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Article: Evil Eye Charm: 6 Jewelry Pieces with the Power of Protection

The Evil Eye Charm Jewelry

Evil Eye Charm: 6 Jewelry Pieces with the Power of Protection

The Meaning of the Evil Eye

You’ve probably come across the Evil Eye symbol more than once in your life, probably without realizing it. Evil Eyes are found everywhere around us - in jewelry, home decor and even art - they mostly come in blue and green colors in the shape of eyes. Nevertheless, the designs have changed over the years. It has become more and more common to see evil eyes of various colors and eye shapes.

The Evil Eye is a malicious stare that can cause bad luck from the person that receives it. The jewelry made in the shape of the evil eye is meant to protect you from such evil looks, and they represent amulets that aim to protect you against these energies that usually come from envy. Around the 6th century B.C., the first evil eyes appeared on drinking vessels. Plato, Hesiod, and Plutarch all described how the evil eye worked, describing it as a curse given to someone when they were unaware and even saying that it could be the source of deadly rays. 

Despite appearing differently in some cultures, it keeps its meaning. Evil eyes are harmful expressions that you can be protected from. 

Evil Eye and Misahara

Whether you are a firm believer of the powers of the mighty Evil Eye or not, one can’t deny the way it has crawled in the fashion scene, and became one of the most worn pieces in the jewelry department! Well, Misahara was not immune to the ‘watchful eye’ and has a history of beautiful jewels with the Evil Eye symbol:

Evil Eye Charm Necklace

If you are not sure where to start when shopping for an Evil Eye piece of jewelry, we suggest starting simple with our Evil Eye charm necklace. Suspended by an 18k gold chain, Misahara’s charm necklaces are fun layering pieces. The Evil Eye Charm is filled with white diamonds and surrounded by blue diamonds on a rose gold disc. 

Mini Evil Eye Earrings

If you're more of an earring type, then the Evil Eye studs are just perfect. Their discreet rose gold color will not make it obvious it’s a protection amulet if that was something you were trying to avoid or worried about those bright blue colors that might not match your outfits. With the mini stud earrings, you get the best of both worlds - protection & fashion!

Evil Eye Signet Ring

Evil Eye rings have made their debut among the first when this amulet became a fashion item. Avoiding making a big, chunky eyeball on your hand, we decided to go with a signet - a perfect little protective ring for your pinkie finger. Filled with diamonds and finished off with a navy-blue etching, Misahara’s Evil Eye Signet is sure to become your everyday ring.

Evil Eye Huggies

As we know, huggies are a big trend right now that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so if you were planning to treat yourself with a pair of these little hugging hoops, then we suggest making them into cute Evil Eye designs. You can take them everywhere with you - they are perfect travel buddies that will ‘keep an eye out’ wherever you go. :)

Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

If you’re looking to make a statement with your jewelry, then the Sahara Eye Bracelet is the way to go! This one of a kind bracelet is Misahara’s expression of protection during one's life and travels when worn. The Eye features a cabochon blue sapphire with round brilliant white diamonds and blue sapphires. The charms feature Misahara’s unique globe, marking Montenegro and the United States, and the Unity Symbol, set with diamonds and blue sapphires. The bracelet is a handmade twisted rope design in 18k rose gold that is completed with a toggle closure.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix and Match

Evil Eye design might come across as very bold, but as you have seen from different examples, it can be as dainty and elegant as any other jewel you own. In any case, even if you opt out for an Evil Eye that is big and is a one-of-a-kind statement piece, who says you can mix & match it, or even pair it with other Evil Eye designs? After all, you can never be too protected right?

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