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Article: Step Up Your Jewelry Game With Beaded Jewelry Styles (2022)

Step Up Your Jewelry Game With Beaded Jewelry Styles (2022)

Step Up Your Jewelry Game With Beaded Jewelry Styles (2022)

⚠ NEW TREND ALERT: Beaded jewelry. The beaded jewelry trend is surely making a comeback and we are here for it. If you like one-of-a-kind designs, fine jewelry for everyday luxury, and the feeling that comes with wearing them, we have just the pieces for you.

The Return of Beaded Necklaces: A Fashion Trend That Is Here to Stay

Without a doubt, the fashion industry has perfected the art of nostalgia. Bead necklaces have been trending since the “Grease” musical and it will continue to be an evergreen trend. Not only does a beaded necklace add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, but they’re also a trendsetter. For an evening out, consider wearing one of these San Pebble necklace beads with a chic black slip dress

A perfect match - Black beads bracelet and beaded earrings

Soft and feminine, yet edgy and fashionable - a new way of wearing your statement pieces. The delicate beaded bracelet that features black and white diamond beads on a silver tone chain is perfect for any classy look, from running errands to going to work. Along with sterling silver bracelet, pear-shaped black beads earrings are the perfect combination for that easy and effortless look.

It's all about the black and white beads

Popular beaded jewelry is a great accessory for any occasion, in fact, it can add a stylish touch to almost every look. This beaded bracelet is an elegant and timeless piece to have with you because it's easy to wear - whether you’re going for a casual look or something more dressy, we have so many options for beaded jewelry. 

Let your confidence shine with this colorful beaded necklace

If you love to be out and about, beaded jewelry is the way to go. Colorful and unique designs that can be worn with everything, but layered against one another have been “It” girls’ major jewelry obsession for well over a year now. We're bringing color to your jewelry box with these More necklaces. Don't you just love the colors in these stunning necklaces?

Shiny, Glamorous, and Oh So Chic! 

Let’s try a golden look this time. Wear these dainty and cute, Gold Charms & Diamond Beaded Jewelry with a white V-neck blouse, and add gold luxury designer earrings as an accessory. You can keep your gold bead necklace by just wearing it as is, or you can pair it with stud earrings to add a dash of glamour. So go ahead and get a fabulous bead drop necklace from Misahara’s collection. We promise it will become your next favorite jewelry piece.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, this crystal bead bracelet ties everything together!

We don't know about you, but we’re loving this trend of beaded jewelry. So many different styles to choose from! This beaded bracelet is delicate and shimmery and is sure to become a fast favorite. Let your personality shine through with these hematite beads, highlighted by the Misahara eye with black star sapphires and white diamonds. To complete your chic outfit, put on your tailored pants, heeled sandals, and a chic handbag. 

Nothing says I’m looking for a good time like these beaded pieces. These were some stylish options for leaning into the beaded jewelry trend,  so why not get trendy? No matter the material, size, or color, it’s obvious that fun beaded jewelry can bring a playful mood to a basic look. So here’s to an endless summer!

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