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Article: The New York Times: Spotlight on Misahara Minis Ear Studs

The NY Times talks about small ear studs and Misahara Jewelry

The New York Times: Spotlight on Misahara Minis Ear Studs

In their December 2020 issue, The New York Times puts the Misahara Minis Collection in the spotlight as an example of the latest trend in the industry- stacking mini jewelry pieces. The writer Kathleen Beckett talks about scaling down of jewelry and why it’s important for luxury jewelry brands.

The mini ear studs are designed in more than 20 varietes which gives the freedom of styling pieces in unique ways. This is particularly attractive to young people that like to play with jewelry.

“Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, the designer of the New York-based brand Misahara, decided to give all those earscape curators a helping hand. In October, she introduced Misahara Minis, 20 tiny ear studs in 14-karat gold, diamonds and gemstones, in a variety of shapes and moods, including a floral petal, star, butterfly and snake head. The minis are sold online and at retail outlets including Neiman Marcus; each one is $100 to $120 and they are offered in groups of four, in any selection that strikes the customer’s fancy.”


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