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Article: Couture 2022 & Misahara - Behind The Scenes

Misahara at the Couture Show

Couture 2022 & Misahara - Behind The Scenes

Unparalleled luxury, the glitz & glam of the jewelry world - are just a few words to describe the annual Couture Jewelry Show held in Las Vegas. COUTURE is held every year at the Wynn Las Vegas, and is the most exclusive and intimate destination for the designer fine jewelry and luxury timepiece market. Catering to an elite community of renowned heritage brands, emerging design talent, the finest retailers and award-winning media from around the globe, COUTURE is the premier event where the jewelry industry gathers to connect, collaborate and conduct business.

As you might’ve already guessed, this is Misahara’s second year of attending the Couture Jewelry Show and we are super excited to share what new (and core) Collections we showcased for the 2022 Show. Read on to find out what pieces are our newest product drops, what will be in this season and which jewels were the most attention-grabbing.

The Best-Sellers

No jewelry show can go by without our star pieces! And by star we mean both literally and figuratively. Serengeti is one of Misahara’s best selling Collections and it’s not hard to see why - a Serengeti nature inspired collection, diamond beads and gold charms are signature to these pieces, showcasing how fine jewelry can be both meaningful and beautiful in a way that speaks to one’s own journey. When talking about popularity, our Star Necklace and Star Bright Earrings are big winners. Who doesn’t want a diamond filled necklace set in 18k yellow gold.

The Meaningful Initials

One of our newest Collections showcased at the Couture is Misahara Initials. What is more meaningful and personal than wearing a letter of your name or that of your loved one? Add the unique Misahara font, a dainty double-rope chain and a marquise diamond, and you’ve got yourself a perfect necklace! Read our blog post to find more about how to style our initial necklaces.

Something New

As always, Couture buyers come to see a brand's new Collections and showcasing newness is always fun for all! A fusion of Chain City and Ice Reimagined will be on our website very soon for everyone to enjoy. For now, a sneak peek below of what you will see... 

A Word From Our Designer

The Couture Jewelry Show is among favorite annual events for our owner and jewelry designer - Lepa

“Meeting new people from the jewelry industry and having the chance to exchange experiences with other designers is truly fulfilling. Having people come to me asking about my design process and admiring our Collections is the reason why I do what I do.” Lepa is known for her rebellious and unique nature, and this is present in her Misahara designs but also in this year’s vibe. Misahara has partnered with graffiti artist Justin Barreras to create a one-of-a-kind art featuring his recognizable graffiti designs with Misahara’s story.

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