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Article: Amethyst Jewelry: Unveiling the Secrets of February Birthstone

Amethyst Jewelry: Unveiling the Secrets of February Birthstone

Amethyst Jewelry: Unveiling the Secrets of February Birthstone

If purple is the color of royalty, then the rich, violet February birthstone amethyst is regal as they come.

This vivid stone has delighted gem enthusiasts since the beginning of time with the spiritual nature of its rare color.

Today, we recognize the amethyst not just as the pretty purple February birthstone, but as a gift of historical and spiritual significance. Join us as we take the deep dive on this fascinating stone, dissect its true healing properties, and show you how to don amethyst jewelry like a king or queen. 


Amethyst Necklace

Let’s get to the heart of the February birthstone by understanding the how and why. Which takes us to the ancient volcanoes of Brazil…

Amethyst is the most prized variety of quartz, is composed of silicon dioxide, and formed from volcanic activity. Lava produces trapped gas bubbles that grow crystals, form volcanic rock, and, in the case of amethyst, become what is considered a geode. 

What’s a geode?” you may ask. A geode is an unassuming rock that, when opened, is filled with crystal gemstones. This remarkable and complex feat of nature takes millions of years to form, making amethyst all the more mysterious and precious.

Gleaning its vibrant violet shade from trace amounts of iron, amethyst can have color variation from a light lavender to a deep, dark purple almost leaning red or black. Generally speaking, the darker the color the more valuable the stone. Amethyst colors compliment every skin tone, and are particularly primed for mixing metals.

Amethysts are graded on a clarity scale ranging from B to AAAA - B representing internal inclusions and therefore a lack of clarity, AAAA representing complete clarity. Most amethyst fine jewelry has no visible internal inclusions like fine lines, gas bubbles, or cavities.

Coming in at a 7 on the Mohs Scale, a system used to measure the hardness of minerals, amethyst isn’t quite as hard as a sapphire, or the reigning champion, diamond, but it is a solid, durable choice for fine jewelry.

The word amethyst translates from the ancient Greek “methustos,” meaning “intoxicated.” The stone has long been believed to promote clearheadedness and quite literally, protect against drunkenness. The Greeks believed it was Dionysus, their god of wine and festivity, who discovered the stone. Greek and Roman Bacchanal attendees wore the stone to maintain lucidity during their feast of drunken revelry (results likely varied…). 

As we’ve established that purple is the color of royalty, it’s worth contemplating…Is this because of amethyst? Clergy and nobility believed the stone to be a symbol of Christ. The more amethyst you flaunted, the closer to God. And indeed, there are several Biblical references to amethyst.

Whether a method to manage intoxication, become closer to Christ, look beautiful, or a likely combination of all three, amethyst has been adored by those who could afford it since 2000 BC. At one point, it was even considered as highly regarded as the diamond. Amethyst became much more accessible in the 19th century, when it was discovered in massive quantities in Brazil.


small amethyst necklace

The stone that gets you closer to the divine contains a whole host of additional healing properties. Let’s dissect: 

Likely stemming from the connection to Christ, amethysts have been thought to aid in the healing of wounds. They would sometimes be placed directly on the wound for most potent effect. The peace and calm associated with the amethyst’s purple color, and can aid in getting a good night’s sleep. The stone can even promote good skin. Old wives tale it may be…the best cure for a pimple? Massaging it with an amethyst.

Of course the February birthstone amethyst spiritually represents love. The Catholic Saint Valentine, is said to have worn an amethyst ring carved in Cupid’s likeness. In alignment with purple’s regal nature, the stone represents wealth - not just of the financial sector, but of a truly rich, healthy life. The ancient Egyptians wore amulets of amethyst to honor their gods, similar to their use in the Christian religion, and with the amethyst beckoned help of the heavens, protect against harm. 

Astrologically, amethyst represents the Pisces sign, which is that of empathy, creativity, imagination and generosity. 

Of course, something that takes millions of years to form possesses inherent wisdom and power. Metaphysically, amethyst is considered to be a dual chakra gemstone, awakening both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. The third eye chakra relates to intuition, and a greater sense of purpose in the universe. The crown chakra, represented by a violet color like the amethyst, relates to wisdom and knowledge. Easing in the opening of both these chakras, the amethyst is a profound tool. Those who practice meditation with crystals may place an amethyst between their eyebrows, in the center of their forehead, or at the top of their head to assume the calming properties of the stone. 

Wearing amethyst jewelry can have positive metaphysical effects in opening the chakras and accessing your true potential. An amethyst ring on your dominant hand is thought to procure knowledge and wisdom. Amethyst earrings or necklaces: Mental clarity, patience and calm. Not unlike using amethyst crystals in meditation, amethyst jewelry can work its healing power by imbuing in you the beauty of a millennia of existence.


By now, hopefully you’re illuminated on the profound ancient power of this miraculous stone. There is no better way to honor Mother Nature than continuing the traditions of our ancestors with emblematic fine jewelry crafted of Earth’s marvels. As fine jewelry is an inherently emotional experience, Misahara’s amethyst selections promote the calm, peaceful qualities of this brilliant stone.

1. Amethyst Stud Earrings

The most accessible way to experience the powerful amethyst without compromising quality or sparkle is the Misahara Amethyst Mini. This stone is set in 14k gold as stud earrings, a necklace, or anklet. Mix and match with other Mini birthstones to harness the full power of the zodiac. The February birthstone Mini Amethyst is the perfect gift for your February babies, or for those with sentimental attachment to the month.

2. Amethyst Cocktail Ring

The Koko Amethyst Ring, a standout among our iconic cocktail rings, is all amethyst all day. This impressive ring is the most tactile way to experience the healing powers of this stone. Share the benefits through this conversation starter, one of Misahara’s first designs, the 50.76ct purple amethyst 18k yellow gold Koko Ring.

3. Amethyst Band Ring

The Purple Petal Band, the vivid violet band of the Petal Collection’s stackable ring series, is studded with amethysts, iolites, rhodolites and white diamonds. This ring is also available with orange sapphires, blue sapphires, and green tsavorites and diamonds. Stack the three to harness balance and beauty. 

4. Amethyst Necklace 

One of Misahara’s first and most classic designs, the Nzari Necklace holds a special place in our heart. Embrace the Misahara story and keep the profound benefits of amethyst close to your heart. This necklace is available in the unique light lilac amethyst variety known as Rose de France, as well as a bright, vivid purple amethyst.

5. Amethyst Drop Earrings

Another Misahara classic design, the Lindi Earrings are a rare, rich dark burgundy amethyst. This geometric earring design keeps amethyst’s calming properties close to your cranial matter. As if the brilliant amethyst centerpiece wasn’t enough, each earring features over thirty 1.75ct white diamonds. 

6. Purple Passion Ring

Inspired by Earth’s whimsical, feminine, and miraculously diverse flowers, the Purple Passion is one of our most magnificent designs. Playfully reimagining Earth’s flowers using our planet’s equally profound gift of colorful gemstones, this investment piece is a familial legend in the making.

7. Tired Eyes Two Finger Ring

The one of a kind Tired Eyes Ring is unlike any other. Two pristine amethysts rest between your fingers while tear shaped iolites drip down your hand. A ring of utmost elegance, this is among the most inspired amethyst jewelry on the market.

If you’re just starting your fine jewelry collection, the Misahara Amethyst Mini is the perfect place to start. Build your collection out, express your story, and experience the mystical properties of all gemstones with our entire Mini Birthstone Collection. 


We’d be remiss not to mention that we are loving the plethora of Amethyst Aesthetic moodboards making the rounds on sites like Pintrest

Indeed, purple has been a popular color for lighting and design in recent years. But the amethyst aesthetic we’re seeing on these sites represents much more than just a cool vibe. Perhaps overstimulation from devices has ignited a strong youth interest in spirituality, outer space, and the supernatural. These elements all work together in images shaded with that iconic violet hue to inspire artists and spread calm. 

We’re glad the mysterious stone is having its moment in the spotlight. If the February birthstone represents peace, calm, and a good night’s sleep, let the word be spread far and wide.


Amethyst jewelry is a force to be reckoned with. 

A miraculous discovery, otherworldly by nature, and sought after by kings and queens, amethyst is what legends are made of. This stone contains multitudes.

"The other day my friend, Shohista (@jewellery_pursuer) introduced me to a video that discusses the properties of Amethyst. You can watch the video here. I truly believe that all natural gemstones have qualities to help benefit our lives. Amethyst specifically is calming and self-healing. Not to mention the color is one I have always been drawn to and especially right now purple is speaking to my soul. They say you gravitate towards gemstones that contain benefits that you need and since I'm in a very hectic and stressful season of my life, I'm being called towards the calming properties of the Amethyst." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara Founder and Designer

We encourage you to embrace the spiritual journey of the miraculous amethyst with Misahara Jewelry.

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