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Article: Meaning Behind Heart Jewelry: Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2023

Meaning Behind Heart Jewelry

Meaning Behind Heart Jewelry: Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2023

What does an open heart symbolize in jewelry?

The heart symbol is one of the most popular and widely-used symbols in the world. It can be found on everything from jewelry, clothing, and accessories to home decor. The heart shape itself has been used as a symbol for centuries.

Egyptians believed that their hearts were connected to their souls and wore gold amulets in order to protect themselves from evil spirits. They believed that if someone stole their amulet, then they would die so they took great measures in protecting their valuables by locking them up at night time or wearing them on their person at all times.

Heart-shaped jewelry has always been a popular gift for Valentine's Day, but it can represent so much more than love. It can also symbolize friendship, family and connection. The open heart represents a gift that lasts a lifetime.

The most popular Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Jewelry Gifts 

When it comes to jewelry for Valentine’s Day, nothing is more romantic than a heart-shaped piece. In fact, the heart is one of the most popular symbols of love in the world. From necklaces to earrings and rings, there are many options when it comes to heart-shaped jewelry gifts that you can give your loved one on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. 

1. Heart Necklace

A heart necklace is a classic gift and will always be in style because it symbolizes love and affection. When selecting a necklace as a gift, make sure that you find something that will complement your partner’s wardrobe and personal taste. If she likes classic styles, then look for something simple like a dainty pendant. If your girlfriend prefers modern designs, then consider purchasing a gold chain with an adjustable clasp that allows you to adjust the length of the chain, for a perfectly layered necklace style. You can also add some extra sparkle by adding colored gemstones such as diamonds or rubies into your design. 

A charm necklace is another popular option for a Valentine's Day gift. It has several charms on it such as hearts or initials which can be personalized with engraving if desired. This type of necklace can be worn with other pieces like luxury gold bracelets or earrings. Our favorite is definitely the Mini Charm Necklace with the open-heart charm. Featuring a single white diamond inside the rose gold open heart, this Mini Necklace is for sure going to win her heart over. Don’t forget – these necklaces are completely customizable, so you can add on some other charms too!

2. Heart Earrings

Heart earrings are another beautiful way to express your love on Valentine's Day or any other special occasion. They come in many different styles including mini stud earrings, hoops, dangles and drop earrings so there is something for everyone! Our suggestion for this Valentine’s Day is definitely Misahara’s Mini Open Heart, or if she is into something more edgy - Mini Open Heart Chain.

You can find all kinds of designs when it comes to heart-shaped earrings because they're one of the most popular types of jewelry today! You can find simple designs that don't have any other embellishments except for the shape itself; there are also more elaborate designs that have many different elements on them such as diamonds or pearls. 

3. Heart Pendant

A heart pendant is another wonderful choice when searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it can be worn with any outfit and will always be appreciated by anyone who receives it as a gift!

The most common type of heart necklace is a simple, dainty pendant with a heart as the main piece. These may be made from silver or gold, in different shapes and sizes. Some of these pendants are flat and others have depth to them so they look more realistic.

Do Women Actually Like Heart-shaped Jewelry?

There are many reasons why women like heart shaped jewelry. It shows that you love someone or something and want to show it in the most beautiful way possible, making it a very romantic gift. Heart shaped jewelry also represents the meaning behind love; that you will always be there for the one you love no matter what happens in life. Whether a woman likes heart-shaped jewelry will depends on different factors, such as:

  • Personal taste: Jewelry preferences are highly personal and individual. Some people may prefer more understated or minimalist styles, while others may prefer more intricate or elaborate designs. Heart jewelry may simply not align with a person's preferred style or taste. For some, heart jewelry can be seen as too clichéd or cheesy, lacking originality or creativity. And for the others, it can be a thoughtful and romantic gift idea. 
  • Associations with love and romance: For some people, heart jewelry may evoke strong associations with love and romance. If a person is not currently in a romantic relationship, or if they are not particularly fond of public displays of affection, they may not be interested in wearing heart jewelry.
  • Gender norms: In some cultures, heart jewelry is more commonly associated with women and femininity. If a person identifies as masculine or gender non-conforming, they may not be interested in wearing heart jewelry.

These are just a few examples of the many factors that may influence someone's decision to wear or not wear heart jewelry. Ultimately, the reason will be unique to the individual and their personal experiences and preferences.

"Admittedly I never really liked heart jewelry until my team asked me to design one and I focused on the symbolism instead of the motif itself. I have heard my whole life that 'I wear my heart' and now I literally can with our heart Mini designs. The open silhouette represents being open about the things and people you love, shout it from the rooftops, wear it proudly. The design is understated yet evokes an emotion and every time you put it on you should think about what you love. So now, I am officially a fan of Misahara's heart jewelry. 😉" - Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

 Whether you like heart-shaped jewelry or not, one can’t deny its persistency to always crawl back in the jewelry world and evoke that romance and symbol of eternal love.

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