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Ice Re-Imagined

You asked – we listened! Ice Re-Imagined is an 18k white gold and diamond Collection handcrafted especially for our clients who have an affinity for white metal. The designs are timeless yet edgy and can take you from day to night. The princess cut diamonds bring fire to this icy Collection where you can stack the rings, layer the necklaces, or wear the pieces on their own and still make a statement.  

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Frosted Mosaic RingFrosted Mosaic Ring
Frosted Mosaic Ring Sale price$2,750.00
Frosted Ice RingFrosted Ice Ring
Frosted Ice Ring Sale price$3,000.00
Mosaic Ice RingMosaic Ice Ring
Mosaic Ice Ring Sale price$3,850.00
Ice RingIce Ring
Ice Ring Sale price$5,800.00
Ice Linked RingIce Linked Ring
Ice Linked Ring Sale price$1,800.00
Frosted Ice Drop EarringsFrosted Ice Drop Earrings
Frosted Ice Drop Earrings Sale price$4,900.00
Double Ice RingDouble Ice Ring
Double Ice Ring Sale price$2,200.00
Ice HuggiesIce Huggies
Ice Huggies Sale price$2,500.00
diamond triple drop earrings frosted icediamond drop earrings frosted ice
Frosted Ice Hoop EarringsFrosted Ice Hoop Earrings
Frosted Ice Hoop Earrings Sale price$4,500.00
Ice Linked EarringsIce Linked Earrings
Ice Linked Earrings Sale price$4,000.00
Ice CuffIce Cuff
Ice Cuff Sale price$6,000.00
Frosted Ice CuffFrosted Ice Cuff
Frosted Ice Cuff Sale priceFrom $8,900.00
Frosted Ice BraceletFrosted Ice Bracelet
Frosted Ice Bracelet Sale price$4,600.00
Ice BraceletIce Bracelet
Ice Bracelet Sale price$5,500.00
Ice Toggle BraceletIce Toggle Bracelet
Ice Toggle Bracelet Sale price$5,600.00
Ice NecklaceIce Necklace
Ice Necklace Sale price$6,100.00
Frosted Ice Dangle NecklaceFrosted Ice Dangle Necklace
Frosted Ice Dangle Necklace Sale price$4,300.00
Ice Toggle NecklaceIce Toggle Necklace
Ice Toggle Necklace Sale priceFrom $6,000.00
Frosted Ice Drop NecklaceFrosted Ice Drop Necklace
Frosted Ice Drop Necklace Sale price$4,200.00
Ice Drop NecklaceIce Drop Necklace
Ice Drop Necklace Sale price$3,300.00
Starburst EarringsStarburst Earrings
Starburst Earrings Sale price$1,800.00
Moonflower EarringsMoonflower Earrings
Moonflower Earrings Sale priceFrom $1,200.00
moon and stars night sky silver earringsgorgeous night sky earrings in yellow gold
The Night Sky Earrings Sale priceFrom $1,300.00
Unity Sprinkle EarringsUnity Sprinkle Earrings
Unity Sprinkle Earrings Sale priceFrom $3,100.00
Midnight Ice EarringsMidnight Ice Earrings
Midnight Ice Earrings Sale priceFrom $2,600.00
Beaded Ice EarringsBeaded Ice Earrings
Beaded Ice Earrings Sale priceFrom $2,700.00
evening earrings set in sterling silver with diamonds. Ice Stud earrings for evening
Evening Earrings - Ice Studs Sale priceFrom $1,800.00
Moonlight Ice RingMoonlight Ice Ring
Moonlight Ice Ring Sale priceFrom $2,100.00
Unity Too RingUnity Too Ring
Unity Too Ring Sale priceFrom $1,800.00
Unity RingUnity Ring
Unity Ring Sale priceFrom $1,550.00
Starburst RingStarburst Ring
Starburst Ring Sale priceFrom $1,600.00
Triple Starburst BraceletTriple Starburst Bracelet
Triple Starburst Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,500.00
Starburst BraceletStarburst Bracelet
Starburst Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,100.00
Beaded Ice BraceletBeaded Ice Bracelet
Beaded Ice Bracelet Sale priceFrom $1,400.00
Unity BraceletUnity Bracelet
Unity Bracelet Sale priceFrom $2,300.00
Unity Ice NecklaceUnity Ice Necklace
Unity Ice Necklace Sale priceFrom $3,200.00
Moonflower Charm NecklaceMoonflower Charm Necklace
Moonflower Charm Necklace Sale priceFrom $2,900.00
Night Sky Necklace ~ Silver & Black Diamond BeadsNight Sky Necklace ~ Silver & Black Diamond Beads
Lunar Ice LariatLunar Ice Lariat
Lunar Ice Lariat Sale priceFrom $2,700.00
Starburst NecklaceStarburst Necklace
Starburst Necklace Sale priceFrom $3,600.00