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Meet Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

A powerful visionary, respected artist, renowned businesswoman, and a true global citizen - Lepa is a creative force. These 6 core elements reflect her personal journey and how it blossomed into the creative space of Misahara.

The Misahara Values


We all have passions in life: whether they reveal themselves through our work, in our dedication to raising our children, in our weekly tennis match with friends, or in any number of enriching hobbies. Lepa believes in celebrating your unique passions, which is why Misahara was created to ask a simple question - HOW DOES YOUR JEWELRY MAKE YOU FEEL? And by doing so, create jewelry that truly reflects your feeling.


Lepa recognized that jewelry is an emotional art form, taking on a different meaning for each person. At Misahara, we believe that while jewelry is a form of the designer’s passionate expression, it should also be a reflection of the wearer’s authentic self. By combining her uniquely personal compositions with delicate touches of cultural and international influences, Lepa makes jewelry designed for authentic expression.


As a longtime jewelry enthusiast, Lepa always loved and appreciated the jewelry gifts she received from her husband. But while she treasured the thought behind them, the jewelry never quite felt “personal”. So, she got to work… and to play. Her delight in reimagining the designs quickly turned into a revitalized collection, and through Lepa’s distinct aesthetic, sophisticated taste, and unequaled passion - Misahara was conceived.

The Name

The natural world plays a huge role in Lepa's life and its influence is reflected throughout Misahara designs. Lepa spent much of her childhood in the ex-Yugoslavia, and today she has a home on the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro, as well as alongside the ocean in South Africa and California. She considers her love of the ocean one of her greatest inspirations, as well as for her deep connection to our world and the effect we have on it.


The brand’s signature of Unity is fashioned into jewels in order to emphasize the commonalities present across all human existence. Regardless of where we live, what experiences we have, what we do, or what we look like, what's inescapably important to each of us is truly what makes the world go 'round.


Lepa takes pride in incorporating her other passions into the creation of Misahara jewelry, and considers those passions an essential part of the design process. Beyond everything else, Lepa considers her family as her greatest source of inspiration, and they’re woven into everything she does. Even the name "Misahara" is an amalgamation of the names of her children, Sara (sa), Harrison (ha), and Mara (ra), and her lifelong friend, Greg Minnaar, (Mi).