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Petal Collection

The floral jewels of your dreams. Inspired by our designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp's, love of nature, the Petal Collection is a bouquet of everyday diamond styles and one of a kind statements. Take a trip to the flower field and shop Misahara's Petals below...

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Eternal Blossom NecklaceEternal Blossom Necklace
Eternal Blossom Necklace Sale price$4,900.00
Eternal Blossom Single BandEternal Blossom Single Band
Eternal Blossom Single Band Sale price$2,200.00
Eternal Blossom Triple BandEternal Blossom Triple Band
Eternal Blossom Triple Band Sale price$3,900.00
Eternal Blossom Chain BraceletEternal Blossom Chain Bracelet
Eternal Blossom Chain Bracelet Sale price$3,500.00
Eternal Blossom Chain EarringsEternal Blossom Chain Earrings
Eternal Blossom Chain Earrings Sale price$3,600.00
Serengeti Petal StudsSerengeti Petal Studs
Serengeti Petal Studs Sale price$1,200.00
Mini Petal IIMini Petal II
Mini Petal II Sale priceFrom $170.00
Polished gold earring with a diamond Mini Petal
Mini Petal Sale priceFrom $165.00
Serengeti Petal RingSerengeti Petal Ring
Serengeti Petal Ring Sale price$1,700.00
Floweret LariatFloweret Lariat
Floweret Lariat Sale price$14,000.00
Pink Persuasion RingPink Persuasion Ring
Pink Persuasion Ring Sale price$14,000.00
Eternal Blossom Bangle
Eternal Blossom Bangle Sale price$13,000.00
Eternal Blossom HoopsEternal Blossom Hoops
Eternal Blossom Hoops Sale price$14,000.00
Wandering Willow
Wandering Willow Sale price$2,600.00
Watering WillowWatering Willow
Watering Willow Sale price$3,000.00
Blue Cave RingBlue Cave Ring
Blue Cave Ring Sale price$12,000.00
Golden Perennial Hand AdornmentGolden Perennial Hand Adornment
Golden Perennial Hand Adornment Sale price$10,400.00
Forever Green EarringsForever Green Earrings
Forever Green Earrings Sale price$14,000.00
Diamond Two Finger Chain RingLinked Petal Bands
Linked Petal Bands Sale price$6,600.00
Meandering Petals
Meandering Petals Sale price$25,000.00
Petal Butterfly RingPetal Butterfly Ring
Petal Butterfly Ring Sale price$11,000.00
Petal Butterfly RingPetal Butterfly Ring
Petal Butterfly Ring Sale price$11,000.00
Natural Wonders Ring
Natural Wonders Ring Sale price$10,000.00
Petal StudsPetal Studs
Petal Studs Sale price$1,500.00
Petal Drop LariatPetal Drop Lariat
Petal Drop Lariat Sale price$3,200.00
Petal BraceletPetal Bracelet
Petal Bracelet Sale price$3,000.00
Petal Drop EarringsPetal Drop Earrings
Petal Drop Earrings Sale price$5,200.00
Petal NecklacePetal Necklace
Petal Necklace Sale price$4,900.00
Baby Petal RingBaby Petal Ring
Baby Petal Ring Sale price$2,200.00
Pink Petal Ring LargePink Petal Ring Large
Pink Petal Ring Large Sale price$5,000.00
Pink Persuasion Earrings
Pink Persuasion Earrings Sale price$15,000.00
Pink Petal RingPink Petal Ring
Pink Petal Ring Sale price$3,500.00
Floweret LariatFloweret Lariat
Floweret Lariat Sale price$12,000.00
Multi-Gemstone RingPurple Petal Band
Purple Petal Band Sale price$2,500.00
Orange Petal BandOrange Petal Band
Orange Petal Band Sale price$3,750.00
Tsavorite and Diamond RingGreen Petal Band
Green Petal Band Sale price$3,750.00
Blue Cave BandBlue Cave Band
Blue Cave Band Sale price$4,600.00
True Blue Earrings
True Blue Earrings Sale price$17,600.00
True Blue Ring
True Blue Ring Sale price$14,880.00
Spinning Petals Earrings
Spinning Petals Earrings Sale price$12,000.00
Spinning PetalsSpinning Petals
Spinning Petals Sale price$18,000.00
Purple PassionPurple Passion
Purple Passion Sale price$27,000.00