4 Mistakes Women Make When Mixing Metals in Jewelry

We don’t even know why this started or when, but it was always deemed unthinkable that one should ever mix metals when wearing jewelry. Considering that pairing the two metals together has long held an unjust reputation of being a fashion faux pas, people still to this day have a certain level of reservation when it comes to wearing both gold and silver metals. However, things have changed a lot since, and mixing and matching not just jewelry, but anything really - seems to be very cool and rebellious. So, can you and should you mix gold and silver jewelry? Absolutely yes! A lot of celebrities have jumped on the mix & match train too, so it became very common to see stars such as Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa flaunting their favorite bling in both yellow and silver tones. 2022 is probably the best year to get expressive, as things are just starting to come back to normal, and people feel an even bigger need to get creative, and fashion and accessorizing is usually the path they choose. Now that we’ve finally said it and confirmed a few doubts you might’ve had when it comes to mixing metals and that this type of styling is very encouraged - that does not mean you should throw just about anything and go about your day. Style is a very subjective matter, and few even dare talk about ‘rules’ and ‘does’ and ‘don'ts’ but, we still believe in a couple of steps you can take to bring the mixing metal game to a whole new level.

These are 4 common mistakes to avoid when mixing your favorite jewels:

1. Not Wearing Combined pieces

It makes it so much easier If you have at least one combined piece, you can pretty much wear either metal anywhere else in your outfit, and the combined piece will tie it all together. The most common accessory to do this is a watch because you wear it pretty much every day, but you can also go with a mixed metal ring, necklace, bracelet, whatever!

2. Counting Your Wedding Band When Mixing Metals

Your wedding band should not be counted when mixing metals, or any other permanent jewelry for that matter. Definitely don’t let your platinum wedding band hold you back from wearing gold jewelry. Just overlook them and accessorize like they aren’t there. Same goes for buckles, zippers and hinges that should not be included in the mixing process.

3. Mixing Styles and Colors

When we say go ahead and experiment with different metals, we don’t mean go completely crazy and create a neck circus. Because we are playing with different metal colors of the jewelry, it is important to keep the style of the jewelry similar. For example, if you’re going with a dainty, yellow gold pendant, we advise not adding a chunky silver necklace with gemstones - rather go with a similar necklace that can also be layered - in a different metal color. 

4. Not Focusing On One Area

This holds true when wearing any jewelry, and not just different metals, but especially in the latter case, as mixing metals is already attention-grabbing. When placing your favorite jewelry pieces, whatever color that might be, keep the focus on either your neck, ears or wrists. If you decide to focus on accessorizing with necklaces, avoid adding other types of jewelry. Work on layering a few silver and gold necklaces in different chain lengths.

Play With Mixing Metals

Mixing jewelry can be a lot of fun, as it gives you that much more opportunity to play with different metal colors, allowing you to wear more pieces than you would there before; however, it’s very easy to get carried away in the whole ‘everything’s trendy’ era, that sometimes we forget there are certain tips and guides worth following. Jewelry should always elevate your look, and make you feel confident and sexy - but we don’t want it taking away from your amazing personality and style.

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