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Article: 5 Gold Hoop Earrings You Will Rock This Fall | Misahara

5 Gold Hoop Earrings You Will Rock This Fall | Misahara

5 Gold Hoop Earrings You Will Rock This Fall | Misahara

One does not have a favorite pair of T-shirt or jeans, without having their fav pair of gold hoops. Yes, ‘a favorite pair’ because there should be more than one. So, have you chosen them yet for this Fall? 

It’s no secret hoop earrings are still the dominant earring style, but it has become increasingly challenging to keep up with all the versatile styles and designs, that keep popping up every time you open Vogue. Hoop earrings used to be synonym for a casual, street wear, however, these popular earrings are finding their way to most elegant styles and occasions, such as bridal jewelry. Picking your favorite ‘ring’ earrings draws more questions than shopping for a car. Should I go for the classic golden hoop? Fancy it up with a pair of diamond hoop earrings? Or, make a bold hoop statement with colors and textures? 

Here at Misahara, we solved this issue by introducing versatile styles of hoop earrings through the years, from colorful gemstone hoops (just ask Taylor Swift), hoops with celestial detail, to all-time classic gold hoops. If you are still struggling with your hoop hunt, we suggest Jewelers of America’s Guide to Earring Style to help you select the best ones for your face and liking. 

It was no easy task, but we’ve managed to narrow down, what seemed to be, an infinite list of different earring styles, to the most essential golden hoop earrings for fall 2021. So here our top 5 hoop earrings to help you get over your Summer blues and warm up your Fall closet!

1. Hoops’n’Pearls

Famous for their iconic knit dresses and our designer’s favorite clothing brand - Cult Gaia, is staying in the game even in the jewelry sector. They reimagined their classic gold earring by adding stunning freshwater pearls lined throughout the inside of the medium thickness gold hoop. Pairing pearls and hoop earrings has become more than a passing trend, so it’s no wonder many designers are opting out for this very earring style.

 Cult Gaia hoop Earrings with Misahara luxury Jewelry                                       Misahara and Cult Gaia hoop earrings for women

2. Keeping It Classy(ic)

Your staple piece, a must have, go to - hoops. Before moving onto more diverse styles, make sure you own a pair of a classic, gold, hoop earrings. Misahara’s Zora Hoops tick all the boxes and more; hand etched 18k yellow good and sprinkled with diamonds, these beauties will become your forever favs. 

Zora gold hoop earrings for women                                         gold hoop earrings Misahara

3. Petite & Sweet 

Hoop earrings used to be a symbol for large, thin, rounded earrings you would catch on a J.Lo’s latest music video from 2000s, paired with low-rise jeans and a white tank top. Now, let’s paint a new picture: it’s mid-September, early October 2021, and now you are rocking high rise, flared, boyfriend jeans, paired with an oversized sweater. And on your ears? Hoops of course. But not those huge circus wheels – they are replaced with a small gold pair of huggies, sprinkled with diamonds and enamel. Yes, your mental picture of these diamond earrings is exactly what we have as our number three must have hoops this season – Yvonne Léone’s striped enamel diamond hoop earrings. Crafted in France with a huggie design, they feature alternating twisted rows of black enamel and 0.4 carats of grey diamond. You are more into color? Worry not, as these petite mignon earrings come in green too. 

small ring earrings                       single hoop earrings

4. Bold, Hoop Statement 

Your favorite earring piece doesn’t always have to be plain & simple; having a pair of bold, statement earrings is just as essential. They exude confidence and the rest of the outfit can be as basic as a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. Statement hoops have become particularly popular and they are found in a variety of textures, metals and colors, but this particular white gold hoop earring caught our eye, giving both elegant and edgy vibes at the same time. It is a perfect accessory for this fall and it can easily be mixed and matched with your other earrings. Messika’s Twin Pavé Mono Hoop is “as light as air, two rings intertwine, playing with the diamonds and the curves of the ear to pass over and under each other, for unexpected volume.” 

Messika hoop earrings with Misahara                                                 Messika earrings with Misahara hoop earrings for women

5. Diamond Hoop Earrings

All roads lead to – diamonds. Whether small or large, bold or classic, your hoop earring collection is not complete without little sparkle. Or a lot, we don’t judge. Diamond earrings have always been a symbol of timeless elegance, style and class, so no wonder girls’ best friend have found their way to the hoop earrings styles. Misahara was not immune to this emerging trend, and since we are fluent in diamonds, we just added a little hoop to it. Our diamond hoops list caters to all, but our latest piece – the Frosted Ice Hoop Earrings, will have the heads turning.  These classic 18k white gold hoops feature a dangling princess-cut diamond surrounded by a pave diamond halo that swings with every move you make.

big diamond hoop earrings                                              frosted large diamond hoop earrings Misahara

There you have it – our top 5 gold hoop earrings for fall 2021! From classic staples, to more elevated on-screen looking hoops, we’ve covered what is believed to be the it pieces at the hoop earrings ear party this season. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, styles and colors when hooping it up because, as our mantra says - it’s all about how your jewelry makes you feel.

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