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Article: Perfectly Layered Necklaces: The 2023 Ultimate Guide | Misahara

layered necklaces frosted ice Misahara

Perfectly Layered Necklaces: The 2023 Ultimate Guide | Misahara

Long gone are the times when layered necklaces were nothing but a mere coincidence of hopelessly trying to style grandma’s heirloom cross necklace with that new choker you have been ogling for months. Having more than one necklace at a time was once considered faux pas, tacky even; and unless you were a Nigerian prince, it was advised that your necklaces be worn solo.

This is why we have come up with the ultimate guide to layering necklaces, taking into consideration all past mistakes we made when trying to keep up with trend that is not to cease any time soon. Read on to find out what you need to take into consideration if you want to style your luxury gold necklaces like a pro. 

Layering necklaces without tangling

Well, lucky for the other 9748 necklaces tangled in the jewelry box, layering necklaces has become an art on its own, and seeing a person on the street wearing just one piece around their neck is a rare sight. The obsession over layered necklaces grew stronger during the times of working from home, where making an impression was reserved to the fashion that could be displayed from the waist up. As Vogue put it bluntly, “Zoom-worthy jewelry became a focal point of casual quizzes and work calls, even if people were wearing tracksuits.” 

The paradox of layered necklaces comes from the fact of them being a synonym for “effortless, I just threw this on” type of jewelry, when in fact, there is a formula to follow when it comes to achieving that casual look for your neck party. By formula, we don’t necessarily mean there’s only one way to layer necklaces, as the whole point is to express your creativity by mixing and matching different necklaces together; but there are certain tips and ways to make those layers achieve their full potential in standing out, while giving that easy-going vibe. 


gold layered necklaces without tangling

Length Matters

We all know about the 'size' one, but if you want to avoid your necklaces looking messy and indistinguishable from one another, then length does matter. The necklaces aren’t really layered unless you introduce different chain lengths to your layering game. The difference between necklace lengths can be anything from one to ten inches, as long as there is some space between them, so both pieces get enough attention. If you are set on wearing two same-length chains, then we suggest moving their charms (if any) to opposing sides to avoid tangling. Always start your necklace layering with the shortest one – this is usually a choker necklace that goes on or just below the base of your neck, and start building from there. There are many choker styles used for layering, however the two emerging ones are the gold herringbone chain and chokers with gold charms. Many celebrities such as Hailey Bieber are often seen wearing such styles, showing that even they follow the length rule when layering necklaces. Misahara’s best-selling Desert Sky Choker now has a re-imagined sister – Pink Sky Choker, both perfect for starting your layering saga. Both of them feature celestial charms filled with white diamonds, dangling from a dainty chain set in 14k and 18k gold. Desert Sky Choker is adorned with diamond beads, and for our color lovers, the Pink Sky Choker is sprinkled with beautiful pink enamel circles dividing the golden chain. If dangling charms aren’t your thing, then we suggest our Blue Choker – a fun twist on the regular choker necklaces featuring blue enamel and diamonds.

           pink sky orange layered necklaces                                   blue choker layered necklace

All Good Things Come in Three’s (Or Two’s)

 It goes without saying that layering necklaces encourages you to add more than one to the look to even be able to call it that, but with the emerging trend of ‘more is more’ people tend to wear up to 10 necklaces at a time and call layering; when in fact it looks like a giant, tangled mess. So, how do you know how much is too much? After reviewing and testing countless styles and ways you can layer your necklaces, we’ve come to realize that three is the magic number. Or two. We can’t really decide. Choosing only two necklaces might seem a bit boring at first, but if you’re new to layering, having two pieces can be just as fun. Curating a cute look with three necklaces seems to be an ideal solution as odd numbers create a nice variety and you’re able to ‘sandwich’ your centerpiece, making it the focal point of your layered necklaces. A lot of our customers love layering Misahara’s gold necklaces together, and they seem to believe having the two with different lengths is spot on. 

desert sky rose gold layered necklaces

Color Is King

Adding a pop of color is always a good idea when it comes to layering necklaces. Enamel has become a must-have in every jewelry box, and matching it with gold and silver necklaces will elevate any outfit day through night. Enamel necklaces are not the only way to wear color to your neckline - adding a colorful gemstone, or better yet, birthstone necklace is an easy fix when trying to add more color to your everyday jewels. Pink tourmalines have become a somewhat staple gemstone in Misahara’s collections, with their both vibrant and soft shades that add dimension and sparkle to each piece, especially necklaces. Don’t be afraid to add different colors to your layers, playing with shapes and chain styles.


long layered necklaces

Pairing Jewels

One thing a lot of layered necklaces have in common is the versatile styles merged together to create the layered look; and it makes sense – jewelry that adorns your neck comes from different places and even times, and it’s now up to you to unite them. However, we also know there is a lot of you who love to pair your jewelry, and wear pieces coming from the same collection. This is where it becomes challenging – pairing jewelry often goes between jewelry categories – necklaces and rings, designer earrings and bracelets and so on. Luckily, Misahara recognized the beauty of pairing jewelry with the same category, hence offering different necklace styles with the same collection. Below are some of our fav pairings, and the proof that layering necklaces doesn’t have to include contrasting styles.

pairing diamond necklaces

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge New Trends 

Not to get into the everlasting debate whether following trends is a right or wrong thing to do, but we’ll say this – don’t be afraid to challenge those trends that seem to be changing on a daily basis, especially when it comes to jewelry. If you don’t feel like wearing ten pounds of gold necklaces, paired with neon, PVC chain links – then don’t. If you have a necklace that you’d love to layer, but it’s not that gold, minimalistic pendant everyone’s wearing, who cares? Layer that pearl necklace with a locket pendant, mix metals and have fun.  

Following our updated 2023 guide to how to layer necklaces like a pro is a good starting point when deciding to wear more than one necklace, and following these tips will definitely help your necklaces stand out while maintaining the effortless look. Styling jewelry will always be personal, something unique to your style, but don’t underestimate the importance of a good execution, or simply – stack, style & detangle. You can shop all the necklace styles here.


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