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Article: Quick Guide to the November Birthstone: Citrine

Quick Guide to November Birthstone: Citrine

Quick Guide to the November Birthstone: Citrine

Those with a November birthday get to celebrate with citrine! The November birthstone capsulizes the brightness and rich yellow color of the sun in its stone. November babies are lucky enough to wear a gemstone that can brighten anyone's day. Citrine's name originates from “citrus” because its colors are similar to many different colors of citrus fruits, especially lemon. November's birthstone is also known as a gift from the sun due to its golden tones. The yellow color of the November stone comes from traces of quartz and iron. Citrine is an excellent and beautiful choice if you want eye-catching November birthstone jewelry.

Citrine is a very special stone as it is tough to find naturally in its yellow tones. However, it is possible that you can find it in far-out corners of Uruguay and Madagascar. Still, it is usually treated with heat and iron to reach those beautiful colors loved by many. 

The Various Colors of Citrine

The quartz gemstone citrine is found in various golden shades ranging from deep orange brownish to a light and pale yellow color. Wearing your November birthstone jewelry will make you look like a ray of sunshine in chilly autumn. If you didn’t know that the November birthstone had different shades, here's a guide to help you choose your favorite:

  • Pale Citrine: Similar to a pastel yellow, pale citrine is calm yet has an eye-catching tone. 
  • Golden Citrine: Golden Citrine is a deep yet bright yellow that resembles gold; hence its name. This is one of the rarest types of citrines, and it is also the most popular yellow semi-precious stone. 
  • Palmeira Citrine: Palmeira Citrine is a bright orange color. Remember when we mentioned that the November birthstone name came from citrus fruits? This stone shade will remind you of orange fruit and go with your fall-theme vibes.
  • Madeira Citrine: This shade of citrine is famous for its blazing tones. Madeira Citrine ranges from golden orange to reddish brown, and its dark orange colors make it a very sought-after birthstone. 

Citrine is a birthstone that is available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, making it a great choice when buying that November birthstone ring or that ideal November birthstone necklace.

The History of Citrine

Citrine has been popular for centuries, which we can understand because its yellow color is captivating. Citrine has been used for decoration or as jewelry throughout history. However, it was usually referred to as yellow quartz. Romans and Greeks mentioned the stone various times. In 1556 Georg Bauer, the father of modern mineralogy, gave the crystal its name. Because of its yellow color, he derived the name from the Latin name for citrous and the French word for lemon.

Before citrine was mainly known as the November birthstone, it was very popular in the early 20th century's art deco era because famous Hollywood stars at the time were known to wear elaborate and big citrine-decorated jewelry. In 1937, the renowned jeweler Cartier designed a coronation tiara with the sunshine-packed November birthstone for the coronation of King George VI. Many current and past monarchs have been known to be fans and collectors of November birthstone jewelry. Additionally, for a long-time, cashiers have kept citrine in their cash registers as it has been said to bring abundance. 

How to Care for Your November Birthstone

While wearing your November birthstone jewelry, you should know that it is relatively durable to wear and tear but not indestructible. Despite citrine being a hard stone, it can chip due to its shape. When wearing your favorite November birthstone jewelry, try not to hit it against hard surfaces. When wearing your go-to November birthstone ring or bracelet, ensure that it does not come in contact with powerful chemicals like hand sanitizer or lotion. Make sure you take it off before making contact with harsh substances. We want you to protect your favorite November birthstone jewelry!

When storing your citrine, it is best that it is not stored among others, so they do not chip when hitting other stones. It is best to keep it in a non-humid environment where the jewelry is separated from other stones.

November Birthstone Facts

November's birthstone citrine has been known for centuries as the "healing quartz" due to legends saying that it promotes energy and vitality to its wearers. Citrine jewelry has been known for centuries to radiate positive vibes and bring prosperity, wealth, and calmness. 

"Citrines are the happy stone. They are known as the most powerful stone for manifestation. This month I will wear my citrine 24-7 and manifest the world to become more peaceful and united. As well, l will manifest this looming recession to pass quickly and our economy to be robust."
- Misahara Designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

If you or a special someone are lucky enough to have citrine as their birthstone, the beautiful November birthstone would add a little brightness to any look! Whether you are looking to give someone that perfect November birthstone earrings or just love the captivating shades of citrine, mini stud earrings can make the ideal gift or addition to your jewelry collection.

Did you know that citrine is associated with two goddesses? Due to the intense yet peppy shades of the stone, citrine is associated with two famous goddesses, the Egyptian goddess of war and power, Sekhmet, and Demeter, the goddess of productivity and good harvest.

Throughout history, citrine has been valued for its beauty and brilliance. It reminds us of the vitality of life. Its vibrant orange and yellow colors and brilliant clarity often represent a healthy mind and body, happiness, and success. So, gift yourself or a loved one the beautiful and thoughtful gift of November birthstone jewelry. Misahara's birthstone studs make the perfect gift, as birthstones are said to reflect the positive aspects and strengths of those born in their respective month. As for the November birthstone, citrine reflects success and abundance.

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