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Icy Chain RingIcy Chain Ring
Icy Chain Ring Sale price$3,300.00
Zora RingZora Ring
Zora Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Ice Linked EarringsIce Linked Earrings
Ice Linked Earrings Sale price$4,000.00
Stena DropStena Drop
Stena Drop Sale price$6,800.00
Zeta SmallZeta Small
Zeta Small Sale price$6,000.00
Icy Link PendantIcy Link Pendant
Icy Link Pendant Sale price$4,000.00
Sahara PyramidSahara Pyramid
Sahara Pyramid Sale price$7,200.00
New York Pendant - Yellow GoldNew York Pendant - Yellow Gold
New York Pendant - Yellow Gold Sale price$2,200.00
Pillow HoopsPillow Hoops
Pillow Hoops Sale priceFrom $3,500.00
Paris EarringsParis Earrings
Paris Earrings Sale price$5,500.00
Unity HarmonyUnity Harmony
Unity Harmony Sale price$4,400.00
Tassel EarringsTassel Earrings
Tassel Earrings Sale price$7,000.00
Ice RingIce Ring
Ice Ring Sale price$5,800.00
Talasi Black Star Sapphire RingTalasi Black Star Sapphire Ring
Talas White Opal RingKatie Holmes
Talas White Opal Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Talasi Pink Tourmaline RingTalasi Pink Tourmaline Ring
Talasi Pink Tourmaline Ring Sale price$9,900.00
New York Chain - Yellow GoldNew York Chain - Yellow Gold
New York Chain - Yellow Gold Sale price$22,000.00
Icy Drop Chain EarringsIcy Drop Chain Earrings
Icy Drop Chain Earrings Sale price$7,500.00
Pink Tourmaline Open RingPlima Lily
Plima Lily Sale price$1,200.00
Pink Tourmaline RingPlima Band Pear
Plima Band Pear Sale price$1,300.00
Pink Tourmaline Gypsy Hoop EarringsPlima Lily
Plima Lily Sale price$3,900.00
Katy Perry in Rose Quartz RingRose Quartz Ring
Koko ~ Rose Quartz Ring Sale price$4,400.00
Amethyst RingHunter King in Amethyst Ring
Koko ~ Amethyst Ring Sale price$4,000.00
Zara Sale price$6,200.00
Pia Sale price$6,100.00
Zora Y NecklaceZora Y Necklace
Zora Y Necklace Sale price$4,400.00
Golden Tassel NecklaceGolden Tassel Necklace
Golden Tassel Necklace Sale price$17,000.00
Zora Unity EarringsZora Unity Earrings
Zora Unity Earrings Sale price$4,500.00
Sahara PyramidSahara Pyramid
Sahara Pyramid Sale price$8,300.00
Golden Hollow RingGolden Hollow Ring
Golden Hollow Ring Sale price$2,000.00
Sahara PyramidSahara Pyramid
Sahara Pyramid Sale price$8,300.00
Sahara LinkSahara Link
Sahara Link Sale price$8,800.00
Unity TwoUnity Two
Unity Two Sale price$990.00
Korali Sale price$2,750.00
Talas Maderia Citrine RingTalas Maderia Citrine Ring
Talas Maderia Citrine Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Halo Sale price$8,500.00
PlimaAquamarine and Sapphire Earrings
Plima Sale price$12,300.00
Peridot and Sapphire EarringsPlima
Plima Sale price$9,600.00
Stena DangleStena Dangle
Stena Dangle Sale price$5,700.00
Sahara PostSahara Post
Sahara Post Sale price$3,800.00
Sahara PostSahara Post
Sahara Post Sale price$3,500.00
Zaliv Sale price$6,000.00
Drina Repose BraceletDrina Repose Bracelet
Drina Repose Bracelet Sale price$38,500.00
Lavi Sale price$8,250.00
Ari Sale price$6,600.00
Duga ~ Slip OnDuga ~ Slip On
Duga ~ Slip On Sale price$7,700.00