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Re-Imagine Your Heirloom

Do you have beloved, heirloom jewelry that goes unworn? Inherited jewelry is so meaningful, but often, because the design or settings are no longer contemporary or useful, these pieces don’t get integrated into your wardrobe. Jewelry is meant to be worn and shown off, not tucked away in the "vault". Think about those beautiful antique or vintage pieces that you are attached to that could be repurposed into a new design; how would you turn this personal memento into something more modern and suited to your style.

Misahara's designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp started re-imagining fine jewelry after her husband would gift her beautiful pieces yet she always felt compelled to personalize them to create something she and her daughters would cherish for years to come. Through this personal experience Lepa became an expert in redesigning original creations and later started her own jewelry collection. For over ten years, Lepa has performed this service for her clients by listening and creating jewelry pieces that tell their stories; always adding her own touch that makes every design unique. Her commitment to honoring the integrity of the original, and the sentiment behind it, is what makes her process so special. 

Re-imagining existing jewelry into something new is a passion and creative outlet for Lepa.  Her strong personal connection to her brand and long-term relationships with many of her clients led her to bring this unique service to Misahara. The art of transforming your family jewelry is a creative opportunity that allows you to update the story behind your heirlooms. Step into the designer's studio and collaborate with us to turn your treasured piece into something you will love and wear for years to come... until it's your turn to gift it to the next generation.

Heirloom Earring:

Heirloom Earring

Garden of Eden Ring:

Garden of Eden Ring

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