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Article: How To Style Earrings for a Perfect Ear Stack - Misahara Minis

perfect ear stack

How To Style Earrings for a Perfect Ear Stack - Misahara Minis

You’ve seen us writing a lot, and we mean a lot about layering necklaces, stacking rings and wrist parties. As we move forward with fashion, and minimalists look away for this one - more really seems to be more. Wearing chokers and pendants topped off with some charm necklaces seems to be all the rage now; rings don’t fall behind either - stacking two or more ring bands sometimes even with chunkier pieces is very encouraged and can be seen on the everyday street style to A-list celebrities on red carpet. Even mixing metals is taking the stage and proving that all we held to be true in the past in the fashion world - is now changed. However, we felt we kind of let you down when it comes to the ear party. And yes, we’ve talked plenty about earrings, how to style them and where, what to look for when shopping and so on - but what we didn’t really do is talk about wearing multiple earrings at the same time. With the warmer days coming, it is safe to say we’ll be trying to keep our hair off of our faces, so now it’s time for our luxury designer earrings to shine. Misahara has an extensive Collection of earrings, from cute, little studs, to big, statement earrings, but what happens when you want to wear them all at the same time? As we said, times are changing and people do seem to enjoy having more of everything, however it is very important in how you wear the ‘more’. We have put a little guide of different Misahara earring styles you can rock wherever and whenever, and next time you shop, you’ll know exactly what to shop for to create a perfect ear stack. 

What Is a Stacked Ear Piercing?

A stacked ear piercing is when you wear more than one earring, i.e you have more than one hole in your ear. Earrings used to be reserved just for the base of your ear, but now you’re able to stack your ear top to bottom (literally!). Ear stacking is curating your own look, and carefully combining hoops, huggies, studs, barbells and clickers to create a perfectly personalized vibe.

Ear Stacking Styles

As we mentioned, there are limitless ways on how you go about your ear stacking style, but even if it seems like a fairly easy task, sometimes you find yourself thinking where to start, and how to build a perfect ear stack. Well, say no more, as we’re about to reveal a couple of iconic ways you can stack your earrings for a perfect look day through night.

Everyday Essentials

The great thing about ear stacking is that it is so versatile but at the same time - so much easier to style with different outfits and occasions that it is the case with necklaces and rings. When it comes to stacking for any kind of a look, we always recommend to start with our Misahara mini ear studs. Minis are a Collection of 28 beautiful, 14k gold and gemstone stud earrings sprinkled with white diamonds and inspired by nature’s elements such as butterflies, flowers, elephants, stars, moon and so on. The best part - you don’t have to buy them in pairs, but you get to mix and match them to your liking.

An All Stud Ear Combo

You don’t have to stress and think that you need to have three or four different earring types on your ear. Having an ear stack full of only stud earrings can be just as impactful and cute. The barely there, minimal feel of only wearing studs is effortlessly chic, and understated. Try wearing unique studs that play with different textures and shapes to bring some more dimension to your lobes.

stacked earrings Misahara mini ear studsstar stud earrings gold in an ear stack

Gemstones All the Way

If you’re a fan of gemstones (who isn’t?!) then you’re in for a little treat - Misahara’s all 12 birthstones are now available and they are a perfect way to start your ear party. Wearing your birthstone will not only look beautiful, but it also comes with some great gemstone properties that might just be a thing you need!


stacked gemstone earringsaquamarine and diamond stud earrings stacked style=

Pop of Color Just in Time for Summer

Adding some color to your ear stack is definitely a must, considering we have already welcomed May and summer is just around the corner. Adorn your ears with some pops of pink or blue and Misahara’s pink and blue hues. 

pink tourmaline earringspink tourmaline stud earrings

Mix Sizes and Styles

The best part of earring stacks is you get to show off your earring collection all at once! Earring stacks are a great way to show off some of your unique and statement pieces. Try pairing a huggie earring with a stud or plain gold earrings with a pop of color. When it comes to stacking, the more interesting, the better!


Now it's your turn! Create a perfect ear stack and shop our Misahara Minis collection.

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