes meaningful jewelry

5. Santa Cruz Bicycle 

Gift your man a Santa Cruz Bicycle if he likes outdoors activities

Perfect gifts for a guy with an expensive taste

Nicolas, 23 – UCLA Student Athlete

Nicolas is a professional Water polo player who is keen on cool & useful gadgets and is keeping up with the latest fashion trends. He is a frequent traveller, so he spends a lot of money on travel items.

What we think Nicolas wants:

1. Andar Ranger Wallet

Andar Ranger Wallet as a gift for the guy for holidays

2. Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream for Men

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for Men gift for holidays

3. Sunday Performance Jogger Sweatpants

Sunday Performance Jogger Sweatpants gift guide for men

4. Sonos Beam (Gen 2) Speaker 

Perfect gift for en this holiday is Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

5. RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports

Practical gift for a man this holidays is RapidX X5 Car Charger with 5 USB Ports for


What Nicolas really wants:

1. Oral-B Genius X Limited 

Electric toothbrush Oral-B Genius X Limited gift for a man that has expensive taste

2. Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series

The gift guys actually want is Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One

3. JBL Boombox 2 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Gift for a guy that likes music JBL Boombox 2 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

4. Ooni UU-P06A00 Koda 12 Oven

Ooni UU-P06A00 Koda 12 Oven, Black for a guy that likes practical gifts

5. Ledger Nano S - Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Perfect gift for a guy that likes new technology and practical things is Ledger Nano S - Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet



Well, as you can tell – it turns out we don’t know them all that very well! They are more complex than we like to think and this is reflected when buying gifts for men. We hope you found some useful gift ideas for the man in your life and above all, that we all learned a valuable lesson and that is never to assume we know what they want, because just as they don’t know what women want – surprise, surprise – we don’t either! Happy men gift shopping!

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