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Article: 10 Perfect Luxury Jewelry Gifts for the Holiday Season

10 Perfect Luxury Jewelry Gifts for the Holiday Season

10 Perfect Luxury Jewelry Gifts for the Holiday Season

One of the reasons we love the holidays is the gift-giving rage that seems to possess all of us, regardless of which holiday is being celebrated. When there are no hints on the gifts from the loved ones, gift-shopping can easily become a stressful task. Although the best gifts are usually not material things, luxury jewelry gifts come a close second. In our previous blog, we’ve explored why gifting a diamond necklace is always a good idea; however, this time, we want to give you specific list of 10 perfect luxury jewelry gifts to surprise your mom, daughter, wife, girlfriend or simply treat yourself this holiday season. 

"When shopping for a fine jewelry gift, if you start from the premise of choosing a piece that evokes an emotion based on one's personal life experiences, naturally the recipient will more likely love what you purchase them. I think when buying jewelry you need to feel something when you see the design, and ask yourself does the story connect with the person who will wear it? In addition, timeless classics are always a great choice. So many of Misahara's Collections contain jewelry items that you can wear every day and for different occasions. Yes, buying luxury jewelry can be an investment but if you find meaning in the design and connect with it emotionally, you're going to get the perfect gift. "

- Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara jewelry designer 


Let's dive right in.

1. Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

Rose gold jewelry has been increasingly popular over the past few years. Its rich, warm tones pair perfectly with every skin tone and it can be mixed with both white and yellow gold jewelry. If you’re looking for a luxury jewelry gift that can be worn every day and easily styled, then the diamond pendant is a perfect choice.

Diamonds for the city lights of New York and bring this dainty pendant to life with lots of sparkle.

The eye-catching Plima Pendant features almost 9 carats of round and pear-shaped pink tourmalines connected to a diamond studded bale. Can be worn long or short with 16, 18 and 20 inch loops on a delicate 18k rose gold chain. We recommend this elegant and dainty pendant necklace for your mom for a pop of color this holiday season.

2. Stunning Mosaic Ring

It doesn’t have to be an engagement ring to make for an amazing holiday gift. On top of our luxury jewelry gift this holiday season is definitely the mosaic ring - filled with colorful rhinestones or doused in diamonds, they make for versatile and beautiful gifts. Our suggestion - Frosted Mosaic Ring. Composed of five princess cut diamonds set in 18k white gold, the Mosaic Ice Ring is the perfect addition to your ring stack. The staggered design gives a classic diamond band a modern twist.

3.White Diamond Bracelet

Diamond bracelets are always a good idea when it comes to luxury jewelry gifts. They are elegant, easy to style with other jewelry, and they always find their way in many holiday gift boxes. Bracelets come in many shapes and sizes, but holiday season calls for extra sparkle, so we’d suggest something like a Frosted Ice Bracelet or rose gold New York Bracelet.

 4.Dreamy Diamond Earrings

Since the chilly days are already here, it might seem hard to pick a luxury jewelry gift that will be flaunted around and not get covered by a ton of clothes. In that case, diamond earrings seem like a perfect fit. Be it small chic studs, or a more elegant diamond pair, people always seem to get swooned by getting them as gifts. Need more help? Can’t go wrong with New York Earrings ;)

5. Mini Charm Necklace

If you want to get more personal, but still make it a luxury jewelry gift, you can play with some mix and match charm necklaces. Misahara offers a range of one, three of five ‘choose your own charm’ styles, so tell her you love her with her favorite little dangling charms. Mini charm necklace is a great gift for your daughter as it's a dainty, minimal piece for everyday wear. It's also a fun and cute way to tell your story with jewelry. 

6. Gold and Diamond Star Necklace

Nothing shines brighter like a star necklace. Set in 18k yellow gold and filled with white diamonds, Star Bright Necklace is the most fitting luxury jewelry gift during the festive season. A perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife if you ask us. :)

7. Diamond Link Ring

Any jewelry lover must add some chains to their jewelry box. They are edgy, cool & elegant at the same time, and if your loved one doesn’t own some, it is a perfect gifting opportunity. Chain jewelry doesn’t have to be tacky or chunky; au contraire, Misahara’s Chain Collection is a wonderful example of how chains can be dainty and chic. Just check out our Icy Link Ring and see for yourself!

8. White Diamond Toggle Necklace

The Ice Toggle Necklace is an unparalleled piece. Diamonds on every edge with a dangling princess cut, you'll get stopped when you wear it because it's that special. (and yes, you can buy gifts for yourself too.)

9. White Diamond Toggle Bracelet

If your loved one is more of a bracelet person (read our bracelet suggestion above) then Misahara’s White Diamond Toggle Bracelet is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Its unique design will elevate any look, and diamonds on every edge and dangling moments that with every hand gesture will make a wonderful luxury jewelry gift.

10. Marquise Diamond Initial Necklace 

If you caught our previous blog, then you read about how nothing beats a personal gift tied with emotion and a certain message. Buying initial charm necklace does exactly that - it gives that personal touch to the gift and shows you put time and effort into choosing the right thing. Name initials, initials of a loved one or L for love - sky's the limit when it comes to initial necklace ideas! Top it off with a dangling marquise diamond and you’ve got yourself the best holiday gift anyone could wish for! 

Now that we’ve given you plenty of gift ideas, now is your turn to go on a scavenger hunt for a perfect one! Whether it’s for your wife, girlfriend, mom or a boyfriend - we made sure there is something for everyone. Make this holiday the most memorable yet with some timeless luxury jewelry gifts!

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