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Article: Sterling Silver Care and Style Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Sterling Silver Care and Style Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Sterling Silver Care and Style Tips: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to sterling silver, we’re pretty much obsessed. From our stud earrings & charm necklaces to the beautiful gold and diamond bracelets we wear every day (and night), we’re always on the hunt for new ways to take care of our favorite metal. Here are a few tips for keeping your silver looking beautiful and shiny!

Silver vs Sterling Silver: What’s the difference?

We know you thought “those are not the same??” But what exactly is the difference? They are actually two completely different materials with different compositions, maintenance requirements, lifespans, and prices. Fine silver is pure - it's made of 99.9% pure elemental silver and sterling silver is a combination of metals instead of just one single metal. Due to the additional metal alloys, sterling silver is substantially more durable than fine silver. This can make your item endure longer, be timeless, and keep the best possible condition.

When to take off your sterling silver jewelry?

We all want to feel fabulous in our fine jewelry for everyday, but there are times when you have to it take off. Sterling silver is a beautiful and noble metal, but with all metals, condition plays a huge part so don’t take your chances and take off your jewelry in these situations:

1. Before showering and swimming

Whether you're at the pool or at the sea, there's always the risk you might lose your favorite piece of jewelry when swimming. Furthermore, the chlorine is your number one enemy for fine jewelry and it can gradually destroy it. Sterling silver jewelry is particularly sensitive to moisture and it is best to take it off while showering too. 

2. When exercising at the gym

Spare your sterling silver pieces from sweat at the gym and take them off. Apart from the high risk of damaging your jewelry when exercising and using machine handles, wearing rings can feel tight when your blood flow changes. 

3. Before cleaning the house 

We recommend removing your sterling silver jewelry when cleaning the house as many household products can damage it and make it less fabulous-looking. Also, it's very easy to loose jewelry in this process. Honestly...just take off your jewelry when you decide to roll up your sleeves and do the scrubbing and spraying. 

To sum up, sterling silver should not get wet! Dealing with damaged jewelry is much harder than preventative upkeep.

The best way to clean sterling silver

Silver is actually a very soft metal, combining it with other metals makes it durable and shinier. But whether you need to clean your favorite luxury designer earrings, your grandmother’s old bracelet, or the fancy Misahara gold beautiful rings of your dreams in preparation for a big dinner party, it is possible, and relatively simple, to clean and polish sterling silver jewelry. First, you will need some kind of silver polish we recommend the Hagerty Silversmiths Polish. Next, you will gently apply the polish with a soft clean cloth and wait one minute and then wipe the polish off to give it that eye-catching bling. As simple as that your Misahara Jewelry, will be ready for you to rock!

How to keep sterling silver from tarnishing?

It is true that sterling silver can have a green discoloration. That is due to the presence of copper in all sterling silver jewelry and its reaction to moisture and humidity. One way to prevent this from happening is to follow up at the first sign of tarnish and regularly polish your jewelry and with a tarnish preventing lotion. 

Another thing that can ensure the sterling silvers' longevity is storing each piece separately so that you avoid scratches. Each piece should go in its own separate bag to avoid the pieces from colliding and damaging each other. This also means that it is being safely stored away from oxygen exposure, humidity, air pollution, and contact with chemicals found in hairspray, lotions, perfume, and deodorant. This tarnish-preventing bag will be the perfect fit for your silver sterling jewelry!

We're all about the sparkle and shine!

Now that you know how to take care of your sterling silver jewelry, it's time to style it like a pro!

Our sterling silver dangle earrings are a lavish look for day or night. Moonflower Earrings are perfect for the stylish business lady, or someone who wants something a little more sparkly! On the other hand, these Midnight Ice Earrings are a fun way to add pizazz to your outfit! Wear them with your favorite necklace and bracelet for an on-point look.

Pairing a sterling silver earring and ring will always be a characteristic look. However, we highly recommend dressing it up with a blazer and a pair of heels for that perfect office match. Starburst Earrings doused with white diamonds are a gorgeous mix of sophistication and elegance. Perfectly paired with a Starburst sterling silver diamond ring is sure to be your go-to combo in your jewelry box.

As the night falls, the Evening Ice Studs will make you feel like a movie star. This is the perfect night-out look that's so chic and classy at the same time!

Show off your style and commitment to the season's trends with this sterling silver beaded necklace. We have already talked about how you can rock your beaded jewelry in 2022 and these sterling silver beaded necklaces are no exception. However, if you are not feeling the beaded jewelry trend you can always go for this so fun, flirty, and feminine option which is the stunning sterling silver choker necklace.

If you have gone through all of our selections that will make you sparkle and you still aren’t convinced that the sterling silver is right for you then these sterling silver stackable rings will definitely change your mind. Stackable rings are not always easy to pull off, but combining them with sterling silver will add that shine you were looking for!

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