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Article: We give back: Misahara's Soccer Venture

Misahara Soccer

We give back: Misahara's Soccer Venture

When I say I’m not just a “Misahara Jewelry designer” designing fine jewelry handcrafted in N.Y.C and providing everyday luxury for the discerning clients, I have many components/facets to my life. I am all about giving back and I have found a way through our foundation to benefit children in need.  The future of soccer in America is here and major league soccer in the USA is proving to produce major talent. Soccer’s popularity in the USA is super high not only because the World Cup is around the corner, but youth soccer has been proven to keep our children off the streets. Our soccer academy, BreakersFC in the USA, are proudly wearing the jersey with Misahara’s name across the front and center.  This is a sparkling moment in my life. What does the future hold?  Just maybe we can add one of the best academies in the USA helping the next Maradona discover his/her innate talent.

A message from one of our coaches from this past weekend:
“Greetings from the airport here in Dallas.
Just want to say big THANK YOU to Lepa & Rob for all the support throughout the season. AND big congratulations to both Lepa & Rob, to Nisa of course, and to Stephane and Zoran. The U15 have officially ended the season 10th place in the nation (emoji - USA flag). Not bad for a group of kids that have gone through a very challenging year same as all of us in the club.
Top 10 U15 teams in the country: LA Galaxy, Inter Miami, Real Salt Lake, Sacramento Republic, Austin FC, NY Red Bulls, Sporting Kansas, Chicago Fire, LAFC…and Breakers FC (the only ones without a professional team, YET!). Huge achievement. 
Big congratulations to everyone and thank you Lepa, Rob, Nisa, Stephan & Zoran for all your support.

The future is bright.
Go Breakers! 👊​⚽​💪​


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