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Article: 7 Necklaces Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day | Misahara

mother's day gift guide: necklaces your mom will love

7 Necklaces Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day | Misahara

Mom Loves Jewelry Gifts

We are not even going to pretend anymore that our Moms don’t just love it when they get jewelry for Mother’s Day. Surprising her with a little bling goes a long way and it is at least she deserves as a proud holder of such an important title. When it comes to jewelry, there are really no strict rules; depending on what she’s into or likes to wear, one can choose from simple earrings, to funky rings and charm necklaces. However, we wanted to dedicate this mini jewelry gift guide specifically to - necklaces. We found our customers love buying necklaces for their moms, as they feel wearing a necklace they bought will keep them close to Mom’s heart (awww so cute isn’t it?) while earrings and rings they reserve for buying to girlfriends and spouses. So now that we settled on why necklaces are such a perfect jewelry choice for Mom, let’s go to the next level - what kind of stunning necklace to get her? Well, it goes without saying that there are plenty of necklaces to choose from, depending on the style, metal color, design or price - but we’ve managed to narrow it down to the 7 more popular styles among moms. Keep reading and use our guide to determine what kind of necklace your mom will love as this year’s Mother’s Day gift.

1. Birthstone Necklace

Buying a necklace of your mom’s birthstone is not only the sweetest Mother’s Day gift, but also shows you remember her birthday and you put extra thought into gift-giving. Lucky for you, Misahara offers all 12 birthstone necklaces that you can mix & match to your liking. Choose one, three or five charms and create a dream necklace for your amazing mom. We know she’ll love it!

1. Elegant & Dainty 

A lot of our customers opt out for the classic & chic or dainty look that can be worn long or layered. This is the look you cannot go wrong with when picking out a necklace for your mom. If she doesn’t mind a pop of color, then our best-selling pink tourmalines Plima Pendant is the perfect choice; if she’s into a simpler design, then we suggest our white gold beauty Frosted Ice Drop Necklace, or a sparkly, bright necklace with a star pendant that is not only a stunning 18k gold and diamond piece, but can also have a symbolic meaning of your mom being your star and always shining for you.

2. Choker Necklace

Quite a few of our moms prefer a shorter necklace to the longer one, so we’ve gathered a few pieces she will absolutely love! The celestial charms choker - one of our best-selling necklaces featuring gold charms and raw diamond beads, set in 18k yellow gold. If she’s into color, then our Blue Choker Necklace is the way to her heart. For the white metal lovers, we have quite some options too.

3. Statement Jewels

You know what they say - if you have the right necklace, it doesn’t matter what outfit you have on. And this is not an exaggeration - a big, statement pink quartz necklace will make all the difference with a chosen outfit, making it go from casual to dressy in a second! 

4. Gemstone Queen

If your precious Mom is into gemstones, then she’s in for a treat! We revealed some of our birthstone necklaces, but that’s not all we have when it comes to gemstones - citrines, rubies and green tourmalines are just some of gemstones Misahara has in its necklace collection

5. Charms & diamonds

Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned charm necklace! They are cute, elegant and simple, and they are great both as a stand-alone piece or layered with other necklaces. Whether your mom is into yellow, rose or white gold, Misahara made sure to have something for everyone’s taste. Below are some of our fav charm necklaces, but make sure to check other styles too:

6. Chains 

We know what you might think - chains for mom? Trust us - Misahara’s Chain City Collection is anything but what you’ve seen so far when it comes to chains. It is elegant, it is beautiful and it is timeless. Inspired by the cities around the world, our chain necklaces come in different metal colors, some are filled with diamonds and some feature pretty blue enamel - the choice is yours!

We know - there are far too many more styles and designs when it comes to necklaces - but hopefully these seven categories should make it easier when necklace shopping for mom. Think about what she likes, what kind of clothes she wears and what jewelry she would feel most confident in - and we’re sure you’ll be able to find something that works for her. Happy shopping! 

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