Ice RingIce Ring

Ice Ring


Double Ice RingDouble Ice Ring
Sold out

NoHo RingNoHo Ring

NoHo Ring


Double Star Bright RingDouble Star Bright Ring
Best Seller

Plima LilyPink Tourmaline Open Ring

Plima Lily


Zora BandZora Band

Zora Band


Zora RingZora Ring
Best Seller

Zora Ring

From $5,000

Moonlight Ice RingMoonlight Ice Ring

Moonlight Ice Ring

From $2,100

Unity Too RingUnity Too Ring

Unity Too Ring

From $1,800

Unity RingUnity Ring

Unity Ring

From $1,550

Starburst RingStarburst Ring

Starburst Ring

From $1,600

elephant ringgold elephant ring

Elephant Ring

From $7,100

Gold Snake RingsGold Snake Wrap Around Ring

Drina I


 Full Finger Ring -  Tricolor Gold  with memoryFull Finger Ring -  Tricolor Gold

Drina II


Abstract Double Headed Snake RingDouble Headed Snake Ring

Drina III


Drina IIIDrina III

Drina III


Drina III

Drina III


Drina IV

Drina IV





Gorgeous Gold Luxury Rings to Wear Forever

Misahara’s gold rings include stunning rose, yellow and white gold pieces combined with diamonds and precious stones to create a signature design. These exceptional pieces are handcrafted with impeccable care by Mishara’s master craftsmen. Each ring represents a timeless piece that will be... Read More