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Plima Collection

A vibrant and extraordinary mix of colored gemstones is the hallmark of Misahara's highly sought after Plima Designs. This unique work utilizes an array of soft shades, offering a new, sophisticated way to showcase a woman’s beauty. Inspired by the subtle waves in the Adriatic Sea, each piece radiates light and moves with the ease and grace of its wearer.

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Pink Tourmaline EarringsPlima Lily Studs
Plima Lily Studs Sale price$770.00
Pink Tourmaline RingPlima Band Pear
Plima Band Pear Sale price$1,300.00
Pink Tourmaline Ring  Pink Tourmaline Ring Stack
Plima Band Round Sale price$1,000.00
Pink Tourmaline  Plima Open Drop Earrings
Plima Open Drop Earrings Sale price$2,200.00
Pink Tourmaline Dangle Earrings Plima Prime
Plima Prime Sale price$8,400.00
Pink Tourmaline Drop Earrings
Plima Wave Sale price$3,600.00
Pink Tourmaline Chain EarringsPlima Drop
Plima Drop Sale price$3,300.00
Pink Tourmaline Gypsy Hoop EarringsPlima Lily
Plima Lily Sale price$3,900.00
Pink Tourmaline Chain EarringsPlima Lily Drop
Plima Lily Drop Sale price$1,550.00
Pink Tourmaline Climber EarringsPlima Lily Ear Climbers
Plima Lily Ear Climbers Sale price$1,200.00
Pink Tourmaline EarringsPlima Pear-Shaped Studs
Plima Pear-Shaped Studs Sale price$400.00
Pink Tourmaline Earrings Plima Round Studs
Plima Round Studs Sale price$160.00
Pink Tourmaline Open RingPlima Lily
Plima Lily Sale price$1,200.00
Pink TourmalinePlima Bangle Bracelet
Plima Bangle Bracelet Sale price$4,900.00
Pink TourmalinePlima Cuff Bracelet
Plima Cuff Bracelet Sale price$3,800.00
Pink Tourmaline Pendant NecklacePlima Flow
Plima Flow Sale price$3,500.00
Pink Tourmaline NecklacePlima Pendant
Plima Pendant Sale price$3,900.00
Pink TourmalinePlima Chain Necklace
Plima Chain Necklace Sale price$2,200.00
Pink TourmalinePlima Drop Necklace
Plima Drop Necklace Sale price$2,000.00
PlimaAquamarine and Sapphire Earrings
Plima Sale price$12,300.00
Peridot and Sapphire EarringsPlima
Plima Sale price$9,600.00
Peridot Dangle Earrings Plima
Plima Sale price$13,200.00
Blue Sapphire EarringsPlima
Plima Sale price$13,200.00
Pink Tourmaline and Sapphire EarringsPlima
Plima Sale price$16,500.00
Diamond Two Finger Chain RingLinked Petal Bands
Linked Petal Bands Sale price$6,600.00
Blue Cave BandBlue Cave Band
Blue Cave Band Sale price$4,600.00
Tsavorite and Diamond RingGreen Petal Band
Green Petal Band Sale price$3,750.00
Multi-Gemstone RingPurple Petal Band
Purple Petal Band Sale price$2,500.00
Orange Petal BandOrange Petal Band
Orange Petal Band Sale price$3,750.00