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Article: Initial Charm Necklace: Wear Jewelry That Matters

Initial Charm Necklace with Latters that Matter

Initial Charm Necklace: Wear Jewelry That Matters

From Letters to a Story 

Here, at Misahara fine jewelry, we are very fond of story-telling. It is embedded in our company’s values and daily communication across all channels. All of our jewelry designs have a unique story to them and every piece, be it a ring band or a statement necklace - has its why. The reason why story-telling is so important to us is probably because we tie jewelry with emotion. It is hard to turn a t-shirt or high heels in an heirloom and make it have sentimental value like jewelry does. Therefore, and in our humble opinion - each piece of jewelry should have a meaning, packed with emotion.

Once we’ve established all of jewelry is meaningful and has a story, we dove deep into thinking how to make jewelry even more personal, and even more emotional? And then it hit us: what is more personal than someone’s name? What is more emotion-evoking than looking at a piece of jewelry and thinking about a certain person? That is how Misahara initial charm necklaces were born.

The Initial Necklace

Misahara’s interpretation of the classic initial necklace, a delicate yet timeless staple with lettering that has evolved from our signature Misahara logo font, is Misahara’s newest Collection, ready to be rocked during summer 2022. Carefully designed, with months of revision, the Misahara Initial Necklace embodies the ethos of our brand and tells a story through your jewelry. Created with a pristine marquise diamond connected to a diamond encrusted jump ring and suspended from a 14k gold handcrafted double rope chain. Marquis diamonds, known for their sharp points which convey a sense of edginess, are associated with our jewely designer, Lepa, who enjoys a touch of drama tinged with glamour - and for everyone who knows Misahara - you know just how accurate this is. 

Initial necklaces have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and it is believed that initials and monograms were first used by Roman and Greek rulers in medieval ages. As time goes by, initial jewelry pieces, no matter from necklace, bracelet, earrings to rings, are extremely popular and personalized and can never be overdone. It is a piece of jewelry that can never really go out of style, but can only change in the way that is worn. Initials have shifted from being full names to just a monogram, leaving the viewer with a little mystery element - who does the letter stand for?

Which Initial to Get on a Necklace? 

Personal Initials 

The easiest and most obvious way to style initial necklaces is to wear a letter of your name. While a necklace representing your zodiac sign will probably only solicit attention from the most avid of astrologers, initial necklaces have mass appeal. If you enjoy endless attention, wearing one could have someone guessing your name for hours.

Initials of Your Partner

Another option, which feels obvious but is common for a reason – the initials of a partner. Or a combination of your initials and theirs. This is a simple and sweet way to wear a reminder of them around your neck and close to your heart.

Kids and Family Names

Wearing your family or kids initials is also a popular way of wearing letter jewelry. If you have more than one kid, you may layer the initials as separate necklace or find a way to wear multiple letters into one. Similar to putting the name of your partner on your neck, this is an easy way to carry your loved ones with you all day. A great gift for a mom in your life is a necklace with all her children’s initials on it.

Tips on How To Wear Initials

  1. Keep it simple: Don’t overthink it – if a letter (or a combination of letters) means something special to you, it’s worth wearing around your neck.
  2. Show some love: You can show love to the ones you care about by wearing their initials close to your heart. That’s one of the things that make this pendant special. It can also serve as a memorable gift to people you love, especially during their special moments.
  3. Personalized Combo: Wear your and your partner’s initials together to create a cute and unique combo. You can indeed surprise your loved one by buying yourself a gift. 
  4. Layering initials:  If keeping it simple isn’t really your thing (believe me, we get it) might we suggest combining your initial necklace with your other favorite piece. A choker goes so well with these, as it’s simple and slightly shorter. However, pairing it with another similar length necklace can create a fun dimension as well.

No matter what style you choose to buy, it’s hard to stop falling in love with the beauty of initial jewelry. Initial jewelry is trendy and timeless and would make a great option whether you are buying it as a gift or for yourself.

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