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Article: Our Forever Favorites: Find Your Next Jewelry Box Staple

Our Forever Favorites: Find Your Next Jewelry Box Staple

Our Forever Favorites: Find Your Next Jewelry Box Staple

For those who don’t already know the story of Misahara’s origins…

Founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, established Misahara in 2013 after years of redesigning jewelry her husband gifted her. While she loved the heartfelt intention, she always felt a bit dismayed at how impersonal the pieces felt. So she began reimagining the materials to express something more unique and personal.

The sentiment resounded, and Misahara Jewelry was born. And while we boast a confidently versatile range of collections, there are a handful of pieces that our clientele keeps coming back to. These are what we call our Forever Favorites: Pieces that have universally captured the hearts and imaginations of our lovely (and stylish) clients. 

Let’s celebrate the Misahara best sellers that are sure to become your next jewelry box staples.


Versatile, classic, elegant, and chic…it’s not hard to imagine why these pieces are Misahara’s best sellers. Melding themselves perfectly to the wearer, they tell a different story on every body, while maintaining a supreme level of craftsmanship and artistry. Our Forever Favorites are long term investments that will elevate any look over the course of your entire life. These materials will last forever, meaning they’re the gift that keeps on giving. 

Let’s dive in!

1. New York Ring

The New York Ring is probably a Misahara best seller because of its remarkable versatility. Or maybe just because it’s gorgeous! Slay the work day away, then hop on over to the party without skipping a beat. Striking the delicate balance of subdue and glamorous, this ring is the perfect day to night transitional piece.

The New York Ring is available in 14k yellow gold or rose gold.

2. Zora Hoops

Every jewelry box needs the perfect diamond hoop earrings. Etched 18k gold embedded with brilliant white diamonds hangs beautifully from the ear with the Misahara Zora Hoops. Inspired by gentle sunrises, these pieces evoke sweet, elegant calm. Not to mention the fact that diamond hoop earrings are definitely having a moment

3. Plima Open Drop Earrings

It’s no secret that we love colorful gemstones. Misahara best selling Plima Open Drop Earrings are comprised of pear-shaped and round pink tourmalines suspended by a striking diamond on a rose gold French wire. For the ultra-feminine jewelry box staple, these are it. Think date night!

4. Desert Sky Choker

Just as every jewelry box needs transitional pieces, diamond hoop earrings, and something flirty, every jewelry box needs a choker! And the Misahara Desert Sky Choker does not disappoint. Diamond drenched celestial charms are suspended from an 18k gold chain. Executing whimsical joy, this Forever Favorite is an ideal option for a first time fine jewelry purchase, and a necessity for necklace layering. 

5. Serengeti Moon Ring

Hand in hand with the Desert Sky Choker is the Forever Favorite Serengeti Moon Ring. Inspired by the twinkling night skies of Tanzania, where Lepa garners much creative and personal inspiration, this ring is the perfect reminder to dream big and reach for the stars. Let the power of the moon be at your fingertips.

6. Zora Double Unity Ring

Of course the Zora Double Unity Ring is a Misahara best seller and Forever Favorite. Our signature triangle unity symbol bookends each end of this open ring. Ideal to stack, or purchase a few sizes down to wear as a midi ring. Simple but powerful. This piece goes with everything and will absolutely become your next jewelry box staple.

7. Initial Necklaces

There is no better way to celebrate you, or someone you love, than wearing the perfect initial necklace. Every jewelry box needs one! The Misahara Initial Necklaces are a playful take on this classic long standing trend, so of course it’s a Forever Favorite. Featuring lettering evolved from our signature Misahara font, this necklace embodies the ethos of our brand and allows you to tell your story. Did we mention these necklaces feature a .50ct white Marquis diamond charm? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…


8. Serengeti Sun Ring

Sunshine year round? Yes please. The best selling Misahara Serengeti Sun Ring showers you in sunshine and diamonds no matter the weather outside. Perfect for the most playful, fun loving person on your gift list. This ring is an homage to positivity, light, and the gorgeous resilience and eternity of diamonds. Pair with the Serengeti Moon Ring for balance.

9. Misahara Minis

Who could deny that our best selling collectible Misahara Minis and Mini Birthstones aren’t Forever Favorites. Mix and matchable as can be, these pieces allow you to tell your story at an accessible fine jewelry price point. Our 14k gold motifs and birthstones can be used to create the perfect necklace, anklet, and ring. There’s a reason we have so many Misahara Mini collectors out there!!


What makes these pieces Forever Favorites goes far beyond their beauty. These pieces make people feel special. And our ethos has always been feeling over flash. When gifted, our pieces communicate a gesture of love and admiration that words cannot suffice. 

"Fine jewelry is a timeless gift that when given to someone special or yourself is an incredible way of expressing love. I feel this way for a few reasons, first, it lasts forever, it's valuable and typically the design is meaningful or symbolic. As well, when it comes to purchasing a piece of fine jewelry the decision is often thoughtful and personal and is given as a way to commemorate significant milestones or celebrations. I may be biased but I believe giving fine jewelry as a gift is a beautiful way to express your love and admiration for the recipient." -Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara Founder and Designer 

Our amazing clients agree…the Misahara Forever Favorites do not disappoint. 

Cynthia said of our Mini Sun and Moon: 

“I spent several months deciding before I ordered the mini sun and moon. This is such a great option since I don't like matching earrings. The owner spoke to me directly and she's very professional. My earrings arrived early and I was so happy that I have to recommend!”

Mary knows that good things come in small packages: 

“These earrings are tiny, as I had expected, but they catch light and flash in a BIG way! My husband laughed at how tiny when I opened the package, but even he commented over dinner how much they sparkle. Love ‘em!”

Jeff bought a pair of earrings for his wife that are unlike anything else she owns: 

“I had a fantastic experience with Misahara. Excellent customer service from helping me select the perfect earrings for my wife, to the beautiful packaging they arrived in. My wife loves the earrings more than any other piece of jewelry she has.”

When you can express your love for someone with a gift that will last their entire lifetime and beyond, it is truly something special. When it becomes their jewelry box staple, or Forever Favorite, it’s even more special. Earth’s beauty gifted from the heart can be the first brick in a family legacy. There is no gift quite like fine jewelry.


The Misahara best selling Forever Favorites seen here fall in a price range of $145-$4,200 offering a range of accessibility. Fine jewelry is always a worthy investment, and our thoughtful and attentive customer service team goes above and beyond to ensure your experience is uniquely tailored to your shopping needs.

Customization is something we’re big fans of, and we’re happy to discuss any and all options with you either through email, phone, and/or our website’s live chat feature.

Pro Tip: Your first Misahara purchase is 10% off with code FIRST10. And stay tuned for our annual Holiday Sale beginning December 1st for 20% off sitewide!


From the versatile New York Ring to the whimsical Desert Sky Choker, to the date night primed Plima Open Drop Earrings to the collectible Misahara Minis, our Forever Favorites are customer mainstays because of their quality and craftsmanship.

We take great pride in our superior customer service and feel confident that we can guide you in the right direction for whatever and whoever you’re shopping for. 

And for those you’re just not sure about, the Misahara Best Sellers complete collection is a comprehensive list of all of our most popular pieces. It’s a great place to start if you’re still unsure.

Misahara was birthed from the loving, heartfelt intention of gifting fine jewelry. We promise to make sure your piece is unique in both quality, craftsmanship, and design, to ensure you’re gifting something truly personal. If you’re shopping for your own next jewelry box staple, or a future Forever Favorite for a loved one, it’s our honor to help you every step of the way.

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