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Article: The Couture Show: Spotlight on Misahara's Designer Lepa Galeb

Lepa Galeb Roskopp

The Couture Show: Spotlight on Misahara's Designer Lepa Galeb

Central to the foundation of the Misahara brand lies the question, “How does your jewelry make you feel?” Prior to launching the brand in 2013, its founder, designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, had made a habit of re-designing the gifts of jewelry she received from her husband; while she recognized the spirit of love and meaning with which these gifts were given, she was dismayed at their inability to articulate the genuine depth of emotions they were intended to convey. Her inherent ability to tell stories through the re-imagination of these pieces eventually led her husband to encourage her to start her own brand and showcase pieces that serve as a reflection of human connectedness and understanding.

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Misahara Fine Jewelry

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