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Article: Best Anklets for Everyday Wear in 2024

Best Anklets for Everyday Wear in 2024

Best Anklets for Everyday Wear in 2024

At Misahara Jewelry we have some pretty strong opinions on anklets. 

The iconic Y2K look dating back to 6,000 BC (woah) clearly has some staying power. But what is it about this elusive jewelry design that has captivated our hearts and imaginations for so many years? For those under the impression that anklets are a one-off cute summer trend, please keep reading. 

Ankle bracelets possess rich historical and cultural significance, offering a nuanced and highly personal peek into your story, and those of our ancestors.  Whether you’re craving that summer feeling, inspired by the early 2000s looks of yore, or honoring tradition, anklets capture the timeless and divine. And yes. You can wear them all year round. Let’s dive in. 


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Understanding the appeal of the anklet is enhanced tenfold with a respect for the historical and cultural value this jewelry design carries. And it’s extensive.

From our first evidence of anklet jewelry dating back to 6,000 BC, anklets were equal parts fashion statement and status symbol. Lower socioeconomic class citizens wore anklets of wood or leather, while those who could afford it donned anklets of gold, dotted with diamonds. But who wore an anklet and why

It turns out the anklet was a common form of jewelry in many ancient cultures and carried different significance in each and every one. In Western Africa, giant anklets of brass or ivory were gifted to brides on their wedding night as a testament to their commitment to their husband. Anklets were worn by all as special adornments for rituals and celebrations. It has long been Chinese tradition to gift jewelry, namely anklets, to infants to protect their impressionable souls from evil and bring good luck. In Egypt, the anklet signified a woman’s entire social status from royalty to servant. While in India, anklets were the embodiment of the divine feminine. Adorned with bells and other rhythmic charms, anklets served as a way to infuse music into a woman’s beautiful natural body language. Even the Bible is not without its anklet references.

Today, anklets are still intertwined with many societies’ religions and greater cultural practices, representing sisterhood, adventure, devotion, and good luck.

anklets to wear at the beach

Between their cultural symbolism and flattering nature, anklets secured their spot in every fine jewelry box in short order. For as long as we love fine jewelry (um? forever?), anklets will be on the list. 


It’s 2024, and this isn’t Mesopotamia. So, where does the beloved ankle fit in? 

In short: Anywhere and everywhere. We believe anklets can and should be worn year round.


But which ankle!? 

Some folks say that an anklet on the right foot means single and ready to mingle, while an anklet on the left foot means happily taken. Still, others argue the complete opposite. As for left ankle vs. right ankle, there’s no shortage of conflicting thoughts and strong opinions. Do with that what you will, but in the 2024 landscape, anklets offer no cheat code for single or taken. Wear your anklet on whichever foot you please. And truthfully, we won’t dissuade you from wearing one on both. 

Anklets echo our journey. Here’s some of our favorite anklet stylings for a lifetime of adventure.

1. Charm Anklets

As is the Misahara way, we utilize fine jewelry as a paintbrush: An intimate expression of what’s most important to us in life. Misahara founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp infuses her love of nature and whimsical adventure into each and every one of her designs, from inspiration to conception, to production to styling. Fine jewelry connects designer to wearer through earth’s most precious materials, making a heartfelt investment for future generations. To our ancestors, the anklet told a story. Today, we honor our heritage and continue that tradition.

In the true storytelling nature of our brand, our most popular anklet, the Misahara Mini Anklet, provides a vessel for the wearer, the adventurer if you will, to express what’s important to them. Select three or five of our collectible motifs and birthstones to create a 14k gold anklet that will ground you in the story of who you are. Charm anklets will never go out of style.

Our celestial charm anklet, the Sergengeti Charm Anklet, is a testament to Lepa’s love of nature and commitment to the region that has given us so much. Doubling as a bracelet, this piece will quickly become the magical conversation starter every jewelry box needs. 18k gold motifs inspired by Lepa’s lifetime of travel are studded with pristine white diamonds for a look that will melt your heart. A percentage of every Misahara purchase benefits the True Cause Foundation, a nonprofit working in tandem with global, charitable organizations to provide financial assistance, educational access, and healthcare for children in the Serengeti region and beyond.

2. Anklet Layers

The more the merrier. Layer Misahara Mini Anklets to paint your story with some extra sparkle! Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals

We also love mix and matching the anklet to the Misahara Mini earrings. Make it a matching set. Perfection. 

Whether it’s a beach day or you’re at fitness class, it’s a night on the town, or you’re enjoying quiet moments of reflection, there is something so powerful about infusing every step with bespoke designs of nature’s greatest gifts. More on this in Lepa’s 2022 Travel Diary. Hold your head up high and move with the confidence of diamonds.

3. Summer and Beyond

In Western culture, the anklet/summer association is a real thing. But for some parts of the world, anklets are just a part of getting dressed in the morning. We love that mentality. Anklets are for year round. 

Wear your anklet over tights for a twinkling winter look. Or, layer a colorful anklet over cute socks. Adorable.

@misaharajewelry Despite their #summer reputation, anklets can be worn year round. Chose from our 14k gold, diamond, and gemstone charms to create your own 3 or 5 Charm Anklet. Rock your ankle bling over socks or tights to tell your story all year round. ❤️ #misahara #misaharajewelry #misaharaminis #minijewelry #earrings #finejewelry #jewelry #luxury #diamonds #gold #yellowgold #rosegold #whitegold #diamond #horoscope #jewelrytiktok #jewelrytour #jewelrytok #highfashion #smart #escape #powerful #improvement #start #intelligent #cards #nyfw #fall #anklet #tiktokshop #backtoschool #spookyseason #fallfashion #clothingbrand #autumn #fashionjewelry #trendyjewelry #statementjewelry #fashionstudent #fashionblogger #newyork #luxurytiktok #luxurylifestyle ♬ So Low - Shiloh Dynasty & LofiCentral

Not to mention, the Mini Anklet, along with our entire Misahara Mini Collection, are our most accessible pieces. This is how you start your fine jewelry collection. 

For us, fine jewelry is less about flash, and more about emotion. Anklets should make you feel great 24/7. Beach and beyond.


Anklets are one of fine jewelry’s most special designs. With close proximity to Earth, anklets can ground you in all that is natural beauty. A way to adorn that which literally takes you from place to place, the foot, anklets ensure your journey is a pretty one. 

Anklets are sexy and ageless:

"Anklets are the ultimate sexy accessory. The older I get the more clearly I look at life. Some may say that anklets are jewelry for the young, but I say, embrace your age and your imperfections and rock what makes you feel good." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara Founder and Designer

With finest gold and gemstones, a Misahara anklet infuses a layer of natural fascination and nuanced storytelling. Embrace the divine feminine with anklets: Fine jewelry of profound origin connecting us to all that has been and all that is yet to be.

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