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Article: The Essential Guide to Rocking Your October Birthstone Jewelry

October Birthstone Jewelry

The Essential Guide to Rocking Your October Birthstone Jewelry

September has ended and October is here! What better way to celebrate than with this month's birthstone. The month of October is filled with the essence of the opal, a stone that can be found in many different shades and hues with a vibrant, on-trend look. We're so happy to share with you a few ways to incorporate this gorgeous stone into your jewelry collection!

Everything you need to know about October Birthstone before styling it

What is the history behind the birthstone opal?

Opal is quite the gemstone. The word opal originates from the Greek word opallios, which meant “to see a change in color.” Opal, as an October birthstone, dates to at least the 15th century and it’s more shrouded in legend and mystery than any other birthstone. The Romans saw the opal as a sign of hope as it has a wide variety of colors, making them as unique as a rainbow. Additionally, because opal reflects a variety of colors, it is thought to embody and hold the power of all gemstones.

What does October’s opal stone mean?

Opals are associated with luck in Roman mythology, good fortune in Arab mythology, and the gift of prophecy in Greek mythology. When it comes to the meaning and symbolism of the opal birthstone, the stone has historically been linked to loyalty, commitment, purity, hope, and confidence. So wear this beautiful birthstone to channel your inner ‘October spirit’.

What is the benefit of wearing an October birthstone?

Yes, wearing an October birthstone is fun and all, but did you know it also has some great health benefits? Here are some physical benefits that opal brings:

  1. Enhances blood cleansing and circulation.
  2. Ideal for hair, nails, skin, and overall body.
  3. Provides improved memory power.
  4. Treats migraines and prevents recurrent headaches.

Why are there 2 birthstones for October?

We have already mentioned the opal as October’s gemstone, but did you know that there are actually two birthstones for October? Yes, the beautiful tourmaline! This means that as an October baby you are privileged to have two gems assigned to your birthday. The reason for there being two birthstones for October is quite interesting. It is believed that the opal has been seen by many to be too feminine which shouldn’t be a standard for birthstones as they are supposed to be inclusive for all genders. Instead of replacing the opal with tourmaline, it was decided that both should be the birthstones for October, and we absolutely agree! The opal is considered to be more traditional than the two October birthstones and the tourmaline is more modern. 

What is the history behind the tourmaline?

As mentioned above, tourmaline is the newer addition to the October birthstones. The word tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word tormalli, which can loosely be translated as “the stone with mixed colors”. This translation fits the birthstone perfectly and it will leave you breathless when you see its mixed colors. Many ancient cultures believed tourmaline could inspire artistic expression, due to the multitude of color variations. The different colors of tourmaline are believed to have different properties similar to the opal. Nowadays, tourmaline is mostly mined in Brazil which makes complete sense as Brazil is considered to be the most colorful country in the world!

October Birthstone Styling Tips You Can't Go Wrong With

It's October, a month we love, and the month when fall gems are in full bloom. How about a little opal jewelry for your next outfit? They are going to be the perfect finishing touch for your look and we've got the perfect pair for any occasion - just in time for this month of magic and mystery.

"Does an opal change its color to match nature every day-week-month? I say - absolutely YES! See for yourself and take your opal pieces and go on a walk. See how it changes based on your surroundings. Opals have a natural healing energy, as do most natural gemstones which is another reason they are great gifts. October birthdays are lucky because opals are so special, meaningful and beautiful"
- Designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

October Birthstone for Everyday Outfits

There’s one jewelry staple that goes with nearly everything - opal. It can be paired with any wardrobe selection and if you’re wearing casual clothing like jeans and basic t-shirts, don’t worry because we’ve got the perfect pair of neutral earrings - Mini Opal for October for every outfit right here. Whether you’re a stone or a gemstone lover, you can’t go wrong with opal.

These Plima Stud Round will go nicely with your casual dress as well, and they won't overly complicate the look. Also, they make a perfect gift. So if you have someone special born this month, getting them an October birthstone is the ideal way to express your hopes for their future, as these gems inspire confidence and hope in the wearer.

October Birthstone for Special Occasions

Opal is a birthstone for October, which means it's a stone that's fitting for all sorts of celebrations. From anniversaries to graduations, the birthstone for October is the most versatile birthstone - it has powerful protective properties and promotes self-love and inner peace. This stunning necklace - Adriana is sure to be loved by all. But if you want to add a pop of color try pairing this gorgeous Plima Pendant.

Hairstyles that go well with October Birthstone

Celebrating October birthstone opal with a sparkly new look you'll love. Statement earrings have always been popular and this fall they’re a go-to. It might be challenging to find the correct balance between making your October birthstone tourmaline the centerpiece of your outfit and avoiding having "blah" hair. You can try:

  1. Sleeked back ponytail
  2. Messy high bun
  3. Half-up power pony
  4. Curly Updo
  5. Milkmaid braid

These hairstyles are the best way to ensure your luxury designer earrings are in the spotlight.

Secrets to pairing October birthstone rings with your nails

In the greater scheme of things, choosing the proper color to go with your October birthstone ring may seem like a minor issue, but it can completely transform how it looks. Marble nails are at the top of the list when it comes to popular nail styles this year. The subtle gold shine of your nail color will enhance the appearance of this Talasi ring to make it look bigger and more elegant. Of course, Hailey Bieber’s go-to manicure is also a perfect nail shade that compliments opal rings.


Pinterest image October Birthstones

Source: Pinterest

Now that you’re all set with your nail color, hairstyle, and outfits there is no excuse for not having the ideal piece of jewelry when there are so many options with October birthstones! Find your inner opal and let your personality shine through.

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