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Article: Trendy Hoop Earrings Styles to Rock this Season

Trendy Hoop Earrings Styles to Rock this Season

Trendy Hoop Earrings Styles to Rock this Season

Styles come and go, but one way or another, the famously flattering hoop earrings always seem to stay in the spotlight.

From classic hoop earrings, to geometric; statement hoop earrings to diamond or gemstones, hoops are the shapeshifters of jewelry.

A shocker to no one at all, hoop earrings are once again having a moment.

You may already have an idea of the hoop earrings style we’re onto here. The trendiest hoops of the season have been spotted on many a celeb.

But what is at the heart of this moment’s hoop earring trends? And how can you take advantage of these trends in a way that is unique yet timeless?

Keep reading because not only are we going to dish all, we’re going to share an astounding announcement that will delight hoop earring lovers.

Let’s do this…Hoop earrings style!


Thick hoop earrings, most common in gold, that appear to be crafted out of a round tube, aka “tubular hoop earrings” have taken over. And celebrities are loving them. Selena Gomez has been spotted in plenty an Instagram post, like this one, wearing the trendy tubular hoops. And judging from this instagram post, tubular hoops appear to be a current mainstay of Hilary Duff’s earring stack. 

They’re bold, chic, fun and versatile. And they are without a doubt the most popular earrings for fall 2023.

A few things to note about the new hoop earrings trend:;

  1. Tubular hoops are almost always hollow. Assuming the earrings are crafted with gold, a hollow hoop is much more comfortable (and safer) for the ear.;
  2. The hollow nature of these hoops generally prevents the possibility of adding significant embellishments because a hollow tube can’t properly support diamonds or other gemstones.
  3. While these hoops are striking, flattering, and certainly deserve their day in the sun, there have generally been some limitations on them.

But with limitation comes innovation. And Misahara was certainly up to the challenge.

After six months of development, we are proud to debut the new Misahara Pillow Hoops.

gold hoops with diamonds

The first ever of their kind, the Pillow Hoops are tubular hoop earrings set with diamonds on the internal and external mounting. Pairing Earth’s bounty of gold with our supreme craftsmanship, we’ve created a tubular hoop that’s able to support diamonds while maintaining comfort for the wearer. These truly never before seen pieces are a significant innovation in the jewelry world;

"The new Pillow Hoops took us 6 months to create because typically when you see hoops of this shape they are completely hollow and therefore cannot accommodate diamonds. I was determined to find a way to burnish diamonds into the walls of the hoops. That meant we had to find the perfect delicate balance of solid gold for the diamonds with hollowness so they are light on the ear. We had many rounds of trial and error with weight and diamond setting but I am so happy how they turned out! You won't see many tubular style hoops on the market with diamonds in them because it's hard to achieve. Now you can get them from Misahara." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara Founder and Designer

The astonishingly lightweight and comfortable Misahara Pillow Hoops are available in two sizes: 30mm and 15mm. And of course, diamonds are set on both sides for sparkle from all angles.

  • The 15mm size consists of; .14ct white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.
small hoops


  • The 30mm size consists of .23ct white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold.;
30 mm hoops

The light as a feather, dreamy Pillow Hoops are at home in our Zora Collection.

Zora collection

The Misahara Zora Collection stars dazzling white diamonds surrounded with classic yellow gold. Named after the Serbian word for “dawn,” this collection pays homage to gentle, serene sunsets around the world. Here, the miracle of the sunrise meets the miracle of innovation.

Misahara Pillow Hoops will serve your earring stack now, and into the forever future.


Hoop earrings naturally draw attention upward, toward your cheekbones and eyes. The addition of diamonds only enhances this lovely flattering effect.

Diamonds make everything better;

Diamond hoop earrings have been trending for years.;

Will they ever stop trending? Probably not.

And it’s precisely the reason the Misahara Pillow Hoops are so fabulous.

We’ve loved diamond hoop earrings since forever, so naturally, the Pillow Hoops are in great company -;

The Misahara Zora Collection features gorgeous designs to quench your diamond hoop earring thirst.

Mishahara hand-etched 18k gold Zora Hoop earrings are laden with .35ct white diamonds.

A favorite of celebrities, the Zeta Hoop stars individually handset diamonds or gemstones inside and outside 18k yellow gold mounting for 360° sparkle. A variety of gemstones and diamonds are available for this style, so if you’re looking for custom hoop earrings, these are them!;

Taylor Swift hoop earrings

Stemming from the Misahara Petal Collection is the gypsy style, ultra-feminine statement hoops, Eternal Blossom Hoop Earrings. These feature over one hundred 3.75ct white diamonds per earring set in 18k rose or yellow gold.

White gold gals, fear not. Misahara’s Ice Re-Imagined Collection to the rescue.

The Frosted Ice Hoop Earrings feature a dangling princess-cut diamond surrounded by a pave diamond halo that swings with every move you make.

white gold hoop earrings

Diamonds will always add brilliant versatility, value, and timelessness to any hoop earrings style. This is one trend we hope never leaves the limelight. And with all that sparkle, we don’t predict that anytime soon.


Another hoop earrings style we would be remiss not to mention is that affectionately known as the huggie hoop earring.

If you prefer a smaller hoop with less movement, you probably already love huggie hoops. And if you’re unfamiliar:;

Huggie hoops are petite hoop earrings designed to maximize comfort and practicality. Ideally, they should hang just below the earlobe; and depending on the style, they may lay close enough to graze it.;

When embellished with diamonds, huggie earrings transform from practical and comfortable, to practical, comfortable, and upscale. These are perfect everyday hoop earrings. And they’re among the trendiest earrings of the year.

If you’re shopping for first time hoop wearers, choosing the right hoop earrings is paramount. We’d strongly recommend you choose a huggie style.;

Misahara’s rose gold Hoku Earrings are radiant, comfortable and sweet.;

Our white gold Hoku Earrings, equally stunning, are perfect for those who want to take a walk on the darker side with elegant black diamonds.

white gold huggie earrings

Shopping for someone who wears clip on earrings? Or want to embellish your earring stack without additional piercings? Our yellow gold Hoku Earrings are the perfectly designed huggie clip ons featuring .71ct white diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. Effortless elegance.

We adore all of our hoop earring styles, but we have to say these diamond huggie hoops are special. Dress them up, or dress them down - their size allows for long term wear. Elegant, cozy, and drenched in diamonds… What could be better?!


We’re convinced, (and by now, we hope you are too!) that hoop earrings will never go out of style. And we’re thrilled about it.

Every jewelry box needs hoops that are of the season, hoops that are forever, and hoops that check both those boxes. Preferably with diamonds.

The extraordinary Misahara Pillow Hoops are the first of their kind. We’re proud to honor a 2023 style with one of Earth’s most impressive gifts to us: diamonds.;

Between these tubular hoops, our Hoku huggie style hoops, and the brilliant variety of diamond hoops Misahara has to offer, we are humbled to bring you the fine hoop earring styles that will sustain you through fall 2023 and into forever.

Shop the Misahara Zora Collection for our Pillow Hoops, or our entire earring collection for whatever shape, size or style you fancy.

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