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Article: 5 Tips for Buying Luxury Jewelry for the First Time

5 Tips for Buying Luxury Jewelry for the First Time

5 Tips for Buying Luxury Jewelry for the First Time

With each passing day, the holidays are getting closer and closer! This is the perfect time to give that particular person in your life a gift, showing them how much they mean to you. Or you may have decided to treat yourself and level up your jewelry and accessories game by buying luxury jewelry. If it is your first time buying fine jewelry, you might feel a little lost and are looking for help on what matters. Don't worry - we have all been there! Making your first luxury jewelry purchase is very special and it is understandable that you want to make sure you purchase a piece you can love and wear for a long time. We understand that there are many different metals, styles, stones, and sellers to choose from. You may ask yourself, how do I choose the correct piece or brand? You might be looking for that perfect ring that you can wear all the time or just a staple pair of earrings that go with every outfit. Or you may be looking to gift a special someone that perfect piece of jewelry. If you are feeling a little lost trying to figure out what to look for when buying luxury jewelry, that is ok! We have compiled all of our best tips for you. Here are five tips for buying fine jewelry to help you out.

Luxury Jewelry Tips:

  • Do your research: To know how to go about buying fine jewelry, first, you need to know what it is. Luxury jewelry is jewelry that is made with high-quality materials. One of our tips is to research or ask what the piece you are looking at is made from and the quality of the materials. For example, when buying a pair of earrings made out of gold, you will need to find out the "Karat" weight. Karat refers to how thin the gold is. The higher the karat, the higher the gold concentration that the jewelry contains. Always look for not only the quality of the materials, but also where the materials come from. You should also research where the jewelry is crafted in and how. It is ok to ask questions before making your purchase. We always welcome any and all questions from our customers!
  • Consider your style: Jewelry is a very personal way to express your style and personality. That is why considering what you like to wear and your personal aesthetic is very important when discussing what to look for when buying jewelry. Maybe your thing is stacking rings or mixing metals on your hands. In this case, look no further than Misahara's ring collection. If you are looking into buying fine jewelry for someone else, just knowing a bit of their personality will help you choose the right piece for them. Jewelry is an extension of your personality. If you are bold with how you express yourself through fashion, a more flashy or big piece of luxury jewelry might be right for you. But suppose you like wearing more simple things to accompany your reserved personality, in that case, you may go for a more dainty piece, such as a pair of stud earrings. 
  • Consider your budget: If you do not set a budget before looking at jewelry, you might fall in love with something you can’t afford. It’s helpful to speak with your jeweler on what type of piece you are looking for as well as the budget that you have set for that item. The jeweler can guide your decision and help you make the right choice. When buying luxury jewelry, you should only buy something that you truly love.
  • Find a reputable jeweler: Once you have narrowed down what your budget is and what style and kind of jewelry you are looking for, it is time to visit a jeweler. When choosing a vendor to buy your jewelry, make sure that it is an experienced and trustworthy business. To avoid surprises, read the reviews and double-check that you are buying it from the official site (if you are purchasing online). You can also look for the jeweler's certifications or inquire about their training. Depending on your desire, you should also find out where your jeweler gets its stones and materials from. Make sure that when buying luxury jewelry, you work with a jeweler that you can trust and that has reliable customer service.
  • Get it insured: Now comes the fun part of buying luxury jewelry, choosing your pieces. But after you finally find and choose the perfect jewelry, you may ask yourself, "Is this the last step?" Well, it isn't. Next, we recommend getting it insured. Think about your luxury jewelry as an investment; you should always protect your investments. You can either get your jewelry appraised and insured by a third party, or by the jeweler you bought it from. While you might not think that you need to get your jewelry insured right after making your purchase because it is new, it is a necessary and suggested step, especially if you spend over $5,000. If something were to happen to your jewelry after so much research and investing your money, you would be glad you have insurance! 

Jewelry is an extension of who you are; we recommend you follow our jewelry-buying tips when figuring out what to look for when buying jewelry. Misahara jewelry is handcrafted and made from high-quality materials. We design and create everything with trusted artisans in New York City and all categories. Everything from beautiful rings and earrings to unique necklaces that are not only made from high-quality materials, but are designed to add that special layer of everyday luxury to your life. So no matter if you are looking for something unique and flashy or dainty and classic, we've got you covered. Our pieces can make the perfect holiday gift for a special someone in your life or a treat for yourself. We would love to be your one-stop shop for buying luxury jewelry, with plenty of options to fit what you are looking for. Well, now you know our five tips but buying luxury jewelry, now is the fun part - happy shopping! 

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