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Article: Sexy & Wicked: Fine Jewelry for Halloween 2021 I Misahara

amethyst statement necklace for halloween

Sexy & Wicked: Fine Jewelry for Halloween 2021 I Misahara

If you are one of those people who, with the first leaf falling on the ground, grabs their pumpkin spice latte, and hits the Spirit Halloween store for some costume shopping – you are not alone. We are suckers for Halloween too. From a children-focused holiday of candy collecting throughout the neighborhood, Halloween has evolved into a huge, have-to-prepare-for-it-on-time, type of holiday that is making even the biggest industries and celebrities (yes Kim, we are referring to your giant backyard spider) spending significant amounts on spooky decoration, themed parties and scary costumes. 

Speaking of costumes, we’ve established that dressing up for Halloween, at least in the US, is an essential part of this famous holiday, therefore finding a Playboy bunny outfit, or a zombie bride dress has become a piece of cake. What is yet to become a mainstream part of every Halloween shopping, is finding the right jewelry. And by jewelry, we don’t mean skull earrings or pumpkin shaped rings, but more so fine jewelry pieces that will elevate your spooky & sexy look. Besides, spending money on jewelry that can only be worn once a year seems like a waste to us, no matter how affordable it is. With the Halloween jewelry we outlined below, not only you’d be the Queen of the Night, but you’d be rocking these pieces wherever you go.

Say Boo-o! In Black

On any given day, we’d suggest adding a pop of color to your jewelry choices, but not for Halloween. This year, adorning yourself with the finest black diamonds and peacock pearls is the way to go when deciding your party outfit. Misahara’s San ~ Pebble Necklace, a one-of-a-kind statement, features beautiful beads that shimmer and join a faceted oval center stone, accentuated by round gemstones. Set in 18k gold, this piece will make perfect Halloween jewelry that you’ll be able to wear all year round. 


Another such necklace is our Pearl Necklace that is also a headpiece. Talk about being practical! The black peacock pearls can be styled with any Halloween costume, both as a necklace or a headband, while featuring luxury tsavorites, sapphires and diamonds. 

Necklaces are not part of your Halloween costume? Fear not, as we have some essential black diamond pieces to rock your spooky look. Take a look at our mesmerizing Talasi Ring featuring a black star sapphire and diamonds, or a Korali black diamonds ring? Or why not stack them all together?

Trick or treat with Yola Rings

There is something about Misahara’s Yola Rings that screams Halloween. From the enchanting labradorite to mesmerizing rose de France amethysts and fire opals, Yola Rings are exactly what you need for this memorable night!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

It’s not Halloween without some orange details. If your styling is already over the top, you might want to go light on the jewelry, and we have just the thing. Our cute Orange Citrine Mini is a no brainer if you want to elevate your look but keep it simple. For the dressier ones, our Stena Drop Earrings will have everyone screaming.

Bewitching Koko Rings

Koko Rings are chunky, statement rings that are your go to piece when deciding on jewelry styles for your theme party. Set in 18k gold, they all feature an oversized emerald cut center stone available in multiple colors (Halloween ones included). How do you even choose one?

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