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Article: International Women’s Day - A Gift Guide | Misahara

international women's day gift guide

International Women’s Day - A Gift Guide | Misahara

Happy International Women’s Day! What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear about this holiday? Celebration of women? Flowers? Romantic dinners? Well, as much as we love how this sounds, let’s not forget why this holiday is much more than just a pretty bouquet of flowers. 

The History of International Women’s Day

The celebration of International Women’s Day started in 1909, in New York City, organized by the Socialist Party of America. It was a focal point in the movement for women’s rights, which included their right to vote and work. International Women's Day was celebrated for the first time by the United Nations in 1975.

Fast forward 111 years later, and there are not only women who are working professionals, but also who manage and own their own successful businesses all around the world, across different industries. Being one of these companies, Misahara Jewelry especially appreciates the importance of empowering women and supporting those who struggle in pursuit of their professional careers, in an everlasting competitive environment.

In 2020, Misahara has decided to take part in an amazing initiative by its longtime partner Pietra and contribute to the women in need. Pietra has selflessly donated 100% of sales proceeds on March 8th 2020 to a cause chosen by the company whose products were sold on their website.

International Women’s Day and Gifts

We love nothing more than to celebrate special ladies in our lives, and be it a friend, mom, or girlfriend, being a woman is something to shout about. Go us! This is why we thought it was only appropriate to create a IWD gift guide and give you a little idea what to shop for you or your loved one on this special day. Since we’re a jewelry company, of course we’ll tell you jewelry is always the answer to everything - and we are, quite coincidentally, not lying! Without further ado, here’s the ultimate gift list that she’ll absolutely adore this International Women’s Day!

Jewelry is Always a Good Idea

Being a jewelry company, it’d be silly we wouldn’t always suggest jewelry for any gift-giving occasion. But really, have you ever seen a woman that disliked the fact she got showered in some diamonds? Well, us neither. Gemstones, enamels, c

March is for Aquamarines

If you’re unsure where to begin your IWD shopping, then we suggest some march birthstone aquamarines as a meaningful gift that everyone loves. Luckily, we have fine birthstone earrings for all 12 months. One can never go wrong with a pair of ‘Aqua’s'. If you’re more into something bulky, then we suggest our Koko statement ring.

Make it March

March means spring, and spring means flowers. So, instead of buying her just a bouquet, why not make it a bouquet of rings instead! Misahara’s one-of-a-kind Petal Collection is a perfect gift idea - pink tourmalines and rubies are a must this spring!

Pop of Color

We are celebrating women, so why not add some pretty colors to her perfect gift? Make it unusual with 14k gold chain earrings with blue enamel or colored gemstones - take your pick! 

She is Your Sunshine

If you want to take it a step further, and make those jewels more meaningful, then we suggest some of Misahara’s best-selling celestial designs and gold charms. Tell her she’s your sunshine with our Sun Ring or Sun Mini Studs, or that you’ll give her the stars with our favorite Star Bright Necklace

Best Gifts Come in Envelopes

We know where your mind instantly went here, but we like to think we are more sophisticated than cash, wouldn’t you agree? If you really overdid it on the jewelry for the last few gifts, then maybe you'll be looking for something different and unique. As we know, being a woman is not always easy - juggling a social life, family and a career, all of us women can agree that the best gift sometimes is just rest. Well, add a little spice to that, and you’re looking at one of the gifts she might adore the most - a spa voucher! Yup, a nice long, spa day to reset and enjoy herself. Go find a spa near you, or better yet - plan a destination spa this International Women’s Day! Oh and by the way, spa day doesn’t count without those 90 min massages. (you’re welcome ladies).

A Romantic Picnic

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you buy (this excludes jewelry of course ;)), but the ones you make yourself and put the time and effort in. So, browse through those Instagram inspo photos, find a picnic of her dreams, and recreate it. Nothing shows appreciation more than a nice romantic day with her favorite food and great wine. Romance never fails, and you lack ideas of how to make this picnic special, then take a look at some of the Pinterest boards to get your imagination going. 

Make it International Women’s Day Every Day

Whether you opt out for a grand gesture such as diamonds, or a simple Netflix and chill night for IWD, don’t forget to treat your ladies like queens every day of the year. “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

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