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Original Collection

Traveling the world is an important part of our lives and provides the creative inspiration for our jewelry Collections. The Original Collection, Designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp’s first collection, was inspired by her travels with her family around the globe. Spending a lot of time in South Africa, many of the designs reflect the natural wonder of the African landscape and the beautiful creatures of the land, while utilizing responsibly sourced rare gemstones found in the South African region

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Talas Maderia Citrine RingTalas Maderia Citrine Ring
Talas Maderia Citrine Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Talas White Opal RingKatie Holmes
Talas White Opal Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Talas Emerald RingTalas Emerald Ring
Talas Emerald Ring Sale price$19,000.00
Talas Ruby RingTalas Ruby Ring
Talas Ruby Ring Sale price$9,300.00
Talas Chocolate Moonstone RingTalas Chocolate Moonstone Ring
Talas Chocolate Moonstone Ring Sale price$4,800.00
Talas Shattuckite Ring
Talas Shattuckite Ring Sale price$9,900.00
Talas Blue Lapis Ring
Talas Blue Lapis Ring Sale price$9,300.00
Talasi Emerald Ring
Talasi Emerald Ring Sale price$12,700.00
Talasi Blue Star Sapphire RingTalasi Blue Star Sapphire Ring
Talasi Blue Star Sapphire Ring Sale price$11,400.00
Talasi Pink Tourmaline RingTalasi Pink Tourmaline Ring
Talasi Pink Tourmaline Ring Sale price$9,900.00
Talasi Blue Lapis Ring
Talasi Blue Lapis Ring Sale price$6,800.00
Talasi Black Star Sapphire RingTalasi Black Star Sapphire Ring
Talas~Deux Lapis Lazuli RingTalas~Deux Lapis Lazuli Ring
Talas~Deux Lapis Lazuli Ring Sale price$6,300.00
Talasi~Deux Blue Star Sapphire RingTalasi~Deux Blue Star Sapphire Ring
Stena Ring
Stena Ring Sale price$3,300.00
Stena Ring
Stena Ring Sale price$2,300.00
Stena NecklaceStena Necklace
Stena Necklace Sale price$48,000.00
Stena Neck Cuff
Stena Neck Cuff Sale price$5,200.00
Stena Cuff
Stena Cuff Sale price$5,000.00
Stena Studs
Stena Studs Sale price$4,500.00
Stena DangleStena Dangle
Stena Dangle Sale price$5,700.00
Stena Drop
Stena Drop Sale price$13,200.00
Stena DropStena Drop
Stena Drop Sale price$6,800.00
Blue Diamonds set in Rose GoldStena Drop Earrings
Stena Drop Earrings Sale price$7,700.00
white diamonds set in 18k rose gold
tsavorites set in 18k yellow gold.
Stena Peridot Drop Earrings Sale price$7,700.00
blue diamonds set in 18k white gold.Stena Aquamarine Drop Earrings
Stena Aquamarine Drop Earrings Sale price$8,800.00
orange garnets set in 18k rose goldStena Orange Moonstone Drop Earings
Stena Ring
Stena Ring Sale price$3,000.00
Pesak Sale price$8,000.00
Pesak Sale price$8,800.00
Duga ~ Slip On
Duga ~ Slip On Sale price$5,500.00
Duga ~ Slip OnDuga ~ Slip On
Duga ~ Slip On Sale price$5,500.00
Duga ~ Slip On
Duga ~ Slip On Sale price$5,500.00
Duga ~ Clasp
Duga ~ Clasp Sale price$5,500.00
Duga ~ Clasp
Duga ~ Clasp Sale price$5,500.00
Duga ~ Clasp
Duga ~ Clasp Sale price$5,500.00
Zaliv Sale price$3,500.00
Zaliv Sale price$6,000.00
Koral~Korali Sale price$3,700.00
Koral Sale price$2,200.00
Koral Sale price$1,750.00
Korali Sale price$2,750.00
Koral Sale price$1,750.00
Koral Sale price$1,750.00
Korali Sale price$2,750.00
Korali Sale price$2,200.00
Korali Sale price$3,500.00
Korali Sale price$2,750.00
Phinda ~ Pear Drop EarringsPhinda ~ Pear Drop Earrings
Phinda ~ Pear Drop Earrings Sale price$9,300.00