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Article: Princess Diana's Jewelry Then & Now - Inspired by Misahara

emerald choker princess diana

Princess Diana's Jewelry Then & Now - Inspired by Misahara

Princess Diana’s tragic but eventful life has left nobody indifferent. She remains one of the most popular members of the royal family throughout history, and she continues to influence the younger generations of royals. She was a major presence on the world stage from her engagement to Prince Charles until her death in 1997, and was often described as the "world's most photographed woman”. Princess Diana was noted for her compassion, charisma, and high-profile charity work; however, it is her iconic style that made her one of the most influential people in the fashion world to this very day, with her styles being emulated by many women around the world. Apart from Lady D’s remarkable fashion sense, shown through elegant gowns and chic streetstyle outfits, it is her jewelry box that we are mostly drawn to, as they are a true representation of who princess Diana really was – a confident, strong woman, and a lady. 

To our eternal grief, we will never know how princess Diana would’ve styled her jewelry today, and how her impeccable style would’ve shifted through the decades, most probably featuring the finest jewelry of all – such as sapphires, diamonds and pearls. However, after carefully studying princess Diana’s style through the years, we gave it in to our imagination, and listed some of the Misahara’s finest jewelry styles that we believed Lady D would rock today – all inspired by her iconic, all-time favorite diamonds she flaunted so proudly at all major world events. 

The Royal Sapphires

Worthy of the title, blue sapphires were only fitting when it came to jewelry worn by this style icon. The most popular and influential sapphire in Princess Diana’s jewelry collection is certainly her famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Worn by Prince Henry’s wife Kate, this ring has become one of the most recognizable pieces in the jewelry industry. Not far behind is the Sapphire Brooch Necklace, gifted to Diana by the Queen herself as a brooch, which she later turned into a beautiful multi-layered pearl necklace. Even though these iconic jewels are timeless and will be passed on to generations, we can’t but wonder what kind of sapphires would’ve caught princess Diana’s attention today. Based on her style and liking, we’re guessing something like the True Blue Earrings and True Blue Ring. Handset with sparkling round Ceylon sapphires and brilliant white diamonds set in 20k rose gold, the True Blue Collection is a modern twist on the royal & classy sapphire style, that would keep our Lady D on the top charts in the jewelry world. 

saphire engagement ring Princess Diana                                        sapphire earrings Princess Diana

Princess of Wales Loved Pearls

It’s no secret Princess Diana was a fan of pearls, and the proof of that are countless photographs where she can be found styling pearls in different ways – as cute pearl studs, strand chokers or three-stand pearl bracelets. Lucky for us in the jewelry industry, pearls are yet to come down from their rightful throne, so it is without question we would’ve kept seeing Diana rocking those pearls even in the 2021. Misahara’s freshwater button pearl earrings surrounded by frothy brilliant white diamonds, or a pearl necklace that turns into a headpiece (Yes, the princess loved making her necklaces temporary ‘tiaras’ too!) would make it to Diana’s jewelry box today.

Princess Diana pearls

Gold Huggies & Chunky Rings

Princess Diana didn’t always carry the most luxurious jewelry only worn during her patronage appearances and similar high-end events – she was often seen wearing simpler, but statement pieces such as gold huggies and colorful, cocktail rings such as her Asprey Aquamarine Ring that are very much in fashion in today’s day     

   princess diana wearing gold huggies                                                  princess diana chunky ring           

Pear Shapes and Timeless Emeralds

Not to brag, but we’re starting to believe Diana would’ve loved Misahara! Don’t believe us? Well, then, take a look at the Aquamarine Earrings she perfectly styled with her tiara tucked in an elegant bun, and Misahara’s spectacular Lindi Earrings featuring round brilliant white diamonds and pear-shaped gemstone drop. If you need more convincing, then we suggest taking a look at our new Emerald Collection, made of glamourous emeralds and diamonds that would look dashing on princess Diana, should have we been lucky for such an opportunity. When it came to emeralds, Lady D was mostly seen wearing her famous Prince of Wales Feather’s Pendant


princess diana aquamarine arrings                                            princess diana emerald jewelry

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