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Article: Destination Guide: St. Barths Island with Our Jewelry Designer

St. Barths Island with Misahara Jewlery Designer

Destination Guide: St. Barths Island with Our Jewelry Designer

As Lepa was browsing through her jewelry box to find the perfect Misahara fine jewelry pieces to bring with her on their annual family vacation, she tried to imagine what kind of styles would best fit in an island such as St. Barths. The IT spot for many celebrities and prominent crowds, St. Barths was breathing luxury; so naturally one would assume the jewelry choices, accompanying elevated bathing suits such as Hunza G, would be nothing less than extravagant and most likely — full of diamonds. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before we dive into what jewels Lepa rocked in St. Barths, let’s talk destination and what this most talked about island has to offer

Getting to St. Barths

getting to st. barths

This volcanic island lies 22 miles (35 km) southeast of the island of St. Martin and north of St. Kitts in the French West Indies. As a French overseas collectivity and a former territory of Sweden, St. Barts exudes a mix of European influences. Think a tropical version of France. So, how do we go to St. Barths? Well, if you’re one of those guys that doesn’t like layovers we suggest you explore some local islands. Lepa’s journey to her dream island began at San Francisco airport from which she flew to Miami, followed by San Juan and finally — the glamorous Caribbean isle of St. Barths. We suggest you plan your trip ahead, just like Lepa did, to avoid having long and unpleasant layovers.

Where To Stay when in St. Barths?Le Toiny St. Barths

 It is easy to forget about the long flights once you step your foot on this magical island and see those crystalline waters dotted with yachts in front of you. However, finding the right place to stay is key when planning this trip, although there are plenty of blogs and hotel recommendations available online. Lepa’s choice for her family trip to St. Barths was the hotel Le Toiny. If you are seeking something a bit more discreet but romantic, then this is a place for you. When searching for hotels, our designer wanted something quiet but luxurious — a place where she can truly rest but also work on her upcoming designs. The hotel is located on the opposite side of the island from Gustavía, it is surrounded by wild and rugged terrain. To get to the beach club, guests must board an open-air white safari jeep that will navigate several steep dirt curves before reaching its luxurious, tucked away destination. Lepa’s tip for food if you decide to wine & dine at the hotel - the lobster salad and a glass of Minuty rosé. The rooms are airy, crisp, and undoubtedly luxurious — plus, each comes with a private plunge pool with ocean views.

Favorite Lunch Spots at St. Barths

Gyp Sea               Burrata at Shellona St. Barths

1. Gyp Sea

A newcomer on the St. Barths scene is Gyp Sea, a vibrant bohemian club on Pelican Beach that offers “sea, sun, rum and BBQ.” Drinks are playful in parrot-shaped glasses, and everything edible—from fish, to pineapple, to corn, to meats  — is thrown on the grill. Lepa kept coming back to this place, describing it as a perfect blend of “boho & chill with a bit of glam”. Oh and what to order while you’re there? Either Boston style lobster roll or Gyp Sea salad are a must!

2. Shellona

Another very cute lunch spot according to our designer. This beach club of Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf serves amazing Mediterranean food, vibey music and it is positioned on a pearly-white sand beach that attracts stylish crowds. Must try dishes - Feta au rilo and Burratina. Yummy!

3. Le Berthelemy 

Lepa also didn’t resist the  Le Berthelemy when it came to a light lunch before hitting the beach. This hotel offers a variety of places to get something to eat - Amis Restaurant and Bar, and WTF rooftop. Cool name, no? ;) Amis is also well known for its Mediterranean food (we can tell Lepa is home sick) so you can’t go wrong with ordering Tuna tartare Niçoise style or pasta with country lobster.

4. Nikki Beach

We all know Nikki Beach - but paired with the turquoise waters and white sands, it probably ranks among the top 3 Nikki Beach destinations. What to order? Lepa’s words - sushi, sushi and only sushi. Bon appetit! 

5. St. Barth Wine & Dine

Now that we have covered Lepa’s favorite lunch spots, it’s time to pull out the big guns - St. Barths dining. Don’t get us wrong, nothing beats light snacking while your toes are in the sand and you are soaking those sun rays (with the SPF though!) but having dinner with friends and family, while sipping your favorite wine on the glamorous Caribbean isle of St. Barths hits differently. It was hard for our designer to pick her favorite dinner spot, so we present to you the four of her most favorite ones. 

6. L’Isola

L’Isola is a fine Italian restaurant located in Gustavia and it is your perfect romantic place to spend some quality time with your loved one. Dark, moody setting, accompanied with great Italian staple dishes is everything what dream dinners are made of. According to Lepa, this is the best Italian restaurant on the island and one of the reasons she keeps coming back? Two words - homemade gnocchi. 

7. Bagatelle

Similar to Bonito, Bagatelle is a synonym for a fun, dining scene. Always packed with people, the restaurant always has a resident DJ that will have the guests start dancing after dinner is done. Bagatelle brings the generous flavors of the French Riviera to your plate. Whether you order a rib-eye steak, or a grilled veal piccata, you will keep coming back for more.

8. Tamarin

If you are into tropical plants and jungle vibes like Lepa does, then this is a place for you. Serving up French island-style cuisine (think foie gras) and a fresh-caught fish selection, you’d be wrong not to order their signature cocktail, the Tamarini, before heading out on the town.

9. Bonito

Perhaps the best word to describe Bonito is the simplest one: fun. The drinks come in ridiculous glasses (think a copper bath tub with a rubber ducky), the music is blasting, and the entire restaurant crowd is there to have a good time. Oh, and their Peruvian ceviches are to die for!

Bonito St. Barths

What to do in St. Barths?

Now that you’ve wined and dined, it’s time to hit some activities. We know - who wants to do anything besides laying on those sandy beaches and enjoying one too many cocktails right? But, if you are anything like our designer, then soaking the sun all day long is not an option. So, what’s there to do? Well, like most islands, the majority of it is related to water activities, which Lepa loved. Anything from snorkeling to renting a jet ski or a paddle board to swimming will guarantee you plenty of fun and a great workout too! If you’re more of a ‘stay on the shore’ type of person, then Lepa highly recommends renting a couple of Mokes and driving around the island for exploring and sight-seeing.

The St. Barth Jewelry

We couldn’t wait to get to this part of our guide, because, quite frankly - what is an island vacation without some stylish outfits and sparkly jewels? For this occasion, Lepa has picked some of her favorite Misahara Collections - Chain City, Serengeti and the Mini Stud Earrings. She opted out for her diamond-filled New York bracelet that she paired with evening outfits and dinner dates around the island, such as her must-have Cult Gaia dresses. During the day, she had her Mini earrings with her at all times - her favorites are the Mini Elephant, Mini Starburst and Mini Diamond, which go well with any type of beachwear and sun dresses. Necklace layering is another of Lepa's big things, her moda operandi per se, and you will rarely see her without rocking at least two or three Misahara necklaces. Her absolute favorite and go-to pieces are the Desert Sky Choker and the Mini Necklace (you can customize yours the way you like it!). Whichever jewelry you end up selection for your dream vacation, take our designer’s advice with you - “Wear jewelry that makes you feel good and speaks of who you are”

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