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Article: Fall's Jewelry Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Fall's Jewelry Trends in 2022

Fall's Jewelry Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Fall is a go-to time for jewelry trends. Traditional jewelry staples like chains, pendants, and earrings are always good choices for the cooler weather but of course, trendsetters are always ahead of the curve when it comes to what's hot in fashion at the moment. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to accessories (or both!), prepare to be swept off your feet by this season's hottest trends. These are some of our favorite picks that appeared on fashion week runways this week featuring models, celebrities, and influencers in this year's fall collection.

Now sit back and let us judge new jewelry trends together from the front row just like this iconic trio.

The bigger the better - oversized earrings

For this trend think “The bigger the better” - all types of earrings and all kinds of styles. Oversized earrings are the latest style craze, and it's easy to see why - they're screaming “confidence”! And who is the queen of confidence? Ofc, Bella Hadid herself. Oversized earrings are the definition of glamor whether you're looking to add some sparkle to your outfit or simply feel like a star in your own skin, they make an ultimate statement, they're bold and they're out there! If Queen Bella can do anything, so can you ;) 

We're all about bangles this season

Fall is upon us, which means it's time to revamp your look. There are so many ways to take your jewelry game to the next level. If you’re looking for a new look on your bangles or bracelets, we have the perfect option - Misahara’s Plima Bangle. Sophisticated and classic, this is a jewelry trend that you’ll want to stack up on cause layered bangle bracelets are a go-to this season. Check out how Kate Moss is rocking these bangles.

Fall’s ready for the hoops

Chiara Ferragni's fall look from Milan Fashion Week is all about hoops! This trend has been around for a while and will most likely never go out of style. This simple yet chic earring design has appeared on various runways. It's all about the bohemian vibe and these Misahara Zora hoops will define your look with a sense of style, elegance, and flair. 

New, fresh, and cool - single earrings

We’ve seen a lot of models on runways wearing one earring. Maybe it was an accident, maybe one fell off but we, personally, love this trend - it’s very chic and edgy. Especially,  if you’ve got a missing earring from a pair! If you are not afraid to try something new, we definitely recommend trying this trend. Pairing one statement Plima drop earring, or perhaps Plima Lilly drop earring on one ear and a subtle Mini gemstone in pink on the other one makes it super, super trendy!

Embrace the trend - mismatched earrings 

For quite some time, wearing two different studs, hoops, or any other kind of earring has become a popular trend on both the runways and the streets. Mismatched earrings have a confident and modern vibe and they are a perfect way to add a little drama to a look, and Doja Cat is a master of the trend! You can be creative and create your personalized ear stack with gold and gemstone stud earrings or you can try these different yet similar earrings - Night Sky drop earrings.

The chain jewelry trend is here to stay 

The chain link jewelry is back and better than ever. It’s a fall trend that you can wear with anything from your favorite jeans to a fancy dress. And guess what? Misahara has been on a mission to elevate the art of chain jewelry to the next level with our new collection- Ice x Chain. Featuring a gorgeous ice collection mixed with our signature chain link princess-cut diamonds, this new collection will make you feel marvelous. Kourtney Kardashian certainly felt the same way as she hopped on the trend as well. The embroidered chain is sure to become your go-to piece of jewelry for the upcoming season, whether you pair it with an oversized blazer or a plain T-shirt. 

That’s it! Consider yourself covered and connected with the trends for this season with our new chain collection. However, you should always wear what you like no matter what's trending at the moment as stated by our jewelry designer Lepa

“What we have been seeing during Fashion Week are bold diamond encrusted pieces adorning the ears, chest, and hands. Misahara's Chain City and the brand new Ice X Chain Collections really connect to these trends although typically when I design I am not interested in following them. Instead, I like to create timeless pieces that are wearable from day to night, today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now. Wear what makes you happy and if you love certain trends then those are the pieces you have in your jewelry box."
Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

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