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Article: Tiny Treasures: Top 5 Heartwarming Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

Tiny Treasures: Top 5 Heartwarming Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

Tiny Treasures: Top 5 Heartwarming Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

Ushered in by a desire to experience the quaint timelessness of quiet luxury, dainty jewelry has made 2023 its year. While every jewelry box needs its adored statement pieces, minimalist jewelry is well deserving of its moment in the spotlight.

If you’ve experienced the gift of small jewelry, you understand how a petite piece instantly warms the heart, giving you something to cherish and protect. And when the quality is on par, it can offer significant sentimental value.&

For Misahara, small in size never means lacking in integrity. Let’s explore some of our favorite small but mighty jewelry pieces to help you chose the perfect delicate jewelry gift for her.


1. Elegant, Understated Necklaces

Any good necklace stack is balanced out with something on the lighter side.

Start with a serenely enchanting 1, 3, or 5 Charm Mini Necklace. Over 40 motifs, 12 birthstones, and 3 gold chain options work together to create endless possibilities for storytelling. This is the small jewelry necklace every woman needs. Honor yourself, your lover, your friends and family with a necklace that has the ability to speak truth. These gifts are most memorable.

Gently gracing the heart chakra, pendants are potent vehicles of symbolism that every necklace stack must have.

The Rome, San Francisco, and New York Pendants all offer their own variations on a best selling Misahara design. This is as chic as it gets.

14k yellow gold shapes a flattering, classic everyday design with the striped back Rome Pendant.

The San Francisco Pendant offers the same 14k yellow gold luxury, with an eye catching twist. Signature Misahara Blue Enamel colors the rectangular pendant to accentuate her features with a loving pop of color.

The most dazzling Chain City Collection pendant, the New York Pendant, is decorated with .40ct white diamonds embedded in 14k yellow gold. As marvelous as its city namesake - If she’s classy, timeless and loves a little sparkle, this pendant is the perfect jewelry gift for her.

While we’d consider this one more quintessentially classic than minimal, we’d be remiss not to mention our newest necklace, the delightfully seductive Dreamy Akoya. A gemstone bezel of your design is suspended from 14 inches of 4mm pristine Akoya pearls. Sexy yet dignified, thispiece is destined for Forever Favorite status.

2. Sweet Stud and Huggie Earrings

You can never go wrong gifting stud earrings. Versatile, convenient, and comfortable, studs will never go out of style. A stately look on their own, and essential for an earring stack - for those with pierced ears, a variety of go to studs are a must.

The Misahara Mini 14k gold and birthstone studs are some of the most affordably priced, high quality mini jewelry gifts on the market.

Mix and match or shop in pairs - choose from yellow gold, rose gold and white gold motifs, and colorful emblematic birthstones. These pieces offer the unique ability to communicate personal story. And for us, that’s what fine jewelry has always been about. Symbols, colors and gemstones carry profound nostalgia. These pieces gracefully communicate emotion.

With this year’s mini jewelry obsession, comes a lust for the tiniest hoops, affectionately known as huggie hoops. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve gifted you a new way to explore the world of Misahara Minis: The adorable Mini Huggies. Using the beloved 14k gold motifs, create a diamond drenched or solid gold huggie hoop featuring a charm in the design of your choice. As sweet as the Mini studs, with a fun yet timeless twist…if she loves all things mini, this is a marvelous jewelry gift for her.

3. Thoughtful Bracelets

Thin, elegant bracelets comprise a pillar of the minimalist jewelry we’ve come to love. There is nothing sexier than a fine bracelet highlighting the soft, feminine wrist. Being able to capture emotion in the classiest of ways is the heart of what makes fine jewelry so special.

The best selling Zora Bracelet gently caresses the wrist with a fine chain of 18k yellow gold embedded with softly shimmering white diamonds. Its namesake being the Serbian word for “dawn,” this piece captures the serenity of morning. As Earth gifted us the most gentle sunrises, this bracelet makes the most heavenly jewelry gift for her.

The Ice Bracelet and Frosted Ice Bracelet, both available in white, yellow or rose gold, offer refined elegance with just enough sparkle. Whether you wear on separate wrists, stack the two, or wear solo, these bracelets breathe functional sophistication into every occasion, work or play.

Bring your luxury jewelry gift to the next level with a symbolic Diamond Charm. These removable diamond encrusted charms seamlessly embellish her future or current favorite bracelets (or necklaces!). Add to her current charm collection, or spark a new passion with the easy, personal gift of a diamond charm. Carefully crafted, powerful images offer meaningful ways to make a jewelry piece feel like home.

PS. Removable diamond charms are a brilliant way to breathe new life into an old, tired bracelet.

4. Graceful, Elegant Rings

With the popularity of our Misahara Minis, this year, we chose to expand our most collectible collection by introducing an entirely new category. September 2023, in step with the current mini jewelry obsession, we introduced our Mini Rings.

14k gold the color of your choosing is perfectly twisted into a solid band and finished off with a pristine rose cut diamond and the Mini motif or gemstone of your choosing. Ideal for the Misahara Mini collector in your life, for those just starting their fine jewelry collection, or for the one who loves all things mini. Never lacking in quality, these are of the highest quality craftsmanship while maintaining a playful, unpretentious charm. As with all our Mini Collections, these pieces have profound storytelling ability. Which for us, is a most rewarding element of designing fine jewelry.

Often, the best mini jewelry gifts are those that play well with what she already has. Rings that seamlessly stack with larger, statement rings are always a smart jewelry gift for her. Our Green Petal Band, Purple Petal Band, and Blue Cave Band bring color and dimension to any ring stack. These three also flawlessly stack together, as Misahara founder and designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp often sports in her Styled by Lepa videos.

These rings radiate the refined sparkle of sapphires, amethysts, and colorful diamonds to add chic flair to a ring stack, and overall look. You cannot go wrong with these sweet stackable pieces.

4. Charming Anklets

Our final category most primed to be the ever versatile mini jewelry gift for her is that of anklets. We believe anklets are for year round, and should ultimately honor an active, adventurous lifestyle by journeying with you or your loved one on vast, meaningful travels.

Chose 3 or 5 of our Mini motifs or birthstones to create a Mini Anklet that tells her story in a nuanced yet whimsical way.


How do I chose a jewelry gift? It’s a question that’s haunted fastidious lovers, family, and friends alike. Especially when investing in something at a fine jewelry price point, it can certainly feel overwhelming to pick the right piece.

First, we recommend asking a few starter questions:

  1. What is her gold color preference: yellow, white or rose?
  2. Does she prefer simple, solid gold or with something with some sparkle?
  3. If she likes a little bling, does she prefer the shimmer of white diamond, or something more colorful?

If you’ve answered these questions, you’re well on your way.

But if you’re still uncertain, you can’t go wrong with adding to, or beginning, her Misahara Mini Collection. Or, consider enhancing her current go to jewelry pieces with a poignant Diamond Charm.

Customization is something every gift receiver truly appreciates. If you ever have questions on how to make a piece uniquely personal, answers are just an email away. She will never forget a high quality fine jewelry gift that echoes her life and story. There’s nothing quite like giving and receiving this kind of special gift.

And remember, minimal jewelry is supremely versatile thereby a worthy investment. We’re not fans of flashy trends over here, as our focus is on timeless pieces to pass down for generations. And generally speaking, the more straight to the heart of what the piece is, the wider the appeal.


If you’re located in New York City or travel frequently, we’d love to personally welcome you to our New York City showroom. Enjoy champagne and city views while our specialists guide you through our brand story and prized pieces to help you decide which designs speak to your heart and occasion. Experiencing our pieces in person is second to none.

For those who can’t make it in person - let our knowledgeable and attentive staff assist you via our real tIme online virtual shopping experience. Chat one on one in real time with Misahrara stylists to understand the story behind every piece and choose something that resonates.

And in case you missed it: To celebrate the holidays, our entire site is 20% off through December 21st! Now is the time.

When you’ve found the jewelry gift for her you’ve longed for, make sure the presentation lives up to the magnificence of the gift. When you’ve invested in a gift that will live on from generation to generation, allow the moment of presentation to be a work of art in and of itself. Maybe it's picture-perfect under the tree, or maybe you surprise her with a mystery box for the grand finale…The moment of giving and receiving heirloom quality fine jewelry is something you both want to remember forever.


Misahara Jewelry has never been about showing off. Rather we ask the question: How does your jewelry make you feel? Mere flashiness is not equipped to express the truth of who you are. In fine, timeless pieces we truly see the nuance of personality and self.

"I am loving that dainty jewelry is the craze right now. I see the appeal because it can be worn 24/7 and you hardly know it is on, it is effortless and still beautiful. I think the layered look is so cool and you can achieve a ton of different styling moods with more layers for a bigger statement to just a single piece for that clean minimalist look. As a designer I have embraced the consumer shift towards dainty jewels in creating our Minis Collection, layerable bracelets like Frosted Ice and the Chain City Pendants are a great dainty necklace you can wear all the time." - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp.

Shop the Misahara Minis, and all our entire collection for sublime jewelry gifts for her, primed for any and all occasions. Build your legacy with the finest materials and most innovative designs. Because fine jewelry is the most beautiful of family investments.

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