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Misahara Minis Collection - always in stock!
Ice HuggiesIce Huggies
Ice Huggies Sale price$2,500.00
New York Pendant - Rose GoldNew York Pendant - Rose Gold
New York Pendant - Rose Gold Sale price$2,200.00
New York Pendant - Yellow GoldNew York Pendant - Yellow Gold
New York Pendant - Yellow Gold Sale price$2,200.00
Plima Drop with DiamondsPlima Drop with Diamonds
Plima Drop with Diamonds Sale price$5,800.00
Serengeti Petal StudsSerengeti Petal Studs
Serengeti Petal Studs Sale price$1,200.00
Zora Triple Unity RingZora Triple Unity Ring
Zora Triple Unity Ring Sale price$4,200.00
Pillow HoopsPillow Hoops
Pillow Hoops Sale priceFrom $3,500.00
Eternal Blossom Chain EarringsEternal Blossom Chain Earrings
Eternal Blossom Chain Earrings Sale price$3,600.00
Eternal Blossom Chain BraceletEternal Blossom Chain Bracelet
Eternal Blossom Chain Bracelet Sale price$3,500.00
Zora BandZora Band
Zora Band Sale price$1,200.00
Eternal Blossom NecklaceEternal Blossom Necklace
Eternal Blossom Necklace Sale price$4,900.00
Icy Chain NecklaceIcy Chain Necklace
Icy Chain Necklace Sale price$25,000.00
Evil Eye CharmEvil Eye Charm
Evil Eye Charm Sale price$2,750.00
Ice Toggle BraceletIce Toggle Bracelet
Ice Toggle Bracelet Sale price$5,600.00
NoHo EarringsNoHo Earrings
NoHo Earrings Sale price$3,200.00
Frosted Ice BraceletFrosted Ice Bracelet
Frosted Ice Bracelet Sale price$4,600.00
New York Ring - Rose GoldNew York Ring - Rose Gold
New York Ring - Rose Gold Sale price$2,100.00
New York Ring - Yellow GoldNew York Ring - Yellow Gold
New York Ring - Yellow Gold Sale price$2,100.00
Orange Star NecklaceOrange Star Necklace
Orange Star Necklace Sale price$3,900.00
Ice Toggle NecklaceIce Toggle Necklace
Ice Toggle Necklace Sale priceFrom $6,000.00
Blue Star EarringsBlue Star Earrings
Blue Star Earrings Sale price$3,200.00
NoHo Double RingNoHo Double Ring
NoHo Double Ring Sale price$1,750.00
Paris EarringsParis Earrings
Paris Earrings Sale price$5,500.00
Mini HuggiesMini Huggies
Mini Huggies Sale priceFrom $320.00
San Francisco EarringsSan Francisco Earrings
San Francisco Earrings Sale price$3,000.00
New York BraceletNew York Bracelet
New York Bracelet Sale price$12,000.00
Rome PendantRome Pendant
Rome Pendant Sale price$1,300.00
Diamond CharmsDiamond Charms
Diamond Charms Sale priceFrom $400.00
Eternal Blossom Triple BandEternal Blossom Triple Band
Eternal Blossom Triple Band Sale price$3,900.00
Paris ChainParis Chain
Paris Chain Sale price$16,000.00
Sahara LinkSahara Link
Sahara Link Sale price$8,800.00
Pia Sale price$5,300.00
Adriana ~ Blue Chalcedony NecklaceAdriana ~ Blue Chalcedony Necklace
18k rose gold.Waterfall - Rainbow Moonstones
Waterfall - Rainbow Moonstones Sale price$1,900.00
Open Cuff Bangle with MoonstonesCalming Reflection Diamond Bracelet
Serengeti Petal RingSerengeti Petal Ring
Serengeti Petal Ring Sale price$1,700.00
Drina Sole RingDrina Sole Ring
Drina Sole Ring Sale price$1,100.00
Frosted Mosaic RingFrosted Mosaic Ring
Frosted Mosaic Ring Sale price$2,750.00
Moonstone Drop EarringsCalming Yang
Calming Yang Sale price$6,800.00
Starburst EarringsStarburst Earrings
Starburst Earrings Sale price$1,800.00
Starburst RingStarburst Ring
Starburst Ring Sale priceFrom $1,600.00
Drina Coil RingDrina Coil Ring
Drina Coil Ring Sale price$1,650.00
Zora HoopsZora Hoops
Zora Hoops Sale price$4,200.00
Zora Double Unity RingZora Double Unity Ring
Zora Double Unity Ring Sale price$1,700.00
Zora Y NecklaceZora Y Necklace
Zora Y Necklace Sale price$4,400.00
Tau Diamond Charm
Tau Diamond Charm Sale price$7,500.00
Tau Red Diamond
Tau Red Diamond Sale price$7,000.00
NoHo V NecklaceNoHo V Necklace
NoHo V Necklace Sale price$15,000.00
Frosted Ice Dangle NecklaceFrosted Ice Dangle Necklace
Frosted Ice Dangle Necklace Sale price$4,300.00