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Article: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Charm Necklace (2022)

perfect charm necklaces for 2022

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Charm Necklace (2022)

When it comes to what part of the body one likes to adorn the most, it seems there is no winner. Some of use won’t leave the house without our staple earrings, other can’t get through the day without looking at their hand bling, while the rest is on the wrist stack team. With the new wave of Zoom calls and work from home, we’ve reduced the outfits to the above-the waist area, thus giving more room to jewelry pieces such as earrings and necklaces. We’ve already talked about the 5 must have hoops to rock those conference calls, but now let’s focus on some neck party – and by that we mean one particular style that keeps coming back and that you mostly likely already have in your jewelry box. 

Yes, we’re talking about the charm necklaces. Be it your beloved heirloom, zodiac sign or some fun and chic pendants, charm necklaces are a must-have in any jewelry collection. Because they are so versatile and easy to style, they are used in nearly every occasion – busy work days, dates, party and even the most elegant occasions such as gala dinners and fancy soirees. 

Shopping for pendant necklaces can, however, get a bit overwhelming since there are so many choices to choose from such as the type of chain, charm or design - so we’ve created this useful guide that helps you style your favorite necklaces by occasion and style but also determine which charms are best for you. So, what will it be – a single gold pendant or maybe a jangly, multi-charm layer? Read on and see for yourself.

Styling Charm Necklaces

Styling charm necklaces shouldn’t come a burden or something that you just can’t seem to get right – it shouldn’t be fun & effortless. And by effortless we mean appear to be effortless, because you should consider couple of things when attempting to festoon your neck ensemble on the next Zoom call. It takes a bit more work than simply throwing a layer or two or charm necklaces that will not only probably end up tangled, but look messy and lazy. Where and when you wear your charms plays a huge factor when deciding on the type of charm necklace

Charm Necklaces for Every Occasion

For Work

Necklaces are a vital component of any work outfit, especially if you work in an industry where a business-casual outfit is limited to casual Fridays (if you are lucky) and where jewelry needs to be simple and modest. Well, do not despair, as there are plenty of charm necklaces that will elevate any 9-to-5 look no matter how ‘strict business’ that blazer needs to be. These Misahara dainty pieces will help you express your individuality in the workplace and make you feel strong and sexy.

14k gold teardrop necklace mini pendant                rose gold heart pendant necklace
layered charm necklaces

For Play

This is the occasion to go wild and express your edgy style or give a fun twist to your favorite cocktail dress. If you are more of a one-charm-type-of-gal than we suggest adding some dangly features to your charm, to rock that dancefloor. The stylish Gilded Charm necklace features a multiple softly hammered Unity Triangles that dangle and move when worn. We can already hear that swish sound that will have heads turning.

Dress It Up

If there is a night (or day) like no others, then you might want to opt out for something fancier and classier, and we’ve got you covered. 

The mesmerizing Crown Necklace, inspired by the Adriatic, is a triumphant culmination of gold, diamonds and blue sapphires. An 18k yellow gold chain cascades down to hold a circular crown completely and intricately handset on all sides with white diamonds and sapphires. Toggle closure with a Misahara Unity Charm, all encrusted with brilliant white diamonds and blue sapphires. Whoa, talk about necklace personality. 

If you prefer something more conservative and won’t like people staring at you, then True Collection Charm will become your forever lover. The unique True Collection Charm, reminiscent of a starburst, is comprised of round brilliant white and green diamonds that suspend from a handmade 18k yellow gold chain, complete with toggle clasp closure and diamond set Misahara Triangle Logo.

What Is Your Charm Style? 

Keepin’ It Simple

Whether it’s just one charm necklace, or a multi-charm choker, one can never go wrong with simplicity. For all of our less is more girls out there, we’ve outlined our favorite two from Misahara’s Collection:

Sparkling like the night sky, the Pink Sky Choker is a must have. Dangling celestial charms covered in white diamonds and separated by pink enamel filled bezels, this necklace will elevate any look and can be worn day to night.

Suspended by an 18k gold chain, Misahara’s charm necklaces are fun layering pieces. The Evil Eye Charm is filled with white diamonds and surrounded by blue diamonds on a rose gold disc.

Cheerful Charms

If you’re using pendant necklaces, especially the ones with charms – to express your artistic and cheerful side, then we root for you! There’s nothing more fun than feeling that bright energy coming from a neck stack. Misahara’s Serengeti Charm Necklace with handcrafted elephant, giraffe and a monkey, sprinkled with raw diamond beads – is a perfect choice when trying to make a statement with a fun, charm necklace. If you are more into white metals, then our Moonflower Charm Necklace will leave you breathless.

Classy With a Twist

You like it classic but with a bit of spice? Worry not, as charms have the power to do just that, if you know where to look ;) How about some diamond beads and starry nights?

Build Your Own Charm Necklace

If you are unable to make up your mind when it comes to choosing the right charm necklace, then join the club! Sometimes what you really want can’t be easily find online, or every piece that you were just about to add to cart, seems to be missing something to make it perfect. Well, we heard you loud and clear! Misahara’s newest addition – The Mini Necklace, let’s you fully customize your own necklace.

Discover Our Versatile and Fun Charms

Choose from the selection of 28 charms featuring designs like the moon, stars, the sun, butterflies, gemstones and much more. Our charms are made of 14k gold, diamonds and gemstones and they are a perfect addition to your other necklace layers, as well as a stand-alone piece.

The Mini Necklace lets you choose between the yellow and white gold dainty chains where you will mix & match your favorite charms. Can’t decide? Well, then just do both!

Choose the Charm Number

Pick between one, three or five charms to create your dream necklace and tell your own unique story. Full on gemstone necklace? Love! Celestial design necklace sprinkled with cute animals such as elephants and butterflies? Yes please! There are endless possibilities when building your own perfect necklace, so get creative and make some necklaces!

The Mini Necklaces are truly a one-stop shop when it comes to charm necklaces, offering the most versatile of designs with different variations of how to wear them. Whether you’re looking to build a necklace with meaningful gemstones or want something more edgy and attention-seeking, we got you covered either way! Necklaces play an important part in an overall appearance, and will often decide on the entire outfit when done properly. We’ve done all the hard work of what charm necklaces to look for and how to style – now you just need to choose! Good luck choosing only one ;) 

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