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Article: Perfect Pairs: Matching Jewelry Gift Guide for Holiday Season

Perfect Pairs: Matching Jewelry Gift Guide for Holiday Season

Perfect Pairs: Matching Jewelry Gift Guide for Holiday Season

Matching jewelry sets are magic. 

With very little effort, a matching set unifies a look, making you feel sharp. When you love a jewelry piece that’s part of a set, there’s something deliciously satisfying about knowing exactly what to style it alongside. For the indecisive and the overwhelmed, matching jewelry sets are a godsend.

Join us on our journey to unlocking the secrets of matching jewelry sets with this holiday gift guide, inclusive of various budgets and styles. Experience the magic of matching with the perfect jewelry set for you or someone you love.



misahara minis

The loveable Misahara Mini collections offer the most affordable, expansive and diverse of our matching set options. Good things come in small (mini) packages!

But don’t let size fool you. The Misahara Mini gold and birthstone collections offer serious elegance, sparkle and appeal. They’re the perfect matching jewelry set option for those wanting to gift fine jewelry on a tighter budget. Utilize over 40 different solid 14k gold motifs and 12 birthstones to design earring sets, necklaces, anklets and rings.

These pieces allow you to get personal with your storytelling. Do you want to tell your story in yellow gold or white gold? Using birthstones or imagery? Do you want to mix and match motifs, or stick to one, deeply meaningful, birthstone? You’re in the driver’s seat and every choice is a beautiful one.

From choosing the look to pairing with other Mini pieces, the Misahara Mini collections are all about storytelling at an accessible fine jewelry price point. These are perfect for that special “first fine jewelry gift.” Or for someone who collects a certain motif or birthstone.

Small but mighty - our Misahara Mob far and wide loves the Minis.

Use our new Mini Huggies to create the perfect matching earring stack with the Mini studs.


everyday classic

The Everyday Classics Collection is the antidote for the modern multitasker. We’re all a balancing act, so why not make the jewelry effortless? These timelessly elegant pieces seamlessly transition from office to party. Put this collection on and never take it off.

For starters, pair the New York Earrings, Bracelet, Ring and Pendant for a look as fierce as its city namesake. Alone, or as a matching set, any of these pieces will gracefully take you from day to night.

For the white gold girls, stack the hypnotizing Frosted Ice Hoop Earrings with the Mini Diamond Cluster.

Kick it up a notch (or take it down a degree, rather) with the Frosted Ice Ring and Frosted Mosaic Ring. Icy perfection for the holiday.

 The Everyday Classics Collection is designed to compliment pieces across all our collections. These pieces play well with others! And stand out on their own. If you’re shopping for the Misahara obsessed, chances are, a piece from this collection will pair nicely with what they already have. It’s the ideal mid-budget fine jewelry option that will carry you through a life of purposeful work and play.


petal collection

Oh, how we love the Petal Collection. An homage to Earth’s vibrant flowers, our most playfully sweet Petal Collection is the flower field that never dies. Here, indulge in more luxurious matching jewelry sets, or stick to a mid-budget range.

Perfect mid-budget Petal set? The Eternal Blossom Necklace, Chain Bracelet, and Chain Earrings. White diamonds set in 18k yellow gold transport you to a carefree summer romp in the gardens. Pure joy.

 For rings, stack the Eternal Blossom Single Band with the Eternal Blossom Triple Band for a look that’s light and dreamy.

For the 2023 holidays, give the gift of pink. For a playfully pink mid-budget matching jewelry set, pair the Petal Bracelet with the Baby Petal Ring and the Petal Drop Lariat.

For those ready to invest in our highest premium matching jewelry sets of mesmerizingly unique, rare gemstones, this collection has some fabulously whimsical options.

Misahara founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp has long called Mother Nature among her ultimate inspirations. In this exquisite collection, you can viscerally feel her admiration for our planet in innovative designs of uncommon stature.

For drama executed to perfection, indulge in the matching True Blue Ring and True Blue Earrings.

Remarkable in design, and truly one of a kind, the Spinning Petals Earrings and Ring turn heads in the best of ways, literally and figuratively. Yes - they actually spin!

As the Petal Collection spans a range of affordable to premium, it caters to those new to fine jewelry and those ready to experiment with more unusual designs. But beyond the sensibility of this collection, it’s gorgeous. And when it comes to fine jewelry, that and quality are what’s most important.


Holiday functions were created for making a statement. Whether the statement is nostalgic and sentimental, or big and bold, this is the time to play with matching jewelry.

As we outline our favorite choices for the holiday function, remember that for all of December, Misahara Jewelry is 20% off sitewide! Happy Holidays!

For an upscale, elusive holiday theme, pair the Water Lily Bracelet and Ring. Verdant emeralds are complimented with crystal clear diamonds for a look that is beyond words. Among our most special pieces, they are most ardently fit for a special occasion.

 If you love the pear cut gemstones and timeless style of the Water Lily pieces, peruse the Waterfall Rainbow Moonstone Necklace and Calming Climber Earrings for a more affordable option that is just as sublime.

New Year's Eve is 2023’s last chance to make a splash! Stand out with matching jewelry that matches the vibe.

The dazzling white diamonds of the Zora Collection are a peek into the past, present and future. And offer endless ways to match.

We can all agree the Tassel Earrings embody everything that is New Year’s Eve. Gently floating atop your décolletage, moving with your body’s rhythm, these earrings are flattering and flirtatious. Embrace peace as you enter a new year with the symbolic Misahara Unity Triangle and pair these earrings with the Golden Tassel Necklace

We’d be remiss not to mention the best selling diamond drenched Zora Ring for New Years. Pair with the Zora Earrings for ultimate brilliance.

From our celestial Serengeti Collection, we invite you to shine like the star you are in the bedazzled Starbright Necklace and Starbright Earrings

For our most affordable take on sparkle, level up the Mini birthstones and go for a Birthstone Bar. Small can sparkle too! Make it a matching set and stack with a birthstone stud.

For those who crave big, bright color, give your ring stack a pop of pink with a Pear or Round Plima Band and the Plima Lily. Vibrant and enchanting at an accessible fine jewelry price point.

Whether it’s a quiet family gathering or an end of year rager, match your jewelry to the occasion with a set that tells your holiday story.

And remember: All of December is 20% off sitewide because we love you!


When it comes to styling the perfect matching set, the power is truly in your hands. What story do you want to tell? In what colors? Should it be subtle or bold?

Maximize affordability by thinking of your body as an upper and lower plane. Choose a ring and bracelet; earrings and necklace. And of course, it’s okay to build your sets over time. Fine jewelry is an investment. Build your jewelry box piece by piece and listen as it echoes the seasons of your life. 

When it comes to gifting, the Misahara Minis are always a safe bet. If you want to go more premium, consider the Everyday Classics. Shopping for a romantic partner? Go for the everlasting bouquets of the Petal Collection. And if you’re gifting the woman who already has it all, the Misahara Original Collection offers the rare, creative designs that started it all. Each of these collections offers distinctive ways to create matching sets. And by now, perhaps you’re even inspired to build matching sets across collections.

No matter the preference, Misahara has a matching jewelry set for you within a diverse range of affordability. Whether you’re just beginning your fine jewelry journey, or you’re a seasoned pro with your go-to look on deck, you deserve to experience the profound magic of wearing your legacy.

QUESTION FOR LEPA: How would you describe the feeling of pulling off the perfect mathing/coordinated jewelry look?


As the years go by and styles change, people will always revel in the intriguing nature of a matching set. That’s the magic in it - effortless and impressive. Compliments are to be expected.

With Misahara, you can be certain that your jewelry set is of the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship for a look destined for legend.

This holiday season, we encourage you to complete the set you’ve started or discover your next set.

Fine jewelry is a heartfelt gift that never goes out of style. Embrace the splendor of the season and pull off our favorite jewelry magic trick: the matching set.

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