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Article: Why Golden Business Cards are the New Standard

Why Golden Business Cards are the New Standard

Why Golden Business Cards are the New Standard

A note from our designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, on the release of Misahara's Gold Card:

I have been waiting and so excited to finally release Misahara's new bling bling and the best part, it's also a way to go green. Eliminating the endless use of paper business cards was a mission of mine because if you know me, you know I love this planet and nature so I am always looking for ways to protect it.

It feels good that I no longer hand out paper cards and instead whipping out this Gold Card has an undeniable cool factor. Not to mention, the card is made of solid recycled gold and is a commodity you will have forever.

I can't wait to help you design your own one of a kind Gold Card that no one else in the entire world will have... now that's cool! 

Have you ever had an encounter that is the perfect networking opportunity, and wanted to leave a memorable impression? Well, we have a simple way that you can leave an unforgettable impression on everyone you meet. Golden business cards are the new standard for luxury, sustainability, and making a lasting first impression. A gold business card is the way to go when you want to make a striking statement and impress your clients and connections. Now you may be asking what are gold business cards? Misahara's Gold Card is made from 14K recycled gold. This special card eliminates the use of paper business cards; it is a luxurious way to go green. Each one is fully customizable and includes a unique QR code that links directly to your digital contact information or website. There is no better way to make a memorable first impression or to go green than by getting a Misahara Gold Card.

How can golden business cards help your business?

Gold business cards can level up your business in many ways. A gold card is an investment in your image and business, and here is why:

They add a touch of luxury.

Why have something simple when you can have something luxurious and beautiful? Leave boring behind and take luxury with you everywhere you go by getting a gold business card with your name and information engraved on it. Become part of the elite few who mix luxury and business. Misahara's Gold Card design options allow you to achieve luxury by offering the option of adding diamonds. Nothing says luxury and class more than the combination of diamonds and gold!

They make a great first impression.

Whenever someone asks you the expected question, "Do you have a business card?" You can show your business statement piece, demonstrating your standards for luxury and professionalism. A gold business card will easily win over prospective customers or clients and is a memorable way of sharing your contact information that is easy and glamorous. Just have the person that you are networking with scan the QR code and your contact details are saved right to their phone. Let's not forget the gold card eliminates the use of paper business cards and that will always leave a positive impression. If your business card is valuable, you tell others you are even more valuable. 

They help you stand out from the competition.

Everyone has received at least a couple of hundred paper business cards in their life. But let's be honest, have you encountered someone with a solid gold business card yet? Pulling out the Misahara Gold Card will make you stand out from the rest by having the chicest and most luxurious card that anyone has ever seen. They will surely remember the person who handed them something different, leading you to incredible opportunities. A gold business card will help you stand out from the rest by having a business card that is extremely unique. You and your gold card will turn heads. 

They are great for the planet.

We all know that too much waste is hurting the planet. One of the ways that businesses and professionals generate waste is by using paper business cards. When we think of going green or practicing sustainability, we think about things such as going vegan or using a reusable water bottle; we do not think of leveling up your business card. Paper business cards are a thing of the past. Step into a more sustainable future by changing from traditional business cards to a gold card with zero waste. Not only are golden business cards an amazing way to make a striking impression, but they will mitigate the hassle of printing paper business cards that people are likely to lose or throw away. Misahara's Gold Card is good for the planet by not being single-use but also made of recycled gold. This is a sustainable and exquisite way to make a lasting first impression while sharing your information. Go Green with a gold card, the ultimate fusion of luxury and sustainability.

Making connections and networking in your everyday life is crucial for the success of any business person. A gold business card is meant for people who want to leave a golden first impression. Not only is a gold business card a green way to add luxury to your professional life, but our gold business card will be an investment towards growing your social and professional network, which in turn will help make you more successful! Invest in yourself, your business, and the planet with a Misahara Gold Card.

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