Best Zodiac Signs Jewelry Guide: This is What You Should Wear

Lovers of the birthstone jewelry look away: this is not a blog talking about zodiac signs and their birthstones (gasp). There is much more to say about what an Aries should wear when it comes to jewelry apart from “diamond necklace”, or “amethyst earrings” if you are a Pisces. We are not making peace with the fact that the entire jewelry industry should be stripped down to wearing just a single birthstone. That being said, we do love our birthstones and truly believe in their matching energy and healing powers, so don’t you despair - Misahara is preparing a real mini treat in the birthstone department that we’ll share with you very soon ;)

This blog is also not about where to buy the next cute bracelet with Taurus symbol charm and Virgo-shaped studs. Then what the hell is it about if not about the zodiac jewelry specifically made for each sign? 

Quite frankly, we at Misahara believe jewelry you choose to wear should complement your personality and capture your essence, and not just merely point out which period of the year you were born in. This is why, after carefully studying what each zodiac sign is really like, what they are into or not – we created a complete list of all zodiac signs and what kind of jewelry is right for them based on their unique personality. Read on to find out what kind of jewels fits you and what to look for when shopping jewelry based on your zodiac sign.

Capricorn Jewelry

Capricorns are very ambitious and they are known acquirers of fancy things. They consider jewelry to be an asset rather than just another piece of jewelry, and look at them as long-term investments. To really reflect Capricorns “I can do it all” approach to life, they usually go for timeless but unique jewelry that will enhance their strong character and desire for materialistic things in life. Golden hoops are one such piece of jewelry, and you can actually tell a Capricorn by their gold, ‘power’ hoops, used more as a way to conquer badass professional endeavors, than an adornment for ears. 

Aquarius Jewelry

True visionaries and seekers of originality. There is no doubt an Aquarius always reaches out for a one-of-a-kind type of jewelry that you are unlikely to see on many people. However, an Aquarius woman will not compromise on quality when it comes to jewelry, regardless of their striving for uniqueness, so you are most likely to see her wearing a is sure to wear a unique diamond ring that screams one-of-a-kind.

Pisces Jewelry

Pisces are creative and empathetic souls. They love colors, and different shapes and designs that capture their creative and bright nature, so you are most likely to see proudly swinging their fun and colorful gemstone earrings around.

Aries Jewelry 

If you are a true Aries, then you wear jewelry for the sole purpose of making a statement, and you make sure that you tenacious and fiery personality is visible through all aspects of your being, jewelry included. Aries are one of the bravest zodiac signs, so is their jewelry choices. They will go for nothing less than a big, statement design like a fire opal ring or necklace in timless designs, revealing their most intense nature of all the other fire signs. 

Taurus Jewelry

The most extravagant of all the signs, the dependable Taurus will always go for something flashy and trendy, making it even more obvious that they enjoy the good things in life, fine jewelry included. If you truly want to impress a Taurus with jewelry, then don’t go for anything less than a piece filled with all kinds of diamonds and sparkly gemstones, such as Misahara’s Drina IV – diamond encrusted ring, wrapping securely around the finger in solid 18k gold, symbolically signifying the two of the most important things for Taurus – extravagance and security. 

Gemini Jewelry

Whimsical and lovers of attention, Gemini will always look for jewelry that will grab attention and stand out from every-day styles. They are particularly fond of celestal elements and gold charms, so anything star or moon shaped is their go-to when jewelry shopping. 

Cancer Jewelry

The, sometimes overly emotional, Cancer always seeks security as is very devoted to their loved ones. They like meaningful birthstones and not just something to throw on for fashion. Engraved jewelry or locket necklaces are something Cancer will never regret buying for themseleves and will hold dear for life. 

Leo Jewelry

Leos are born leaders and have a big heart. Same as the real lion, a Leo really proud of its nature and personality, so they like to make it obvious to others what they horoscope is. To avoid the cliché of wearing the Leo zodiac symbol as their jewelry, they might opt out for an actual lion design, that will remind them and everyone around them of who they are, and Misahara has just the thing - Lavi Earrings or Tau Necklace that subtly show the face of the lion in the center. What’s not to love?

Virgo Jewelry

When you think of a Virgo, two main traits come to mind - perfectionism and sensibility. They love subtle, clean designs that are appeasing their need for perfectionism. That is why white gold or diamond jewelry is their favorite. 

Libra Jewelry

This is a hard one! Libras are very credulous and get easily influenced by others, so their jewelry is never the same, but always inspired by the latest trends.  Driven by peace, Libras subconsciously choose soft colors, such as blue to express their soft and peaceful side. Jewelry with Aquamarine or blue Topaz is a no brainer if you’re uncertain (and rightfully so) about what to buy for them.

Scorpio Jewelry

Subtle yet dramatic Scorpios love to let their inner light shine by wearing pieces that make them feel passionate and intriguing. Gravitating toward graceful jewelry items with a little bit of an edge, Scorpios love to look at their jewelry so will most likely choose exclusive diamond and gold bracelets over anything, especially when talking with their hands (and they do this a lot!). Did we say the bracelets should be very sparkly?

Sagittarius Jewelry

This was a no brainer – Sagittarius are free-spirited and honest individuals who are also known as the life of the party. As such, they love jewelry they can show off at the next soiree and that reflects their free spirit. Tassel earrings are their go to piece in yellow gold with diamonds, as they swing around with every step they take and complement their true nature.