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Zora RingZora Ring
Zora Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Unity Unbroken
Unity Unbroken Sale price$6,600.00
Talas Maderia Citrine RingTalas Maderia Citrine Ring
Talas Maderia Citrine Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Talas Emerald RingTalas Emerald Ring
Talas Emerald Ring Sale price$19,000.00
Yola Rainbow Moonstone RingYola Rainbow Moonstone Ring
Yola Rainbow Moonstone Ring Sale price$4,800.00
Icy Chain RingIcy Chain Ring
Icy Chain Ring Sale price$3,300.00
Water Lily RingWater Lily Ring
Water Lily Ring Sale price$45,000.00
Zara Sale price$5,700.00
Purple Diamonds, Amethyst and Iolites
Tired Eyes Two Fingered Ring Sale price$7,100.00
Green Diamond and Peridot
Ice RingIce Ring
Ice Ring Sale price$5,800.00
Pear Shaped Yellow Fire OpalsNaughty Eyes Two Fingered Ring
Naughty Eyes Two Fingered Ring Sale price$8,250.00
Crying Eyes
Crying Eyes Sale price$60,000.00
Amethyst RingHunter King in Amethyst Ring
Koko ~ Amethyst Ring Sale price$4,000.00
Gilded Hollow Ring
Gilded Hollow Ring Sale price$1,600.00
Crown Ring
Crown Ring Sale price$9,000.00
Chara Sale price$4,900.00
Chara Sale price$4,900.00
Chara Sale price$4,900.00
Pasala Sale price$9,900.00
Pasala Sale price$8,500.00
Pasala Sale price$9,300.00
Gold Citrine Ring
Koko ~ Gold Citrine Ring Sale price$3,850.00
Aquamarine Gold RingAquamarine Gold Ring - Emerald Cut
Koko ~ Aquamarine Gold Ring Sale price$7,000.00
Green Amethyst Ring also known as prasiolite
Koko ~ Green Amethyst Ring Sale price$3,850.00
Smoky Quartz Ring
Koko ~ Smoky Quartz Ring Sale price$3,850.00
rose quartz and pink sapphires ringrose quartz ring
Stunning Yola fire opal ring in oval cabochon and rose gold with diamonds
Yola Fire Opal Ring Sale price$6,600.00
Yola chocolate moonstone ring with red & orange diamonds set in 18k rose gold.
Yola Chocolate Moonstone Ring Sale price$5,500.00
labradorite ring with an oval center cabochon stone set in an 18k gold mounting.
Yola Labradorite Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Yola Rose de France Cabochon Ring
Usama Sale price$10,000.00
Talasi Blue Lapis Ring
Talasi Blue Lapis Ring Sale price$6,800.00
Talas Blue Lapis Ring
Talas Blue Lapis Ring Sale price$9,300.00
Talas Shattuckite Ring
Talas Shattuckite Ring Sale price$9,900.00
Talas Ruby RingTalas Ruby Ring
Talas Ruby Ring Sale price$9,300.00
Ari Sale price$7,150.00
Ari Sale price$7,150.00
Ari Sale price$6,600.00
Ari Sale price$7,150.00
Zara Sale price$6,000.00
Zara Sale price$6,200.00
Usama Sale price$4,900.00
Chara Sale price$4,900.00
Talas White Opal RingKatie Holmes
Talas White Opal Ring Sale price$5,500.00
Zora Triple Unity RingZora Triple Unity Ring
Zora Triple Unity Ring Sale price$4,200.00
Katy Perry in Rose Quartz RingRose Quartz Ring
Koko ~ Rose Quartz Ring Sale price$4,400.00
Talasi Pink Tourmaline RingTalasi Pink Tourmaline Ring
Talasi Pink Tourmaline Ring Sale price$9,900.00
High Noon
High Noon Sale price$45,000.00
Halo Sale price$8,500.00