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Article: Your Jewelry Box Calls for New Spring Trends in 2023

spring trends for jewelry 2022

Your Jewelry Box Calls for New Spring Trends in 2023

Let’s talk spring trends. We are well aware it’s still February and that the weather outside doesn’t really suggest flowers, rainbows and warm skies, but bear with us. Once that sun starts shining warmer and brighter, and you are ready to take off that itchy sweater and flaunt your skin - it is too late. The need for our jewelry to spark joy is stronger than ever. Accessorizing needs to be taken seriously and planned properly as we want to welcome that spring looking our best. Also, spring is a great season to start experimenting with jewelry and trying new, colorful styles. 

Trending Jewelry for 2023

We at Misahara are not big fans of the word “trend” as we believe fashion should be more than just wearing pretty jewelry - it should express an emotion, it should make you feel good about yourself, and enhance your inner and outer beauty. Keeping that in mind, we do love to take a peek into the world of fashion, especially jewelry, and see what’s hot on the streets, what is being worn and what people seem to like. Are they chunky wedding rings? Layered necklaces or maybe stacked bracelets? Keep scrolling to find out what is ‘in’ this spring season!

Pearl Jewelry is Back

If you think pearls are only reserved for your aunt Petunia from the south, you are very mistaken. Pearls are crawling their way back to the jewelry scene, and they are making a bang - being worn in a lot of different and fun ways.

Pearl Headband

Beautiful freshwater pearls wrapped in 18k gold chain can be worn as a necklace or, for the more fashion forward person, as a headpiece with a chic toggle clasp. Channel your inner spring fairy with this unique, pearly crown.


Pearl Earrings

Pearls are June Birthstones. These organic gems are said to enhance personal integrity and balance. The pearl birthstone is believed to help aid in restoring the natural rhythm of one’s body.

Eye-Popping Earrings

Tassels & Diamonds

What better way to enter spring than with some gold hoop earrings that will perfectly accompany that favorite cocktail dress. Tassel earrings are all the rave this spring - add some diamonds and you have a true eye-popping piece of jewelry.


Dripping Candy

Since Mother Nature loves to wear color when the spring comes, who are we to say no to a pop of colors in our wardrobe, and of course - the jewelry box! It’s time to put an end to nude and dark tones, and start wearing some rainbow colors. Misahara’s Phinda Earrings are sure to brighten up any spring outfit you might’ve prepared. Featuring kunzites and peridots, these babies are sure to become your fav ear candy. If you’re more into pinkish tones, then ruby earrings are your friend! And not to mention Gina Rodriguez loves our pink sapphire Sahara Pyramid earrings!


Linked Earrings

A little twist on the chunky chains - not so chunky chains. Taking the link and making it classy and full of diamonds is what’s spring 2022 all about! Be it shorter chain earrings or longer earring links, chains are making their way up in the earring department!

Gold Bracelets Wrist Party

A lot of jewelry trends go obsolete after a period of time, however that is not the case with gold bracelets. Au contraire, the more you stack on your wrist the merrier! More is more, so here we go:

Majorly Cuffed

For those who don’t like having their bracelets dangling around but rather firmly tied to their wrist or arm, then look no further and cuff yourself up!

Stacked Wrist Party

More is more is a phrase we keep hearing wherever we turn, and for a good reason - how does one decide on a single bracelet when our wrist can hold some much more?! Well, lucky for stacking lovers, having a bunch of bracelets on is exactly the forecast for this spring, so here’s a few suggestions to amp up your bracelet styles!

Gold and Diamond Bracelets

We wouldn’t be very good at what we do if we didn’t talk about jewelry that are always trendy and never go out of style - and these are of course gold and diamond bracelets. Timeless and classy, you can never go wrong with these pieces, no matter the season. While spring is all about pops of color and floral motives, adding some classic staples is a must this season. 

Start Shopping On Time

While you still have plenty of time to start your spring wardrobe cleaning and decide which styles you’ll be rocking this spring, bear in mind that best styles, jewelry included, sells out pretty quickly. So, happy spring hunting!


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