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Article: 5 Reasons Why a Diamond Necklace is the Perfect Gift for Her

5 Reasons Why a Diamond Necklace is the Perfect Gift for Her

5 Reasons Why a Diamond Necklace is the Perfect Gift for Her

With holidays around the corner, it is time to think about one of the biggest aspects of every holiday - gift giving. It is safe to say that almost every girl loves jewelry, however there is a lot to explore within the world of sparkle itself. In this blogpost, we will shed some light on why a diamond necklace is a perfect gift this holiday season and give you ideas on where to start diamond shopping!

1. Diamonds Are Forever

A somewhat familiar expression to us all, but nevertheless very true - clothes and other possessions fade over time, but diamonds last a lifetime, and that’s why they’re actually considered an investment. A beautiful diamond necklace can be worn forever, and even passed on to generations as an heirloom. Luxury gold and diamond necklaces never go out of style.

2. It’s Unique and Special

Buying jewelry always comes with a sentiment (think engagement rings) and it is tied to romance and love. Diamond necklaces are truly reserved for those who hold a special place in your heart, and buying such a piece of jewelry is truly meaningful. If you want her to be close to your heart, then a diamond necklace should be a no-brainer.

3. Diamond Necklace is Versatile

Diamond necklace is a perfect gift and here’s why - it is so versatile. Dainty pendants, cheeky chokers, chunky chains? Yes to all please. Diamond necklaces come in all shapes & sizes and there is something for everyone. Depending on her style and personality, you should be able to choose a suitable design and turn it into a perfect holiday gift. 

4. It’s Personal 

Diamonds are already very personal and sentimental gifts, but if you want to take it a step further - a diamond necklace is a perfect choice. Necklaces are amongst the most customized jewelry out there. Think diamond pendant necklace with a personalized engraving (your names, or her initials), or a diamond-filled locket necklace with your eternal love inside. 

5. Diamond Necklaces as an Every Day Luxury

Among other reasons, individuals usually choose a diamond necklace over any other jewelry type because it can be worn every day. Depending on the style, some diamond necklaces can go anywhere with you and don’t need to be taken off. Buying such a special gift to her that you know she’ll wear every day for the foreseeable future, really puts diamond necklaces at the top of the gift list.


Now that we’ve convinced why the diamond necklace is a perfect gift this season, it is time we make ourselves helpful and suggest some styles she will adore:

  • Diamond Chain Necklaces & Pendants

Pendants are always an easy choice - they are simple & elegant, and can be styled for any occasion, day through night. Misahara’s signature chain links with princess-cut diamonds are must-haves for any jewelry box. Pendant perfection if you ask us.

  • Diamond Sets

If you can’t make up your mind whether a diamond necklace is the way to go, then we suggest opting out for a sparkly set. These could be elegant earrings paired with a diamond necklace - our favorite right now are the best-selling Star Bright Necklace and Star Bright Earrings. It is so festive and chic, and it sends a clear message - she deserves the stars. If you’re feeling extra generous, then add our Star Ring to the bundle and make an ultimate dreamy trio. 

  • Mix and Match Charms

Mix and Match jewelry isn’t only reserved when buying for yourself; if you know your partner well, then mix and matching to create a perfect jewelry piece makes it that much more special when gift giving. Our entire Minis Collection is dedicated to choosing your own charms and building a one, three, or a five-charm necklace

  • Diamond Necklace but make it Initials

Still struggling to find a piece she’ll truly fall in love with? Look no more - initial necklaces are ideal in these scenarios and will make wonderful holiday gifts. Featuring a marquise diamond and a delicate chain, initial necklace is a star piece when it comes to gifting jewelry. A letter of her name, her loved one, her child - whichever might be, she will absolutely love it. A stylish necklace that also has a deep meaning? That’s always a yes.

  • Simple Diamond Choker Necklace

Simple, but elegant, diamond choker necklace will always be in style. When 90’s trends resurfaced on the fashion scene, chokers were a must-have amongst celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. And we understand why! They look effortlessly cool and sexy. If you're looking for a decadent gift for a special woman in your life, a diamond choker necklace is the ultimate luxury gift for her. 

Buying jewelry as gifts has a very long tradition, and in the spirit of not breaking such traditions, we’ve given you plenty of reasons why a diamond necklace is perfect this holiday season (or any other for that matter!) If you’re still searching for a perfect style, pop over to our website and indulge in some of the trendiest and most-seeked necklaces this year. Happy shopping!

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