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Mini Sun14k Yellow Gold Stud Earring
Mini Sun Sale priceFrom $170.00
Diamonds set in 14k white gold14k Diamond Starburst Stud Earrings
Mini Starburst Sale priceFrom $170.00
White Diamonds set in 14k goldMoon Stud Earrings
Mini Moon Yellow Sale priceFrom $160.00
Mini Necklace - Single CharmMini Necklace - Single Charm
 Star Earring with a White DiamondStar Stud Earring
Mini Star White Sale priceFrom $165.00
Star Earring with a White Diamondstar stud earring
Mini Star Yellow Sale priceFrom $165.00
bright earrings inspired by celestial in white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.beautiful star earrings covered in white diamonds and hanging on a delicate french wire
Bright Star Earrings Sale price$2,750.00
White Diamonds set in 14k goldMini Moon White
Mini Moon White Sale priceFrom $160.00
Star Bright NecklaceStar Bright Necklace
Star Bright Necklace Sale price$4,500.00
Desert Sky ChokerDesert Sky Choker
Desert Sky Choker Sale price$4,000.00
14k gold chaingold multi charm necklace with gemstones
Mini Necklace - 5 Charm Sale price$1,100.00
14k gold chainthree charm necklace
Mini Necklace - 3 Charm Sale price$800.00
Star Bright RingStar Bright Ring
Star Bright Ring Sale price$1,600.00
Mini RingsMini Rings
Mini Rings Sale priceFrom $850.00
Serengeti Petal StudsSerengeti Petal Studs
Serengeti Petal Studs Sale price$1,200.00
Night Sky StudsNight Sky Studs
Night Sky Studs Sale price$1,200.00
Serengeti Moon RingSerengeti Moon Ring
Serengeti Moon Ring Sale price$1,300.00
14k gold, diamonds and gemstonesMini Anklet - 5 Charm
Mini Anklet - 5 Charm Sale price$1,000.00
Evil Eye CharmEvil Eye Charm
Evil Eye Charm Sale price$2,750.00
Serengeti Sun StudsSerengeti Sun Studs
Serengeti Sun Studs Sale price$1,100.00
gold sun ring sun ring jewelry
Double Sun Ring Sale price$2,800.00
Mini HuggiesMini Huggies
Mini Huggies Sale priceFrom $320.00
14k gold, diamonds and gemstonesgold anklets
Mini Anklet - 3 Charm Sale price$750.00
Blue BraceletBlue Bracelet
Blue Bracelet Sale price$7,000.00
Pink Star BraceletPink Star Bracelet
Pink Star Bracelet Sale price$5,000.00
Blue ChokerBlue Choker
Blue Choker Sale price$6,600.00
Pink Sky ChokerPink Sky Choker
Pink Sky Choker Sale price$4,200.00
Orange Star NecklaceOrange Star Necklace
Orange Star Necklace Sale price$3,900.00
Pink Moon EarringsPink Moon Earrings
Pink Moon Earrings Sale price$3,000.00
Orange Sun EarringsOrange Sun Earrings
Orange Sun Earrings Sale price$2,800.00
Blue Star EarringsBlue Star Earrings
Blue Star Earrings Sale price$3,200.00
Orange Star RingOrange Star Ring
Orange Star Ring Sale price$2,950.00
Pink Sun RingPink Sun Ring
Pink Sun Ring Sale price$2,750.00
Usama Sale price$10,000.00
Tau Diamond Charm
Tau Diamond Charm Sale price$7,500.00
Lavi Sale price$8,250.00
Usama Sale price$4,900.00
Unity Charm
Unity Charm Sale price$2,750.00
Tau Red Diamond
Tau Red Diamond Sale price$7,000.00
Lavi Sale price$15,000.00
Unity Charm
Unity Charm Sale price$2,750.00
Snake Charm
Snake Charm Sale price$2,750.00
Snake CharmSnake Charm
Snake Charm Sale price$2,500.00
Night Sky EarringsNight Sky Earrings
Night Sky Earrings Sale price$3,000.00
gold elephant ring elephant ring
Elephant Ring Sale priceFrom $7,100.00
Serengeti Drop NecklaceSerengeti Drop Necklace
Serengeti Drop Necklace Sale price$4,100.00
Serengeti Charm NecklaceSerengeti Charm Necklace
Serengeti Charm Necklace Sale price$3,800.00
Star Bright Climbers
Star Bright Climbers Sale price$2,300.00
Night Sky Drop EarringsNight Sky Drop Earrings
Night Sky Drop Earrings Sale price$2,500.00
Serengeti Sun RingSerengeti Sun Ring
Serengeti Sun Ring Sale price$1,800.00